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  1. In my opinion the black gate has a lot more display value when you have at least 2 of them combined. It looks a little unfinished when you only have one.
  2. The lady that I bought it from said that she was selling it for a friend whose wife had worked at Walmart during the event.
  3. That's amazing, you really captured the feel of the armory! Also, I love all of the different armors.
  4. It looks like Gamestop is offering Lex Luthor again if you pre-order the Wii U version. I can't get the image of the set to load on my computer but I would assume that it's the same 30164 as last time...
  5. I placed 2 orders and only one of them contained the Han and Poster, but they showed up on both invoices. I sent customer service an email letting them know what happened and they sent out the second Han and poster (and a 3rd Chima set...)
  6. That's a tough question, I would like to say that I'm going to keep it sealed...but on the other hand I would love to have 100-150 Clone Troops to display... It almost would have been better if the previous owner had opened that, that way I wouldn't have to decide.
  7. I finally got something that I've wanted since I first heard about it back in the Episode 2 Days: the box of Clone Troopers from the Walmart clone building event in 2002. I paid $530 shipped and think it was a pretty good deal since this is the only one that I've seen with sealed clone troopers.