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  1. From one hardware store designer to another I must say your's is just fantastic and I totally dig ALL the machinery ! The question is why isn't this hasn't been front paged ? Keep the awesome coming and Brick On 'koalayummies' !
  2. Awesome version of K.I.T.T., I bet the Hoff would approve ! Brick On 'PrisonBrick' !
  3. I'm impressed by the WW set indeed, add that to the buy list. Though I wonder if there might be anymore sets for the film waiting in the wings ? (pardon the flying pun there)
  4. I think it's called cutting corners to save money and maintain profitability
  5. I totally dig this design, so much detailing in it ! Brick On 'macsergey' !
  6. Finally it struck 100 supporters this afternoon, now on to 1000.......yeah, sure it will ? Brick On everyone !
  7. Man, this project/design gains support so slowly on Ideas - oh, well twenty days left and three to get. I'm planning once this hits 100 to do either or both of the following, a small store baring the 'rt' logo more a tune to typical Lego City sets or a reboot of the IGA supermarket with post office and this time a more rural product based hardware section like the gear found in 'rt'. Brick On everyone !
  8. Indeed it has been on A&E on Foxtel in the land of Oz Perhaps you should put the set of them up on Ideas and see what support you might get. Brick On !
  9. Colourful and nicely detailed. Brick On 'SkywardBrick' !
  10. Thank you my friend, I'm only four supporters off the minimum hundred in sixty days to lock in 365 days to reach the next goal of 1000 supporters.
  11. Awesome designing and I dig the pick up truck ! I watched a few episodes on A&E a few years ago. Brick On 'timtosino' !
  12. Thank you for your kind words, not sure if you are an Ideas member or not my poor project needs the support Brick On !
  13. Time for an update....... A cold store for fruit and veg storage before shipping to the big city. Currently this project sits at 92 supporters, only 8 shy of scoring a full months of trying to move up. Brick On Support On everyone !
  14. Looks very nice indeed, I can't wait to see the interiors once done. Brick On 'eliza' !
  15. Excellent designing, now time to brick built I say ! Brick On 'zeki' !