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  1. oh well.... at first i was "nah red is better" but after seeing it with the 8880 livery, well: GO FOR IT :D
  2. this is such a great project :) even if i'm not a fan of non rc models im absolutely amazed by this car
  3. it looks awesome :) what are those wheels?
  4. i was thinking about making a new buggy with the same setup as the trophy truck, tubolar chassis, rc motor and differential... same wheels as well
  5. nice :) it would get even better if u manage to give the front suspension some backward angle and add a differential
  6. dude that's amazing! i think you just made it look better :) great job! and thanks for the file! (all of this makes me so happy seriously lol)
  7. that's wicked!
  8. for sure! here's the part list somebody made some instructions for the fiat panda, i don't know where they are exactly tho.... about the trophy truck i might try to make instructions from pictures but i cant assure ill manage to do it...
  9. that's a clever solution! even if i have to admit im not a big fan of rubber bands in lego for some reason lol
  10. hey you're welcome!there arent instructions for the samurai but i might rebuild a MK2 version in black so i have more parts to use rather than dark blue and then make em :) thank you man! not really, fiat panda was more bulky, this one is tidier and has a better steering system :) PS: does anybody know a way so people can send money and recive the PDF immediately?
  11. Hi there guys! i had these instructions for a while and i totally forgot them! If anybody is interested in purchasing them for 5€ (i think it should be reasonable) send me a PM and i'll send you back the details Thanks to anyone who will support me buying them, it will help me out a lot for the future models :)