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Captain Log,

Day 59 :

We start our run with an overload of apples and cider from our first production in Berelli and, in order to maintain our good relationships with Corrington, we joined one of their run. This Coyle Shipping Company seems to be a reliable and trustful partner, so I totally agreed to follow their lead.

Day 60 :

We were strongly hit by a hurricane ! The winds are terrible ! Hopefully, I saw it come in time and my crew managed to stabilize the ship in this storm.

We have lost our road and no sign of our escort nor the Mercator, the Corry ship that was with us. I am afraid that the corries didn't passed the hurricane...

Day 63 :

We recovered our escort warship but still no sign of the Mercator. I am afraid they are lost...

Day 65 :

At last ! We made land in Belson. My concerns about the Mercator are proved to be true. The place reserved for this ship sharing our quay stayed desesperately empty.

We started to unload our cargo in the Corrington Capital when a man head towards me and asked me to help him. He was the client the Mercator should have delivered but the ship did not reach port in Belson.

He asked if he could buy us our surplus ! Of course I agreed to sell him in a totally "honest" price.

It seems that Belson will not lack of Apples and Cider this month...


La Raenette at quay, unloading cargo.



A "honest" price...

While he was in Belson, Felipe took the occasion to send a letter to his corlander friend and MAESTRO member, Sir Thomas Smaugton :

"My dear friend,

As you probably know, MAESTRO encountered a native tribe named the Ténotclaxcans. They are friendly but have strange habits and myths they are not ready to share with us easily.

I am sending this letter to ask you some help.

I know your interest in science, and specially in anthropology.

So, I am asking you if you could recommend me some scientific experts in order to meet with me and my first officer the natives in order to learn their secrets. It is possible we have a hint concerning a mythical fruit I am trying to find.

I learned you were founding a settlement in the new Cocovia. Is it possible for me to go there and meet the scientists in Quinnsville ? (I have a friend fisherman of MAESTRO that is interested in your fishy bays, I will lead him to your colony in the same occasion.)

Friendly yours,

Felipe de la Manzana."

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Really nice and lively quayside, Faladrin! You have depicted the busy docks with all the cargo very well, and I like the small waves on the water, as well as the buildings lining the quay.

I also like the simple, concise log book entries. Well done!

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The story is great, as is the building! I really like the busy atmosphere!

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"Dear senor Felipe de la Manzana,

I look forward to receiving your friend here in Quinnsville, and will happily receive you and your friend to our small colony.

I have send message to a local group of anthropologists and other scientific minds, to be ready to assist you in any way one you arrive and settled in.

Yours sincerly

Sir Thomas Smaugton,

Mayor of Quinnsville, Queens Bay, Cocovia"

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Nicely done. I always enjoy a bustling port scene, and this build is no exception. I particularly like that you included sea life growing on the quay.

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Excellent scene! It's bustling with activity and the inclusion of a ship, building and pier mean you've hit all the high points. The minifigs and cargo fill out the scene really well and the marine animals clinging to the rocks are a neat feature.

This is a really good MCRA result build. I hate to be critical, but some of these have been too simple and easily done for my tastes, which gives the impression that the builder was just chasing doubloons.

Keep it up. :classic:

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