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Murder on the Emerald Express: Index

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Murder on the Emerald Express

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Mystery Index

Characters: meet the 24 participants of Murder on the Emerald Express.
Rules: new rules and old, explaining Dynamic Movement.
Discussion: participants and a few "crashers" discuss the mystery.
Mystery Challenge: build one of the scenes from the mystery.
Best Quotes, Select Your Favorites
Chapter 1: Departure: 12 mysterious participants board the train and depart. Will they find murder?
Chapter 2: Fowl Play at Hand?: a knife is found aboard the train.  Who Dun It?
Chapter 3: Working on the Night Moves: night actions have the participants running wild in the night.
Chapter 4: A Stop at Willoughby: the train makes a stop in a strange town.
Chapter 5: Disneyland or Deliverance?: what strange things are at hand in Willoughby?
:wacko: Dynamic Spin :wacko:

Chapter 6A: Looking for Repair Parts: this group sets off on finding 4 repair parts for the train.
Chapter 6B: Exploring the Mysteries of Main Street: looking for clues in the older part of town.
Chapter 6C: Visiting the Friendly Farm: Jeb and Jethro take the group to a dangerous farm.
Chapter 6D: Getting Out of Town: A visit to the train station and a ride on Lorraine's "Big Rig".
Chapter 7: Piecing Together the Clues: Four groups converge to piece together the clues that they have discovered.
Chapter 8: Another Look Through Willoughby: The group is stumped! Will they ever find a way out of Willoughby?
Chapter 9A: What Will They Do Next? Help the group decide what they should do next (poll)
Chapter 9B: Grounded: The group decide to leave the air field to search another part of the town.
Chapter 10: The Mystery Unravels: Unlocking the secrets to escaping Willoughby.
Chapter 11: Danger Tracks! What dangers lie ahead along the DANGER tracks?
Chapter 12: A Night In the Mill: Someone may die during a night in the creepy old mill.
Chapter 13: Cassandra Crossing: What may be found along the rickety old bridge?
Chapter 14A: Crocodile Rock: Will a second attempt to return to the Swiss Crocodile get the locomotive jump started?
Chapter 14B: The Tractor Story: Will a return to the farm to get Jeb's tractor be useful to the group, or end with the death of one among them?
Chapter 15: Runaway Train: The concluding chapter of Murder on the Emerald Express.

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