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  1. What a work of art. The switching is totally crazy and amazing to watch! Love it! Great job. Well presented too. H
  2. Yep. That's it. H
  3. There are some clever ideas in this moc. It looks good in yellow too. H
  4. The lepin stuff is just ridiculous and smacks of desperation. Now back to lego, thanks for the video. This year I might get the towtruck, the extreme adventure support and the fire truck! That would be a first for me. H
  5. you could put an air intake above the roof like some le mans cars have. H
  6. I can only applaud you and hope to match your mocs one day! H
  7. I have the same issue, been using the enter button workaround. Will check other forums. Hope it gets fixed soon
  8. A nice looking truck. H
  9. Great car. I would look to replace the small panel under the headlight and make that space into a better headlight. Good photography too. H
  10. The Hatchback is very clever indeed. H
  11. Great work. They should be for sale! H
  12. 42069 really appeals to me. H
  13. There are some images of the proposed set on brickset, came across them yesterday (from toy fair). The official set will look much better. H
  14. Very nice! maybe we do a technic version one day. H
  15. It is an excellent build. I suppose it could use bigger wheels but if lego don't make wheels of every size, then you use what you think is right. The inside dash is my favourite part, well put together and it looks neat. H