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  1. I put my copy of AS on lay-by at Myers with 20% off. Lucky I asked them to put one on hold for me last Wednesday ;) My only problem will be is where in my modular Street do I place it when I pick it up and build it.
  2. Lucky you, please do tell us your opinions of the set when you have finished building it. Brick On !
  3. Awesome build, great job on the snow covered roof. Brick On !
  4. As a young boy I watched him and Bruce Ward climbing the side of buildings, etc., and now he is gone. R.I.P. Adam West you will be missed by all fans of Batman
  5. One word - Delightful ! It looks so clean, bright and well detailed, though not over doing it. Brick On 'Snaillad' !
  6. I ticked farm and zoo, but there was no "Fun At The Mall" ? Actually, there really should be people packs with basic small builds in them, say Hospital/Medical or Tradespeople (builders, painters, plumbers, mechanics).
  7. Awesome review 'Fangy', I wasn't going to consider this one but then I read the review.......I put this one just under Assembly Square on my creator most wanted list Brick On Review On 'Fangy' !
  8. Delightful work 'RedHead1982', is there any interior shots ? Brick On !
  9. Awesome vehicle design '-zenn', Brick On !
  10. I totally dig it, the window trim/brickwork is wonderful. Brick On 'legofrik' !
  11. Yes, yes finally a TIGER, it might just be the only set of this subtheme I buy
  12. Gee, I thought I was the only one who did that gas pump modification with four hoses ? My favourite part is the post office, I think it's awesome and it's right for sticking on LEGO Ideas Brick On 'Nightfall' !
  13. It's a pretty good set but, it needs another coast guard minifig on that orange would be odd only one crew member would be doing the rescue ?
  14. Awesome design and talking about giving your all for LEGO with real blood ???? Brick On 'biedrus' !
  15. From one hardware store designer to another I must say your's is just fantastic and I totally dig ALL the machinery ! The question is why isn't this hasn't been front paged ? Keep the awesome coming and Brick On 'koalayummies' !