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  1. In the forest that ringed a Black Spire castle, Lord Maestro's men busied them selves constructing siege weapons. Prepared in modules back in Avalonia, soaring siege towers and devastating were slowly being pieced together (almost like Lego ). Today Lord Maestro surveyed a new contraption. Adapted from an ordinary Ballista , The Maestro's architects swore it was twice as powerful. To show their allegiance was to Avalonia they had fitted it with a Dragon head, the emblem of our their guild. A close up Looking down the barrel of the beast Entry to challenge V Category B, this was an interesting build. I have only done something like this once, and you can probably see the resemblance I hope the Dragon head looks ok to you guys, because im not completely satisfied with it. I think the landscape turned out good though, that red stuff is meant to be moss/grass. Should have Cat D up soon, C&C needed and hope you enjoy
  2. Last month, Mardier vessels blockaded the ports of Elysabethtown, Trador and Fuerto Unido. Lord Maximilian Damaximus and with him, Eslandola, had to answer fast. He bought the rights of the Siren's Song, captured by Quinnsville, repainted her and quickly she quild sail to Isla de la Victoria. With her, 20 soldiers ready to fight for Eslandola. Some Corrington people may say Eslandolan Trade Companies only have ill-trained mercenaries, but this was not the case for MAESTRO. These were not just mercanaries, they are well-disciplined, excellent trained soldiers. Puny Corringtonlanders funding the Mardierian forces... Captain of the vessel is Captain Matt Lenoir. After succesfully commanding the Purple Rain for more than a year, he has now command over the Purple Reign. The 20 soldiers will be lead by Corporal Brickwall Princeton, who was eager to take revenge after the death of his good friend Brickwall Jackson... Some soldiers: Thanks for watching! She will be licenced as a class 5LA. Those who think there are a lot of similarities between this vessel and the Purple Rain: yes there are, but if you take a closer look, you will see I almost started from scratch again :p
  3. An Avalonian ranger strolls through the forest, hunting his elusive prey. Just a small build while I wait for inspiration for category B. It was nice to experiment with some tree styles, which are mainly based of SK's. Also my first build in ages that is 360 view able Hope you enjoy.
  4. The battle had gone terribly. The Drow had ambushed them and caught them unaware. They sliced through us like a hot knife through butter. Though they had smaller numbers the Drow fought savagely. Finally, after the first initial massacre, we at last gained a foot hold. Filled with a lust for revenge, the tides turned and we overwhelmed them. We had won. Although it was not with out loss. 2 out of 5 men had perished that day and many wives made widows and children fatherless. I felt anger rise within me. He would cleanse this entire island of drow before this the coming of summer and... "M'lord?" He was interrupted by a messenger, a scruffy looking fellow holding a small letter. "yes?" I asked him. " y-y-you are Lord Maestro?" He obviously did not recognize me with out my usual beard, which I had shaved off as a sign of mourning. "I believe so, you have a message?" "M'lord, the true heir to historica has returned, m'lord and he is calling all faithful to his banner. I know you may not believe me m'lord but its true, the sent me too y-" "Enough" I cut off his babbling and turned to a passing guard "Tell my commanders to meet me in my pavilion immediately". Cleansing Eolas can wait, It was time to join the king, and fight the real enemy. Not at all really satisfied with this build. The rock work is meh, the layering is meh, and the fig posing is meh :/ The story is also meh as I kinda got carried away :P Oh well, what I lack now I will (try) make up for in my next big build. Hope you enjoy :) Also, yes I did see that arrow that fell out The previous build in the saga: A heroes farewell The Next build in the saga: A chilly welcome
