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  1. The stuff I mentioned earlier. I'm guessing people who read my earlier post just looked at what I said about console exclusivity and overlooked the much longer section right after that formed most of my post:
  2. No one here did the event on the 3rd, or has any thoughts about the theater initiative?
  3. Technically, Mr. T doesn't exist in a LEGO Dimensions pack; B. A. Baracus does. And The A-Team hasn't actually been particularly big on LEGO Ideas; unlike those other two franchises; there's never been an A-Team project that's gotten enough votes to reach review. Doing the characters and franchises introduced in the game via a blind-bag series might be problematic. It's one thing when we have something like the Disney Minifigures series, which has nine different franchises represented, but ones which are all Disney-owned and can be handled as a group. A series for the various LEGO Dimensions franchises would be an unwieldy mishmash of properties belonging to Warner Bros., Universal, Fox, the BBC, etc. - some of which are shared with other rightsholders (J. K. Rowling, the Saul Zaentz Company, the estates of J. R. R. Tolkien and Terry Nation, U-Drive Productions, etc.), alongside LEGO's own homegrown IP. And LEGO would have to shoulder this all by themselves, something they didn't do with the game - remember, LEGO Dimensions is itself a Warner production, and I suspect it's actually Warner licensing all these properties, not LEGO, or at least not LEGO by itself. And I think the economics that allow all that for a multi-year videogame simply won't work the same way for a limited-release blind-bag series that's around for a few months.
  4. I'll approach this from a slightly different angle. In the spirit of how The LEGO Movie incorporated brief bits of fan-created footage towards the end, what I'd really like to see would be a ReBrick-style contest for FOLs to create their own brickfilms, the best of which (among suitably brand- and family-friendly entries, of course) would be chosen for theatrical presentation as shorts before The LEGO Movie 2 (and other big-screen LEGO productions). What better way to embrace and represent everything LEGO stands for than to show off the finest creations of LEGO's customers and fans? For a more conventional answer, I think I'd love to see a LEGO Lucasfilm movie, combining Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Willow, perhaps among others.
  5. Did anyone here go to yesterday's launch event, and if so, how was it? Did you get the free item? What was it?
  6. There really needs to be a separate thread for franchises we think are actually likely to make it in. There actually was one, in fact, very briefly, but unfortunately a mod didn't understand the difference between the two. Oh, well. Here are a few more properties I'd like to see added to LEGO Dimensions that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet (I won't bother relisting all the ones I mentioned earlier, or that I've seen others bring up). I might revisit these with specific ideas about what characters and builds would be included: Babylon 5 Big Trouble in Little China Labyrinth The Last Starfighter The Neverending Story TRON Willow Interestingly, I think just about all of these are actual possibilities now, as opposed to some of the things mentioned earlier like Alien and My Little Pony. Babylon 5 is probably the longest shot here in terms of it likely not appealing to kids all that much, but I can't see it as being of less interest to contemporary children than The A-Team. And hey, it's a Warner property... The other six would all fit nicely with all the other 1980s properties that fill out so much of the game (seriously, it's as if Ernest Cline were one of the game's producers...).
  7. (Putting aside that I think all of them have more than 10 additional parts) yes, but... so? They're not selling just the minifigures (and the other parts), even if that's all that some of their customers want. They're selling parts of the game experience, as well. What are they supposed to do, have everyone who buys a LEGO Dimensions pack declare whether they're going to use it in the game or not, and get a big discount if they promise use it only for parts? Note also that some of these licenses would surely never exist in LEGO at all if not for their inclusion in the game. It's only because of the game material produced that the minifigures exist at all.
  8. Technically, they were German soldiers, but not necessarily Nazis themselves (though obviously in service of the Nazi regime). That might be why they allowed them, while never producing minifigures of specific characters who are actual, unmistakable Nazis, such as Toht and Vogel. Though they did do Dr. Schneider... That said, I do know there were people inside LEGO at the time who were uncomfortable with taking on the Indiana Jones license. I suspect it was pretty controversial internally.
  9. I'd really hate to see anything for this game released exclusively for one console or console family, even if it were a console I had. I hope they don't go down that route. ____________________________ An interesting development here:
  10. Yikes! I had no idea. I knew the culture at LEGO had long resisted anything violent or morbid, but to think there was such revulsion at the early idea of a skeleton, which is now such a classic LEGO icon... it's just amazing. I have to wonder what Godtfred Kirk Christiansen would say now about some of the licensed material that's made it into official LEGO products, especially something like Gremlins.
  11. Can all DC characters access the DC, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Teen Titans GO! Adventure Worlds by themselves?
  12. It's also possible, but not certain, that we'll get more packs for Ghostbusters and Adventure Time. In his recent Reddit AMA, Parsons indicated all three Powerpuff Girls would get playable minifigures, with unique head sculpts for each. The wording leaves a little room for doubt, though, but I do think all three will come. Marceline has indeed been released, but in the US she's been pulled back from shelves to address the blank toy tag issue, and we don't know yet when it'll be fixed.
  13. That probably refers to the actual, physical minifigure (or at least a unique hair mold for it) not yet being finalized and in production. I imagine the game content for it is well under way, though it's surely not done, either.
  14. Not by most of us, they weren't. At the very least, there's a significant distinction to be made between joint efforts between LEGO and Warner that revolve around LEGO's IP and completely non-LEGO-owned outside IPs such as Star Wars, Portal, and Winnie the Pooh.
  15. I'd guess because for most people it's just not a huge issue, Undi3sss's disappointment notwithstanding. There are plenty of minifigures that lack much more significant details that plenty of us still think are fantastic, and while I have seen people nitpick and complain about printing or lack thereof on various other minifigures, I haven't seen anyone else outside this thread complain about the lack of printing on the legs of this particular figure (in fact, if anything, I've seen people pleased with the legs as they are, since short legs in plain white are a rarity). I certainly don't think the lack of printing, which I consider somewhere from an extremely minor issue to a complete non-issue, remotely approaches completely ruining the figure. But YMMV, and none of the above is to say either of you is "wrong", of course - different strokes for different folks and all that, and if you're disappointed, you're disappointed. But speaking for myself, it's just not what I'd call a big deal.