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  1. Look forward to 42069
  2. I suspect engine will be at the rear. I like the middle section with the gearbox but not sure about the wheels on this one. Look forward to progress. H
  3. Love this bike. So clean and does not need stickers. Good use of panels and great photo's. H
  4. Very nice work. I'm sure you can find a way. having two switches at either side of the truck or some switching close to roof. Those are the same issues I face all the time but practice makes perfect. H
  5. Very nice. H
  6. I have just seen this on brickshelf and I have to say the chassis is a very good peice of work. The overall model is great. H
  7. just had time to look at the entries. Some great bots. H
  8. Great moc. Some clever techniques used, love the tipping bed and the use of old school wheels. Colour scheme is done very well. H
  9. the right amount of weight in the right area will no doubt provide the traction. Its an interesting experiment with lego and those battery packs. H
  10. I would say your first technic set is the hardest as its a whole new world (or was). 42053 was an intersting build as it was the first set i bought with pneumatics. I enjoyed the build, learnt a lot and would happily build it again. Your own creations are always much harder to figure out. H
  11. I like what you're doing. Your last model certanly looks the best, but I think you need "slicker" wheels. Try and get more grip and maybe lose some weight from the cars. You've got a challenge on your hands and I look forward to more. good videos. H
  12. really nice truck and trailer, but does it only tip from the side? The tipping gate mechanism looks interesting. H
  13. It's like a transformer! Great engineering and it looks good too. H
  14. Very well done. A great creation with so many functions! SBrick should award you. H