  5. Settlement Name: Trador Ownership: MAESTRO in name of Eslandola Location: La Sombra, Nova Eslandola Archipello Mayor: Sir Yohannes Ethiximus ( @Maxim I ) Governor: Lord Maximilian Damaximus ( @Maxim I ) Settlement status: Town Settlement points: 22 Trade Value: 128 db Who can own property in Trador: anyone when asked permission (note, as I will build more than I can licence, feel free to buy property from me). Who can freebuild in Trador: anyone, but discuss it first with me (for location etc) Extra: When planning building something in Trador, please advice with @Maxim I as he is going to make a moduled city. Please post any free-builds that take place in Trador in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Trador, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. Etymology: Trador comes from "Trade" and the Dutch word "Dorp" (village) - Island information Island #: 13 Claimed by EslandolaNickname: The ShadowGeographical Features: This Island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. The island is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island. - Location of Trador: - Soldiers stationed in Trador 1st MAESTRO Regiment | MAESTRO | General Samu the Dragon Trador 1st Company | Trador | Lieutenant Wilhelmus - List of licensed properties in Trador: Art & Culture The fountain of youth Spa | MAESTRO | Large | 2 sp | 15 vp Preparing for the Winter Solstice Festival | Gedren_y | Large | 2 sp | 15 vp Artisan The Three Flower Inn | MAESTRO | Medium | 1 sp | 10 vp Mme Bijoux Accessoires | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp | 5 vp Commerce The Apple Cider smugglers | Maxim I | Medium | 1 sp | 10 vp Mme Camille Real Estate Agency | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp | 5 vp Merchant Quay | Maxim I | Royal | 3 sp | 20 vp Education Trador University - Department of Chemical Engineering | MAESTRO COR | Medium | 1 sp | 5 VP | Factory Trador Textile Factory | Capt. Wolf | medium | 1 sp | 10 VP Fort Fort Coconut | MAESTRO | small | 1 sp | 5 vp Merchant Gate | MAESTRO | medium | 1 sp | 10 vp Plantation Apple Orchard | Maxim I | small | 1 sp | 5 vp Residence Small Palace | Maxim I | medium | 1 sp | 5 vp (?) - List of unlicensed properties in Trador: Mines Fontonajo Mine | Elostirion | set-up | 1 sp | 5 vp Freebuilds Stargazing | Gedren_y | freebuild | 0 sp | 2 vp (?) - Properties for sale: Ready to be licenced None yet The Trador Estate Contract: - Started projects Vineyard of Trador -
  6. As Quinsville became a more well-known trade port in the region, the houses became more and more fancy. One of those examples is the Mail Office of Quinsville. Here the mails are collected to be distributed all over the world... The Office Master (Dr. W. Hoclone) wakes up very early every day to make sure the mail boys will deliver their packages on time! Anyway, here is the build: --- Hope you enjoy the building :) The licencing rights are donated to MAESTRO COR ( @Tomsche )
  7. Settlement Name: Elysabethtown Ownership: MAESTRO Trade Company Location: Berelli Mayor: Elysabeth of Drondil (TitusV), in name of MAESTRO Civil Servants (Allowed): 0 (0) Trade Value: 116*0.80=92.8=93 Town Bank: 75 DBs/Month Settlement Level: Town Settlement Size: 18 Who can own property in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Who can freebuild in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Fortifications: Two small forts. Please note that your propreties can be confiscated if you commit treachery to MAESTRO or Elysabethtown (for example: stealing or declaring war). People staying neutral in times of conflicts between Eslandola/MAESTRO/Elysabethtown and their home faction will find a safe spot in Elysabethtown. Royal Taxes for Eslandolans: no extra taxes Foreigner Taxes: no extra taxes MAESTRO Taxes: no extra taxes If you freebuild in Elysabethtown, please post a link here. If you build a property in Elysabethtown, please post a link here AND don't forget to fill in the webform.
