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  1. Could be. And Kim is having a bit of fun with us. :)
  2. Well, it's not confirmation, but certain box image (with glass windshield and 7643pcs) has been seen around internet and Kim instructed us that this is considered leak and we should not share it until official announcment. So, be careful. Edit picture is confirmed fake. Sorry for false alarm.
  3. Another very nice MOC! Now you just need to leave it on sun for few months to get that washed out look, which wold fit it perfectly. ;)
  4. That would be cool, but will most likely not happen: -any kind of wireless system would cause problems with interference, compliance etc... -some protocols require additional licensing -longer range systems could cause problems with interfering with other units (imagine some dense poplated area or apartment building on christmas morning)
  5. For me best Thomas and Friends toys are from Fisher Price: Those trains are almost indestructable. I dont know if Mattel and Fisher Price are in anyway connected, but I'm sure that license is available, if anyone would be interested (I've seen many Thomas themed toys from varois manufacturers).
  6. Great diorama. I didn't yet saw the movie, but this will cartainly make me wanna see it.
  7. Great MOC! Looking forward to seeing it in person!
  8. Yeah, those old stories with real models are the best. First two seasons even feature Ringo Starr (from Beatles) as narrator.
  9. Holy Grail: I managed to buy pretty much all sets which I wanted, but I would still consider MISB 8448 my holy grail Dream set/part: Dream set would be 42056 in coumflage paint, like the one seen on toy fair. Fully RC Backoe would also rock and if I look at just parts, S-motor would come really handy. Regret: I regret selling my silver racer and not getting 1:8 Ferrari F1 racer
  10. The sixth spot is for stairs to second platform. Here you go:!
  11. AFAIK there will be no special unveiling event, there will be just press release. About the picture: I'm not moderator on Eurobricks, so I can not say if you need to remove it or not.
  12. Kool. Tha means that there will be more sets. :) Press release has been anounced on LEGO Ambassador Network, where we also got informatin that posted picture is considered a leak (and needs to be removed).
  13. If B-wing is indeed UCS version (set number 10227), you should get it raght away, because it's long out of production and even cheapest one sell on Bricklink fo rclose to 300 euro. Similar with X-wing: if it's 10240, go and get it, otherwise you will have to give at least 250 on secondary market. Current sets are Slave 1, TIE fighter and Snowspeeder. Out of those, Slave 1 is in my opinion the best set and it will also be gone first, so I would pick that one. After that TIE fighter and you still have at least two years to buy snowspeeder.
  14. Press release is coming tomorrow (27th) at 15:30 Billund time.
  15. Unfortunately the answer is yes, no discount on Snowspeeder.