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  1. How come you didn't put the Mask of Control on there? And are you planning on putting the MOUP on there?
  2. Not any I know of. I've been checking this daily for any update but so far nothing http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/cyber-hands-forge/27337
  3. I wonder if anyone will try and make Kernal Corn from Garden Warfare using the Corn Suit Guy.
  4. What about that ManBat isn't purist?
  5. The official release date is in may correct? Meaning I most likely won't find them at my local walmart today. (Then again my local walmart is a bit slow in getting new lego)
  6. Supreme Leader Snoke?
  7. If anything. Nexo Knights might get a small final wave in winter 2018 with no summer wave. Kinda like how The Final Battle wave of Ninjago went.
  8. Yea I should feel for the guns as well as to not confuse the highwayman's hat with the connesuers or the battle dwarfs' hair
  9. I'm going to get a highway man and use his printed arms on my sigfig. Any idea what I should try to feel for when looking for him? I'm thinking feeling for a triangle shape for the hat.
  10. If I could offer one possible change. Swap the socket on the elbows from the upper arms to the lower arms. Then the elbows will be able to turn inwards for possible two handed sword poses. As they are they can only go forward and back.
  11. Perhaps all building blocks in the Toy Story Universe are willing to work together despite being from different brands. As long as they can connect together that is. Wooden Blocks wouldn't be able to work with Lego Bricks. I'd Imagine not. As long as they can connect together. They can work together as a hive mind.
  12. Well i'm personally going to see what a 1x1 clip plate and a batarang looks connected to that stud. I'll attempt to remove the printing when I get that piece. What would be the safest method without damaging the plastic?
  13. I've used the Dragon Helmet for my sigfig for years but I might replace it with Krakenskull's helmet. It looks so cool. I would just have to remove the lightning printing first.
  14. I do hope we get a third wave like we did with the Lego Movie. I still want that Nightwing Minifigure.
  15. It actually transforms?! Now I really want an lxf file of this thing. You have my support.