  8. Small Palace of Trador Excitement was taking place on the streets of Trador. It received the Town status and rumours spreaded around that today, the 30th November 616 AE, the mayor will be appointed by Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Inside the newly build Small Palace, the Town Council gathered, discussing the latest events. At the first floor of the Small Palace, Maximilian and Margot took residence for the time being... Margot: So it is official now, my father lost his power... Maximilian: Yes my dear, but he still will have a function in the Continental Council. And at least, he still is our king. Margot: Do you think there will be a point in the future where the republicans will remove the crown from our family? Maximilian: not as long as there are royalists and not at all as long as I live. When I received the charter for MAESTRO, I promised your father to make sure of the continuity of the Eslandolan Crown. Margot: I hope the Fontonajo family, who is without any doubt the richest family in these new lands, will keep the things as they are now agreed upon. Maximilian: Roman is a very wise man and he has connections in every corner of the New World, but only in the New World. Your dynasty still has a lot of support in the Old World. Margot: So I am a princess in the Old World, but not anymore in Nova Terelli? Maximilian: Even in Nova Terelli, you will be treated as a Princess by most people. There still are royalists there. As far as I know, Roman hasn't conquered the Royal Fortress of Nova Terelli where your good friend the Viceroy has his residence. Margot smiles Maximilian: As long as Stedor and Trador stand, your father will be King here. Without powers ofcourse, but still... Margot: And Elysabethtown? Maximilian: He will be treated with respect. But I would not count Lady Elysabeth as a true royalist. Luckily her husband, Lord Tomvaximus, is loyal to us... Talking about Lord Tomvaximus, I hear he has arrived downstairs. My beautifull princess, I fear I will have to leave you for some hours. When leaving the room, Maximilian quickly looked around. The armour next to the balcony was a beautifull gift he received from the befriended Viking Tribe. The Royal Princess Guards he received from his father-in-law could have been puppets as well, so fiercly they were standing for hours without moving a finger. At the Council Room, Maximilian Damaximus was waiting for a few Council members to arrive... In the meantime, a musician was playing the Orchan and a service maid was looking for beverage. A beautifull shining armour received from MAESTRO Corrington was decorating the room. A few hours later, Lord Maximilian Damaximus left the Small Palace. at the square in front of the palace, he declared Sir Yohannes Ethiximus to be mayor of Trador. Yohannes made fame in Stedor as brilliant politicus. The perfect guy to be the right hand of Maximilian at Trador. And one more romantic picture with Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot of Eslandola and those cool Royal Princess Guards. ------ Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! Made for Cat 3 of the Mini Challenge (Eslandola). Will be licenced as medium residence
  9. The Golden Apple Chase, Part I : The Ténotclaxcans, Chapter 01 : The Doctor's mission Previously : Felipe de la Manzana is an Eslandian citizen who drove crazy exploring the deep jungle of Nellisa island. This adventure lead him to thought that Apple orchards could be less dangerous than the jungle. He brought his first mate and friend, Basil, to this insane idea and together, they developed orchards and apple industry inside the MAESTRO young trade company. By chance, they encountered a castaway in a Nellisa beach while exploring. The man, named Juan de Hespérida, told them he stole a first half of a map showing the location of a Mythic Golden Apple, which can bring knowledge if eaten. Felipe tryed to follow the map but the coordinates are not clear and it is said that the island where the apple grows is never at the same place on the sea. During such a research expedition,his first vessel, The Appleseed, sunk to the ocean and Felipe was the only one to survive, Juan was lost at sea. Basil was safe, because he did not took part at this trip. He had too much to do with the Natives they encountered in the new island of Berelli : The Ténotclaxcans ! Those natives told the 2 adventurers that they knew some strange stories about apples and about monkeys and turtles too. To make clear of this mix of legend and frighting stories, Felipe asked the help of a Corrington scientist, The Doctor Gellibrand. Now, after being disturbed by some political changes in Eslandola, the 2 men are ready to follow their Quest. Felipe managed to keep safe a copy of Juan de Hespérida map and the doctor settle a crew to live with the Ténotclaxcans. Everything is ready to begin the Golden Apple Chase ! So, I am back to my story full of apples ! I made this little introduction to remind my old builds and to keep it as an intro to the real chase. The quest is really begining here ! The Doctor was quite happy this morning. His preparations