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  1. Great moc. Some clever techniques used, love the tipping bed and the use of old school wheels. Colour scheme is done very well. H
  2. the right amount of weight in the right area will no doubt provide the traction. Its an interesting experiment with lego and those battery packs. H
  3. I would say your first technic set is the hardest as its a whole new world (or was). 42053 was an intersting build as it was the first set i bought with pneumatics. I enjoyed the build, learnt a lot and would happily build it again. Your own creations are always much harder to figure out. H
  4. I like what you're doing. Your last model certanly looks the best, but I think you need "slicker" wheels. Try and get more grip and maybe lose some weight from the cars. You've got a challenge on your hands and I look forward to more. good videos. H
  5. really nice truck and trailer, but does it only tip from the side? The tipping gate mechanism looks interesting. H
  6. It's like a transformer! Great engineering and it looks good too. H
  7. Very well done. A great creation with so many functions! SBrick should award you. H
  8. Very well done. I'm not a fan of modifying parts either but it's your lego. i could do with four of those gear rakcs myself right now. H
  9. Great work on the tail gate. Always interested to see smaller mocs with good functions. H
  10. A very clever build. The crane arm is the main feature and it's done very well indeed. Your video is great and a good use of pneumatics. H
  11. I bought this set when it came out. One of my favourites, you've done a good job to refresh it. H
  12. I enjoyed reading this report, looks like you had a good time and credit to Porsche for allowing you such access. H
  13. Sounds to me like your advice on programming could be invaluable to some lego mindstorms users and maybe lego itself. Try offering your skills and expertise in exchange for lego and do some videos. Maybe partner up with someone who does lego in your part of the world. Sorry to hear your story but wish you all the best for the future. By posting on this forum you've taken the first step towards your lego ambition. H
  14. What a work of art. The switching is totally crazy and amazing to watch! Love it! Great job. Well presented too. H
  15. Yep. That's it. H