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    Lego (obviously), writing/recording/performing music, computer graphics/3D modeling, amature movie making (more FX the better!), precious few aspects of my job as as a mechanical/electrical engineer.


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  1. If you want to machine out of raw stock I would use delrin as in my experience it is a good strong plastic that can be machined easily to a high tolerance and good surface finish much better than any acrylic I've machined.
  2. My choice of background! EDIT, did someone remove the image?
  3. Can I have the prototypes that you throw away?!
  4. Actually I have removed the internal gearing from an XL motor (by removing the outer ring and gluing the planet gears solid) so now I have an ungeared XL to play with. I've also put water in pneumatics to make them hydraulic. Should that be on sariels deadly sin list?!
  5. Very true. 42070 has less PF parts than 8043 but much more regular parts that happen to include 6 huge tires, many large panels and four of the telescopic pieces. That's bound to effect the price. It may just appear more expensive because it doesn't have much appeal for many of us.
  6. I have used third party tires and hoses and for a tower crane I used fishing line. I probably would use 3D printed parts if the quality was up to Legos standard. Can't bring myself to cut or glue pieces though. But is it cheating when an official Lego designer uses 3D printed parts for prototyping? I think not. The part itself still had to be designed.
  7. Wasn't 42051 in fact 42068? I might be getting my numbers mixed up. And AFAIK there never was a 42067, they don't have to use every number.
  8. Thanks Another question. What ever happened to the universal sets such as 8064? Those were some of my favorite smaller sets with each one showcasing a particular aspect of technic such as a motor or pneumatics (while also offering a cheaper way to get and try out those parts) with a purely mechanical focus, not so much on looks, so that a greater variety of models could be made from the same parts. Was their relative lack of easthetic value the reason for their demise?
  9. Thanks Jim Some follow up questions. The 5x7 and 5x11 frames are huge, easy to find and stand out like a saw thumb, so why do they only come in grey? Compared to 2015 and 2016, which are brilliant, the 2017 second half sets appear to have a different design approah. Compared to the authenticity of the Arocs, 42070 seems to be a step down in terms of mechanical authenticity. Is there a reason for this? For many years there seems to be a trend of complex flagship followed by simpler flagship (with the exception of 2015 and 2016 which were both quite complex). Do you see that and is it intentional? You made a lot of AFOLs very happy with the release of the v2 pneumatics. Can we expect to see more of them in future and will the range of pneumatic elements continue to evolve? In a previous QnA you say the reason for pneumatics always being yellow was because they have always been yellow, and also to differentiate them from the pump. They aren't part of the power functions system and they do have an easthetic appeal as well as being functional parts so as long as the cyclinder and pump are different colours does this mean there is no real reason not to have pneumatics in other colours? What other elements do you think fans would like to see? Is there any questions you have for us?
  10. So will the answers you've already received be posted before the 15th? Might be useful for thinking of more questions or follow up questions for the 15th.
  11. Sweeeeeeeeet! Can't wait to read, would be useful to read the report before thinking of new questions.
  12. Thanks, so that's the same as me then.
  13. That sounds like an excessive amount of sheaves. With so many the weigh of the boom may not be enough to pull out so much string so fast. Can you post a link to a picture?
  14. So, my question was how do you guys SPEED UP the process of sorting parts into their individual types?