have been done and one of his companions, miss Donna was already inside the camp they made along the Ténotclaxcan village. So, the troop he selected was in march and passed through the market of elisabethtown. Pinya lead the march through the busy activity of the morning. The covered market was already full of food supplies and the merchants where already at work ! Then they passed along the houses along the road : some nice commercial slot have been made for some rich Eslandolans. Here there where a cloth seller : And there, a free fortune teller : The Doctor remind the mission to Clara (Who tryed to avoid the pigs passing near her horse) : - Be clear with our mission my dear. We are mainly observer here, we don't have to interfere with the Ténotclaxcans legends ! We must be attentive to their stories and after that we must try to scientifically rely them to something real. We could find the real position of the island Felipe is looking for. It is our top priority ! - Yes, Doctor, I know. I Know this is the first rule of your ethic moral : not to interfere with the natives. You already told me that. And they got out of the buzzing city to join their companion into the jungle of Berelli. This MOC is the Main Market Place of Elisabethtown and was a part of my participation at the Brickmania event in Antwerp. I am letting MAESTRO using this build to be part of the Royal Commerce license they want to buy. it's a 64*64 studs modular build in 4 parts. Thank you for reading ! Here are more pictures of the build istself :
  10. Trador Apple Orchard A settlement isn't a MAESTRO settlement without apple trees So around Trador, a number of small Apple Orchards popped up. This one is taken care of by Gran N.Y. Smith. Ofcourse, due the constant threat of Mardier, a bunch of MAESTRO soldiers are patrolling nearby. --- C&C welcome Will be licenced as a small plantation
  11. What happens when some of the best builders in the world decide to build a fregate together? I asked myself this question 6 months ago as I wanted to do something original for the BELUG (Belgian Lego User Group) Clubday in September. Why not a workshop on "how to make a fregate"? As Belug has some legendary shipbuilders in it rangs (CGH, Sebeus, Bonaparte and maybe one day I may say myself), this should not be that difficult... Well, it is... As I had to order all parts from scratch (requested by Belug), it was a difficult task as every ship is different. It is nearly impossible to say in advance how many bricks you need and what type of bricks you need... Anyway, a succesfull clubday and a few additional meetings later (with the necessary food and beer), she was ready to be showed at Brickmania Antwerp. So here she is, the "Beluga": A class 5HA, sailing under the flag of MAESTRO --- Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this project! C&C welcome!
  12. Near the Apple Cider Smugglers HQ, MAESTRO opened an inn so the smugglers and tired travellers could take a good sip of an apple cider or take a decent rest before challenging the waves again. The Innkeeper and his beautifull daughter took good care of the guests, making some of them stay a bit longer than planned. Some of them would eventually settle themself in Trador, but more about that later As the newly founded hamlet was located within a few miles of the contested Isla de Victoria, there were a lot of soldiers patrolling in the area around the HQ and the Inn. ------ Well, this was a fun build (even I had to tear apart one of my favourite MOC's that belonged to Stedor). Thanks for watching! Will be licenced as a medium artisan
  13. After the Inn opened, a logistic problem started as the wives of the sailors and smugglers started complaining about their husbands drinking too much. Other WAG's had way too much time as their husband was abroad for a nice game of soccer "shoot the enemy". A very popular game in the neighbouring Isla de Victoria. And as the WAG's started learning how to make their hands dirty while making new clothes for their beloved husbands, Lord Maximilian Damaximus had the brilliant idea to put some of those WAG's together in order to mass produce capes and hats... Bingo! The Shop: Not sure what this chicken is doing here... The first floor is where the magic happens. - One minor problem, the MCTC controlled the whole textile thingy in the New World... So, a joint-venture with MCTC started in Trador for exploiting the WAG's Textile Factory, the first ever and surely (hopefully) not the last!!! Here you see Lord Tomvaximus and a Weelond representative who just signed a contract @Capt Wolf - Oh, and to those who wonder how the daughter of the Three Flower Inn - barkeeper looks like, here she is: ---- Thanks for watching! I have to admit, the pictures are kinda blurry. But I fear I will not be able to take decent pictures within the next 8 days... Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Oh, a last note, there is no landscaping as that will be sth I will do in the future, when I start developping the streets of Trador. I have a plan in my mind, but as long as I don't have enough buildings, I can't start with it....
