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  1. Thanks again everyone, the feedback really means a lot! I don't have the figure on hand right now but I'd say a bit over 50 cm?
  2. Got a vermin problem? Click here for the gallery. Not much to say about this guy, just a hired gun in a chunky hazmat suit. He was originally gonna have the Luke buildable figure head but I decided against it later in the build process. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Forged from chogokin, fueled by bravery. Click here for the gallery. As per usual, no real story to this guy, I just wanted to build a big beefy super robot styled mech, so I did. Think Mazinger Z or GaoGaiGar, for example. I've had the idea to use those drill parts as limbs for the longest time but never got around to it until now. A lot of the the build is actually salvaged from a previous WIP of mine that never got completed... Anyway, that's it for my rambling, thanks for taking a look!
  5. Once a valiant knight, this cursed wretch now roams the frozen wastelands of Agimel in search of its next victim. Not much to this guy, I just got inspired to make an undead knight dude after thumbing through the new artbook we got. That and I've been wanting to make use of more of those trans-purple parts for a while now. Thanks for taking a look!
  6. After my last entry I realized I hadn't quite captured the scheming nature of Makuta properly so I made this new one in an attempt to correct that. This guy is supposed to look less like he's interested in smashing heads open with a huge hammer and more on dark magic and necromancy. He was a bit tougher to realize fully in the end and went through a few iterations before I was satisfied enough with it and hopefully the intent I had shows through :v Here's a link to the Rebrick entry page. Thanks or taking a look and good luck in the contest everyone!
  7. I hope you're not sick of seeing Makuta's ugly mug yet because here's another. The goal here was just to build a bigger and meaner version of Makuta's original mask maker form. The scratch built Mask of Creation was where the project started and what decided the direction I went in in the end. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how the final product came out, even if the themes present are a bit generic and overplayed at this point. Oh yeah, here's a link to the entry on Rebrick. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking a look and good luck in the contest everybody!
  8. Thanks guys! Heh, I enjoy messing around with costume designs and such a lot so be sure to expect more at some point!
  9. You can find the gallery with more angles and poses and stuff here. As usual, I don't really do backstories, just wanted experiment with costume design and that hair technique and this came out. She's probably a vampire or something and has one of those annoying noblewoman laughs, I dunno :v Thanks for taking a look!
  10. Click here for the full gallery featuring more angles and poses. Not much to say about this guy, he's your run-of-the-mill video game protagonistic future soldier, probably genetically and/or cybernetically enchanced for alien/ demon/whatever extermination. Mostly built out of last month's hype for the DOOM sequel, but also as a study in shape consistency and humanoid physique. Thanks for taking a look!
  11. Hero Factory did have the whole thing with the core codes and their respective games in Breakout and Brain Attack though.
  12. I absolutely love the head design on the herder and the sheep/goats are amazing as well. The overall style reminds me a bit of the stuff Brickthing builds. Looking forward to seeing more builds from you!
  13. Just no more rehashes please, something new and original.
  14. I really dig this, would be really cool to see him alongside your Allegra. The usage of the Ben 10 pieces and the torso construction in general is brilliant!
  15. Man this line just keeps getting better and better, all those cool new parts and recolors. Almost makes the higher price due to licensing worth it.