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  1. Under the snow-covered mountains of Marden, more rooms are needed and expansion has begun. = = = = = = = = = A little MOC I did back in Januray. Enjoy!
  2. Soooo... what's the status of the guilds? :) I faded again cause rl mainly but I caught sight of the poster for the new challenge.
  3. Thank you all. I tend to disagree on the slope since being partially digged it is more "regular" Noted the rest It's bland on purpose, in medieval times woods are used both for "security" inside the mine as well as accessories and as fuel so since we are that close all trees has been chopped and used, only grass and low bush remains. There is a little sledge on the side of the miner selecting valuable ore from non valuable ore. Thank you Soccerkid! Yesss, custom made! Thank you bricklover, Exetrius, Faladrin and TitusV, glad you all like it!
  4. Underground mine entrance in the mountains of Erilea. Selecting the mineral from the gangue outside the entrance of the underground mine. A messager coming... = = = = = = = = = Here we are with a medieval MOC I created for a little event there in my places. Had fun working on it, hope you like it guys! Enjoy!
  5. Impressive work as usual Ecc!
  6. Ahahaha well about all that windows I thought they could be that glass that gets less transparent at will or the one where you see from one side but not from the other, and there could be added curtains too I think Thank you GI
  7. That build really feel like a tavern!
  8. Really nice looking modular! Very Italian!
  9. Thank you!!! Glad you like it so much!!!
  10. Really nice spacebase and ships!
  11. Really really nice build! :D
  12. The map looks great and the description sounds quite interesting, Ixypixy!
  13. Thank Carebear, happy to hear so! Thank so much Daala, glad you think so well of my work! Thank you Severus A! Ahahahahah Dear classic blue and yellow LEGOs! It was a bit of a try putting this two bright colors togheter but as you said it work fine! I never put windows there cause the size of the windows here isn't right for the pieces LEGO does and that I have, so yeah the glasses are really really transparent! Thank you BrickCurve!
  14. Hello everyone! I'd like to show you another modern house: Qubi House. Following Villa Diaman I wanted to try more and so here it is! Enjoy! All photos can be found in my Flickr Gallery.
  15. Really nice modular