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  1. dude that's amazing! i think you just made it look better :) great job! and thanks for the file! (all of this makes me so happy seriously lol)
  2. that's wicked!
  3. for sure! here's the part list somebody made some instructions for the fiat panda, i don't know where they are exactly tho.... about the trophy truck i might try to make instructions from pictures but i cant assure ill manage to do it...
  4. that's a clever solution! even if i have to admit im not a big fan of rubber bands in lego for some reason lol
  5. hey you're welcome!there arent instructions for the samurai but i might rebuild a MK2 version in black so i have more parts to use rather than dark blue and then make em :) thank you man! not really, fiat panda was more bulky, this one is tidier and has a better steering system :) PS: does anybody know a way so people can send money and recive the PDF immediately?
  6. Hi there guys! i had these instructions for a while and i totally forgot them! If anybody is interested in purchasing them for 5€ (i think it should be reasonable) send me a PM and i'll send you back the details Thanks to anyone who will support me buying them, it will help me out a lot for the future models :)
  7. Awesome bike!
  8. awesome... it doesn't work anymore i upgraded the app, upgraded the firmware and nothing happens anymore, it doesn't even have the LED test working. please consider this Sbrick has 3 days of life....
  9. thank you :P yeah i was thinking the same there's over 200€ of electronics lol by the way the motor is geared 1:1 in first gear and 2:1 in second. you've got it right, the braking system pushes a rubber beam on the clutch gear, it was the lightest and most efficient way of making it and i didn't expect it to be that strong! as there's the clutch having the proportional control for the throttle didn't make much sense so i made a custom controller and compared to the standard ones it's more comfortable. The steering is still proportional tho here's the scheme! i hope ill be able to shoot a video as soon as possible because i wanna start studying bikes :P i've seen videos on youtube with no counterweights for rc bikes, wich means that proportional control is enough to balance them... it will take some practice tho i guess XD
  10. Hey there guys! I finally got myself an S-brick, i wanted to test it out so i built this go-kart. Functions: - 2 gears gearbox - auto clutch - braking system - differential The vehicle turned out to be pretty fast and with a great handling, unfortunately i need to wait some better weather to shoot a video of it and a bigger place as well. Like in a real kart there's no reverse gear so i'll probably need something like a parking lot to test it out. The gearbox is working great with the buttons of the S-brick operating the M motor I hope you'll like it!
  11. Beautiful job as usual man!
  12. Awesome little truck man! Imagine how cool it would be setting up a race at this scale! I think ill build another one as soon as im done with the bike and the wrangler :)
  13. I actually wanted to text him the link to my video, im already working on a prototype but i need an s-brick to make it work properly
  14. yeah you got it right, there's no friction if you dont mount it too tight... just leave about 1mm between the rim and the wheel so the rubber parts don't touch the rim.