  14. Previous MOC / Mine Set up: This is Mine! --- The Extraction --- After the mining experts digged through the rock, they discovered a cave full of silver. Seriously, silver everywhere... This was a gold silver mine! Even the authorities confirmed that this was Silver And so, MAESTRO started developping the mine, financed by Lord Maximilian Damaximus. The exact location was kept secret to make sure erm golddiggers would not interrupt the business. - Anyway, thanks for reading I got a lot of those silver crystals, bought in a super lot, so this silver mine was perfect for me
  15. The MAESTRO's famous apple cider (produced by Felipe de la Manzana), has always been one of the favourite drinks of many soldiers. The Cider Shop in Breshaun is one of the most popular hot spots in that city. Due to the recent war between Eslandola and Mardier, the apple cider became a forbidden product for Mardierian soldiers. The past three years, La Sombra has been a smuggling paradise. But since the Eslandolan troops recently arrived on the island, the smuggling spots have been taken over by MAESTRO. For the smugglers, not much changed, except for the kinda products they are smuggling. The best fortified smuggling cabin became the temporary headquarter of MAESTRO on La Sombra. The whole smuggling paradise, would become the very popular "Smuggling Bay" where the ships nowadays anchor in front of Trador. These types of canoes are very popular by the smugglers. They are very fast, but still stable and they can transport a lot of goods. Although the job of smuggling can be very dangerous due the pointy rocks around La Sombra, and many smuggler have found their grave in those waters. However, a succesfull smuggling run, results in huge profits, which makes it worth the risk.... The temporary headquarters of MAESTRO on La Sombra, located at Trador ---- Thanks for reading! This will be licenced as a medium commerce (as the canoe itself will not be licenced as a ship)
  16. With all the tensions in Isla de Victoria, it was necessary to fortify La Sombra. As the island is surrounded by pointy rocks and cliffs, MAESTRO decided to build a fort on one of those cliffs. Sergeant Wilhelmus was appointed choosing the perfect location. After some exploring, he found a spot with some cococonuttrees closeby. Awesome! ^ A very primitive try to catch coconuts without letting them fall into the sea... ^ On the lookout. The fort is equipped with some long range guns. ^ Sergeant Wilhelmus being proud of the first coconut of many --- As the first fort was set up, the first ships with settlers could arrive safely. So began the foundation of the settlement of Trador. --- The fort is build on a Ninjago set C&C ofcourse welcome!
  17. After I heard that there was an offer going on with over 100 DBs for giving a warship to the Eslandolan crown, I knew I couldn't pass that offer. So I ordered this Xebec Frigate, something that is rarely seen in these waters and should be able to deal with these darn pirates that have been pestering our convoys! It has a total of 20 guns on the broadside, a giant crew to man them all, as well as another pair of bowchasers. The big latin sails allow it to keep up with pretty much any ship, and allow it to hunt down basically any pirate ship that gets close to it. Here you can see one entire broadside armed; you see how many men I need to fire these guns! Have I already mentioned that I love how her back looks? To really appreciate the lines of this ship, you better be a bird. _______________ Well, this one was a somewhat rushed build. I started building it two weeks ago and just finished it earlier today. While the rigging may not look to special, it is fully modular (a mast can be removed/placed in under a minute), which was really helpful after taking the first few pictures as I fell over it and knocked down its main mast. Once the new shiptypes are out I might revisit this one, I think there would be enough space to fit 1 or 2 pairs of carronades onto the poopdeck... This ship will go straight to Eslandola.
