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  1. [quote name='therealjustin' timestamp='1474187238' post='2659792'] The set and features would be nice at $50 or so, but $80?! That's quite a hefty sum to pay for a set with well under the usual 1,000 piece mark I think. It does look good though. [/quote] "Well under the usual 1,000 piece mark"? I don't understand - there are numerous sets priced at $80 (well, $79.99) that have under 1,000 pieces; in fact I believe the overwhelming majority of sets at that price have fewer than a thousand. This set's pricing seems right in line with what's typical for a set of this size, piece count, and complexity.
  2. Omigosh! I expected them to omit any character other than the lads themselves. I can't believe they're including Nowhere Man!
  3. [quote name='Artanis I' timestamp='1474254118' post='2660416'] They look terrible BECAUSE they look like the source material. It's one of those situations where NOT being true to the source material would be welcome. So many times we complain about Lego sets or minifigs not properly representing the source, and this time, sadly, they nailed it. Would've been better if the minifigs represented a real-life version of the Beatles, even if they wore similar outfits to the cartoon. [/quote] Nah, they're better this way. Their mandate is to please the people who supported this set because they wanted an authentic-looking Beatles [i]Yellow Submarine[/i] set, with minifigures that look like the characters as portrayed in the film, not people with minimal interest in the movie and the group and who just want a handful of more ordinary-looking minifigures. People in the latter camp can get minifigures to suit their taste seventy-six ways to Sunday, whereas people in the former will likely only ever have this set (and maybe a [i]LEGO Dimensions[/i] pack or three ). It's kind of unfair to ask them to give up a measly four minifigures just so you can have a 0.0000000000001% increase in minifigures of a sort you already have ninety-two trillion, three hundred forty-seven billion, eight hundred sixty-eight million, four hundred three thousand, five hundred twenty-two of. Besides, the cartoony outfits are really the biggest departure from the "norm" of minifigure design; their faces aren't actually a huge departure from how contemporary minifigures portraying either live-action characters or LEGO-original ones generally look. [quote name='strangely' timestamp='1474254238' post='2660419'] It's a weird art style. So, it's even weirder to see it translated to Lego. I can understand why people have had the reaction they're having. Accuracy doesn't necessarily mean it's aesthetically pleasing. Too, I can't help but think maybe people were expecting something different, the Yellow Submarine Beatles are definitely different from the real life people. Even being familiar with the movie I was expecting something different.[/quote] It is an unusual art style, but it is indeed true to the source material, and that's important. [quote name='strangely' timestamp='1474254238' post='2660419']Ringo should have had printed arms.[/quote] Sure, but so should the Ghostbusters in the Ectomobile. Them not having them was probably a limitation of the production time for this set (and Ideas sets in general) being allocated in a factory that doesn't have the capacity to do arm printing (and/or the machines that do arm printing being solidly tied up with more mass-market specialty minifigures like the blind-bagged ones). That's something I do wish were different (and I also wish the printing of the extension of Paul's coat down to the tops of the legs were carried around to the sides), but aside from presumably being beyond the scope of Ideas, it would probably have made those who dislike these minifigures like them even less anyway if it had happened (though I suppose if they're not getting the set anyway, that probably doesn't matter). [quote name='strangely' timestamp='1474254238' post='2660419']Some new hair molds would have helped too. These more generic pieces with printed sideburns don't exactly work that great. Too, Paul's coat might have been better as a clothe element. [/quote] New parts were [i]never[/i] going to happen for this, and I think the hair molds chosen do work well.
  4. Ooooh, the minifigures look [i]great[/i]! Granted, they also look exactly like how I expected them to. It's a shame some people here don't appreciate them, but oh well. They certainly look how they ought to, anyway. Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect to see any other characters here, unlike with the K'Nex version, as pretty much anyone else would require new molds to look really right. I expect the actual sub to look a lot better than that one, though. I just wish I'd submitted this myself. If was one of many projects I was mulling over for a long time, until somebody else went and beat me to it. That they not only made it to 10k but actually got it approved really ought to teach me not to foot-drag on submitting my own stuff, but alas, so far I still have yet to submit any. Oh, well. It'll definitely happen, once I finally get my ideas built...
