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  1. The new UCS Snowspeeder looks fantastic (stickers notwithstanding), and I'd love to have one, but I'm disappointed it's not a new UCS Millennium Falcon. But I gather that's still rumored for the fall set?
  2. I'd be happy to have any classic "adventure"-type theme back, whether with Johnny, Jake, or Indy. Fortunately, I think we're likely to at least get that latter, licensed adventurer back when the next movie comes in a couple years, and I can't quite believe LEGO is completely done with its own in-house adventure themes forever, either.
  3. Hardly anyone thought it would pass! But it certainly was a pleasant surprise. We have at least two Ideas sets this year, and possibly three. The Apollo 11 Saturn V should be out around July, and then this set should be out sometime in the fall. The Women of NASA set is currently due either late this year or early next year (they did specifically mention in the announcement that it could be either). Originally, we would have had one more set this year, as the Adventure Time set was going to have been a January release (and IIRC, the box still has a "copyright 2017" date on it - can someone check?), but it got moved up from January 1, 2017 to December 26, 2016 at the last minute, taking 2016 from having three Ideas sets to four, and making it the third year in a row with that many. That doesn't appear to be a possibilty for this year, but I think having two sets that are as big as Apollo 11 and the Fishing Store will make up for it.
  4. Wow. That's fantastic. Well done! Very well done, indeed!
  5. Whoa! I've been away from this thread for a bit; I didn't realize there were pics already! It still looks beautiful. I was coming here to say it appears we have confirmation this set will have the highest piece count by far of any Ideas set to date, with the possible exception of the also-forthcoming Apollo 11 Saturn V, which we know will be huge but will likely have lots of large parts, so there's no telling what the part count will be. Yesterday, an Ideas user commented on the Ideas blog post about the latest review results (in which they announced Women of NASA will become a set) "Congratulations to the winner! But it Looks like I'm still waiting for Lego to choose a 1,500+ piece ideas project to buy!", and Hasan from the LEGO Ideas Team replied "It appears you may have missed our last review announcement ;-)". The Old Fishing Store was the last Ideas set announced before Women of NASA, so this strongly suggests the Old Fishing Store will have 1500+ pieces. If it has 1542 or more, it will have twice as many (or more!) as the largest Ideas set released so far. Wow!
  6. That's a general Ideas discussion thread for the overall program. All individual Ideas sets also get their own threads. Usually such threads are named after those sets, though.
  7. And I think an even better choice than having platform exclusives would be bringing previously platform-exclusive characters to LEGO Dimensions. It would be great for the game to be able to say it's the one game in which one can have, say, Mario, Sackboy, and Master Chief all together. I definitely think Elves has potential for LEGO Dimensions. Possibly also DC Superhero Girls, though they already have three different versions of the DC universe already. I, too, would love to see a few more characters released from existing franchises. I think LEGODalekbuster523 may also have something to say about that. ;)
  8. I imagine not, since the movie hasn't been released yet and won't be for about two months, so few people here have seen it. If you mean the trailers for the movie, then possibly - I'm sure plenty of us have noticed there, if that's what you mean.
  9. I find it unlikely they'd ever touch South Park... though I also felt the same about The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, and Gremlins). Still, though, South Park feels a farther stretch than any of those others. Gremlins actually has had official merchandise in recent years. It's not a huge merchandising thing like Star Wars, and never will be even if it gets new movies, but in recent years it's had action figures, vinyl figures, t-shirts, and even Christmas sweaters. Steven Universe I could see happening, based on what I've seen of the show. That's not to say it's likely, but I do think it has a much better chance than South Park. And I'd certainly personally much rather have Steven Universe than South Park.
  10. If you mean the discontinuation of Disney Infinity, I believe that game wasn't even unprofitable, though; Disney just decided it wanted to get out of actually developing its own games and switch over to a licensing model for all its game endeavors. That sucked for the DI developers, but it's not at all bad for LEGO Dimensions.
  11. The stuff I mentioned earlier. I'm guessing people who read my earlier post just looked at what I said about console exclusivity and overlooked the much longer section right after that formed most of my post:
  12. No one here did the event on the 3rd, or has any thoughts about the theater initiative?
  13. Technically, Mr. T doesn't exist in a LEGO Dimensions pack; B. A. Baracus does. And The A-Team hasn't actually been particularly big on LEGO Ideas; unlike those other two franchises; there's never been an A-Team project that's gotten enough votes to reach review. Doing the characters and franchises introduced in the game via a blind-bag series might be problematic. It's one thing when we have something like the Disney Minifigures series, which has nine different franchises represented, but ones which are all Disney-owned and can be handled as a group. A series for the various LEGO Dimensions franchises would be an unwieldy mishmash of properties belonging to Warner Bros., Universal, Fox, the BBC, etc. - some of which are shared with other rightsholders (J. K. Rowling, the Saul Zaentz Company, the estates of J. R. R. Tolkien and Terry Nation, U-Drive Productions, etc.), alongside LEGO's own homegrown IP. And LEGO would have to shoulder this all by themselves, something they didn't do with the game - remember, LEGO Dimensions is itself a Warner production, and I suspect it's actually Warner licensing all these properties, not LEGO, or at least not LEGO by itself. And I think the economics that allow all that for a multi-year videogame simply won't work the same way for a limited-release blind-bag series that's around for a few months.
  14. I'll approach this from a slightly different angle. In the spirit of how The LEGO Movie incorporated brief bits of fan-created footage towards the end, what I'd really like to see would be a ReBrick-style contest for FOLs to create their own brickfilms, the best of which (among suitably brand- and family-friendly entries, of course) would be chosen for theatrical presentation as shorts before The LEGO Movie 2 (and other big-screen LEGO productions). What better way to embrace and represent everything LEGO stands for than to show off the finest creations of LEGO's customers and fans? For a more conventional answer, I think I'd love to see a LEGO Lucasfilm movie, combining Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Willow, perhaps among others.
  15. Did anyone here go to yesterday's launch event, and if so, how was it? Did you get the free item? What was it?