  18. They knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort... The Eslandian authorities, well aware of the leak of their intel concerning the Golden Fleet, had decided to keep more or less the same route, as it was considered the fastest and probably the safest (if we were not counting the numerous pirates that would try to plunder the fleet). So, they decided to recruit some new vessels to create a good escort. This is where the brand new vessel of Felipe de la Manzana had been sent for her maiden trip... Captain Log, end of September 616 : The Galleon we are in charge is peacefully setting sail to our next stop where we will resupply with fresh water, but I am not sure we will not see another pirate flag before. It was exhausting for my crew to protect this Golden Fleet... Every corner of every rock or sand bank from Nellisa to Terelli is welcoming a vessel ready to attack us. Bl...dy officials who are not capable of keeping this fleet a secret. I just left this log away a few minutes and we are already seeing a black sail... It has become a routine now, my sailors are well trained and my artillery crew has became more accurate. Finally, this escort will be a good training for them... Well, I am back to my log, just to report that we effectively intercepted a pirate ship trying to plunder the fleet. The Galleon had been touched but suffered no real damage. My crew managed to cut the road of the pirates apparently quite surprised to discover a heavy armed frigate to stop them. Apparently they knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort. This is the official log Felipe de la Manzana left at the Terelli port officer when he arrived safely. After that run, he returned with his brand new Frigate to Elisabethtown to join Basil. He did not knew he would receive urgent orders from the crown just at his arrival... But this is another story... This is, finally, my challenge 4B entry. I hope you will like it ! I really wanted to try some micro ships based on LEGO canot hull. Garmadon made already one and it was so amazing that I couldn't pass on that technique. This challenge was the best opportunity for me to try several ship designs. Your comments and criticisms are very welcome !
  19. An old cook made butcher. When Felipe and Basil arrived at Fuerte Unido with their new vessel, they brang with them a crew of value. And one of those capable men was the board cook... He was a strong man burnt by the sun and a capable sailor in addition to be a great cook ! At the arrival to Fuerte Unido, he took on himself to develop a butcher shop and asked to Felipe to stay in Fuerte Unido to feed the soldiers. Felipe simply could not refuse. So he let his best cook at land to be a butcher. Now the butcher shop is newly open ! The pork gardian, a poor boy, too young to be a good mousse, is already bringing some piggies from the fortified farm built among the rocks. Inside the shop our former sailor is serving some clients. This is a small commerce built in Fuerte Unido for the Operation KMA. C & Cs are welcome.
  20. Applying the new orders. Felipe de la Manzana and Basil landed in time in Isla de Victoria, also known as Skaford heighs. Felipe immediately sent a team to gather the ressources needed to develop an armed settlement. He explained Basil the contents of the new orders he received before : - Did you understand well our new orders, Basil ? - Yes, Sir ! Of course. We received an important message from the Crown relayed by the 3 Trade Companies that's giving power to Jerome Monezterell and to el Capitan Alonzo to Kapture Mardier's Assets and Kill Mardier's Army in the island we are claiming as Isla de Victoria. We have been asked to support the war effort by providing supplies of all kind in the camp named Fuerte Unido and develop it to a strong settlement. - Yes, Basil, you got it. But I thought KMA meant Kick Mardier's... Assets. Well, the name of this operation is not important. The top priority of our teams is to gather wood and food. - Our team...S... ? - Yes ! I sent the Pineapple revenge from Prio to this island to find food and try to contact the natives we heard rumors of. - Oh ! I see, Senor de la Manzana, you involved many of our troops in here. - Yes ! I hope this natives could help me to progress on my Quest, and cutting down some jungle is always a pleasure... Saying that Felipe and Basil started to supervise the lumberjack team near Fuerte Unido. The team was already at work and many trees have been cut down to provide the camp the necessary wood to build. The carts were doing deliveries at regular speed and the first buildings were already up. Some Ténotclaxcan men were now well integrated in the crew and were helping the team. Of course, there is always some lazy guys that prefer to sit and eat some delicious apple instead of working... This build is part of the KMA project lead by the Eslandola team. This is the continuation of the official war we declare to Mardier. More to come soon... Of course, C & Cs are welcome.
  21. Meeting the natives of Isla de Victoria : Like Felipe de la Manzana explained to Basil, The Pineapple Revenge, under the order of a new captain, El Capitan Jonagold, have been sent to Isla de Victoria to find food to provide to the troops. When they arrived, they noticed there were some little fishing sail pirogues all around and el Capitan Jonagold decided to follow one returning to its port. What they discovered was a nice little fishing shag inhabited by apparently pacific native fishermen. The natives were surprised to encounter new men in this area. "A good sign", thought El Capitan, Mardier is not really present in here... The natives were happy to find new customers ready to buy some fish. They really well welcomed Jonagold and his crew. They are ready to help to develop Fuerte Unido and will send fish to the new settlement ! Another build for the Operation KMA. It is a small commerce built in Fuerte Unido. C & Cs are welcome.