  5. [quote name='Borex' timestamp='1474180188' post='2659760'] I voted none. If Voltron is going to be made it will be cool but i don't know if there is a big enough fanbase for it. [/quote] There was a big enough fan base for it for the project to reach 10k in just three weeks, when some other projects that have been approved have taken over a year. And LEGO does take into consideration a project's speed in reaching 10k as an indication of the level of interest in and commercial potential of a project, when deciding whether to approve it or not.
  6. [quote name='Captain Nemo' timestamp='1473864319' post='2657640'] Seems a bit bold of Dimensions to be throwing Supergirl out there like this, considering she's basically the cause of the only large negative public response that Dimensions has received thus far. [/quote] I guess the video was in the works before that reveal. It's also possible they tweaked it to emphasize that Supergirl is merely coming [i]first[/i] to PS4, as opposed to [i]only[/i] to it.
  7. Can't you delete your vote and start again?
  8. I see no reason to think those wouldn't be buildable in real life. There's nothing unusual about the structures.
  9. Not on its own, no. But if enough of the site's users start browsing with the new IP filter - looking at either only licensed projects, or only unlicensed projects - it [i]could[/i] dramatically reduce the number of people who ever see a given project to begin with. In fact, we can be sure it [i]will[/i] reduce the number; the only question is how much. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing. I think virtually every change implemented to CUUSOO / Ideas since it was launched back in 2008 has been a really good one, so I'm inclined to give them the benefit of doubt and hope for the best. But part of me is somewhat concerned that we're about to see the struggle made quite a bit harder for even quality projects, and that we might never see any more review batches again with as many projects as the batch that just closed. But I hope I'm wrong...
  10. [quote name='Boxerlego' timestamp='1473692717' post='2656314'] Everything I said is Correct, But this is about Equality and what better way to Promote the "People of NASA" then a War Torn Refuge Migrant Rocket Scientist Like Wernher Von Braun. But I get it the shoe does not fit on the other foot for you. [/quote] They've already approved an Apollo 11 Saturn V project; that will most likely give us minifigures of certain men of NASA before this project gives us anyone. Moreover, the point of this project isn't so much about excluding men; it's just about [i]including[/i] women, who make up just as much of the population as men (actually slightly more, in fact), yet who are vastly underrepresented in LEGO sets compared to men. In fact, if we narrow it down from all minifigures ever (which of course includes fantasy beings, robots, aliens, etc.) and focus on just minifigures of real-life people, there are still literally dozens of minifigures of real-world, historical men, but only one of a woman. How would adding five more real-world women to that constitute some sort of unfair treatment of men, who'd still outnumber women in minifigures produced of real people by something like five or six or more to one?
  11. The [url=]latest 10k Club interview[/url] is up, featuring LegoWolf of Modular Train Station fame.
  12. [quote name='DaRealGoomba' timestamp='1473530870' post='2655172'] I don't know I suggest this forum be locked or something unless some evidence shows up suggesting Oz sets. I suggest this forum be locked or something unless some evidence shows up suggesting Oz sets. Oops, didn't mean to double post [/quote] Since this is the [i]rumors[/i] thread, wouldn't it make more sense to keep it open for now, and close it only once evidence of (more) Oz sets shows up?
  13. I don't think the 60-day rule will actually help anything, though; all the "crummy" stuff will still be there, showing up under the Recently Added sorting of the Discovery page that I suspect most of us browse the site by by default. OTOH, it should ensure that even fewer quality projects make it to the finish line. I think we're about to start seeing smaller review batches. I hope I'm wrong, though.
  14. [quote name='x105Black' timestamp='1473525517' post='2655121'] It will help, but it won't clear out the crap from the Discover page's most recent projects. To do that, their moderators would have to filter out the majority of submissions for not meeting Project Quality Standards, which is something they already claim to be doing (somehow). [/quote] I'm sure they are in fact doing that. There really isn't a way to truly clear out all the submissions people here are complaining about; what people here are missing is that that's what the Ideas process (our voting) is for.
  15. [quote name='eve nightfall' timestamp='1473452973' post='2654599'] I am totally with you! I think there should be the rule to show pictures of the ideas made in real bricks! Yes, there could be some pieces perhaps not in the perfect color but it would show that the projects are really working and not just simulated! There would also be a proof of the self made part and not just copy other ideas! And I am tired of the much too big ideas that can never be realized for real. Perhaps it would be great to offer the instructions for good made ideas that made it into the 10k or even the 5k group. [/quote] That would put people without large collections at a great disadvantage.