  22. Monezterell shipyards proudly presents: The Barquentine El Rubi. Built in the shipyards of Elysabethtown, she has been sitting in ordinary (= no masts, no sails, no rigging) for far to long. It is finally time to set her off to her own journey. Well, lets keep our talkin' short let this ship go swim! ____ Just these two pictures for now, I'm sorry, I had so much to take pictures of today. This ship has been sitting on my desk for several months without sails, which was annoying me for long enough. You may notice a strong similarity to the Esmeralda; these ships were started at the same time: Will be licensed as a 4T2 as it seems to be a little bit to small for a 5T. As it could house up to 12 guns it could be refitted to be a 4A as well.
  23. Zwartbaard, the famous explorer (see previous builds) of MAESTRO arrived safely in Fuerto Unido as well. He received a small cabin to start his exploring operations for Eslandola. Next to his residence, Milady Haarsnyder opened a barber shop so the soldiers would at least look good when they are going to the battlescene. 2 small builds made by Klaartje (residence) and me (barbershop) last night when some people came over (more will be posted by TitusV and Sebeus). Enjoy! Will be licenced in Fuerto Unido as Residence & Service Thanks for watching!
  24. A new house which comes with new orders... Life was quiet in Elisabethtown those days. The citizens were developping the new settlement at a constant speed and the shipyards were providing some nice ships of all kind, from the massive trader clippers of the Monezterell shipyards to the modest light armed sloops of Felipe's shipyard. Speaking of those shipyards, Felipe was there to prepare something linked to his Golden Apple Quest. So, Basil took this free time to visit his new residence in town with her lovely companion, Pinya, The young Ténotclaxcan priestess he met. They have became closer during the prepartion of the Hall Quest and helping the Doctor... Doctor Who it was ? , Ah ! Yes ! Doctor Gellibrand... to settle a camp to study the Ténotclaxcans. The house was one of the first made of stone in this brand new town and respected the Eslandian Style better than the other ones. The blue paint applied to it made her shine in the tropical sun of Berelli and the garden was already growing in front of the facade. Pinya appreciated it : - It's nice to see you kept a little space for the plants ! Good thing ! You know, it's hard for us to see you destroying our jungle and not replacing it by other trees... - I know. Answered Basil. But you know Felipe and I lost in an awful jungle, and since this event, we are not fond of, to call this... "un-disciplined foliage". - Sure ! So it's good to see you "dicipline" those plants ! When they entered, Basil immediately offered Pinya to have a drink at the kitchen. They where enjoying a good Cider and some apples when the door suddenly opened. It was Felipe de la Manzana rushing into the hall without a care either at the nice floor design nor to the owner tranquility (Basil, for instance...) - Basil ! He clamed. We received a important letter ! Read it ! We have some new orders now ! Is our new vessel is ready ? We need to leave as soon as possible ! Assemble the crew now and prepare your stuff ! To be continued... in : Operation KMA : Applying the new orders Here are some bonus pictures of the house : I hope you enjoyed ! C&Cs are always welcome.
  25. It is on this day, September the tirteenth of the year 616, that we, Román Esteban Fontonajo and Elysabeth of Drondil, mayors of respectively Nova Terelli and Elysabethtown, declare the following: -From now, the ties between our two cities will be tighted using a variety of deals and mutual agreements, as explained below -To encourage the Eslandolan fleet, a certain number of ship-builders from each city will teach a certain number of shipwrighters from the other -Considering the trading rights on the island... ... -... To further encourage shipbuilding, and thus trade and wealth, a bonus will be offered to all ships build for the Eslandolan fleet -As part of the previous agreement, we will offer a bonus of 120DBs to any ship build before October the First, 616, that is offered to the Eslandolan Crown. (Up to a maximum of three, and a minimum of class 4.) For King and Country!