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  1. Try this: Dacta - Teaching the Turtle.pdf
  2. About the only thing I can recommend is to avoid worm gears if at all possible - worm gears will slide back and forth on their axle and grind up against their mount, causing it to wear away very quickly.
  3. About the only thing that kept me from suggesting such a thing was how it'd interact with the somewhat limited track geometry. Having it adjustable would help with adapting to various radii of track, but you'd probably need special length straight pieces to connect up to it properly... which increases the number of parts that have to have molds made and so on. It's more expensive, of course!
  4. I'm definitely keeping an eye on these. It's perfect!
  5. I think maybe the problem was trying to do too much at once. What if you tried to cover the market that ME Models and Lego currently doesn't, with crossovers? A 90-degree crossover would be fantastic, as well as one that isn't 90 degrees - I'm not sure what it would have to be to work with the Lego track geometry... What about double-length straights? If they're cheaper than two standard straight tracks, that could be a good seller. Half-length track would be useful too - nobody likes flex track. Maybe stick to only the next size up radius from the R40 track - that way you can still sell to the people who want larger radii, but don't have to go through the task of making molds and manufacturing five different radii. Offer more as demand grows (maybe set up something similar to a group buy, where once a certain number of people sign up for the product you can make and sell a batch as needed). As for switches, keep the nice mechanism, and stick to the next-size-up radii only - don't try to compete with Lego on standard switches. I bet you'd do well with some double crossover switches - but for those, do both the standard and next-size-up radii. That way you can fill the market demand for the double crossovers, at a much lower price than they're currently going for. I think the biggest problem is that the market demand for all this is pretty low already - you're having to compete with ME Models (and the current attitude towards third-party track manufacturers). Not only that, but track doesn't wear out; once somebody has enough, they won't buy more unless they expand their layout. It's not a constant demand like batteries or basic brick for filling out buildings and such. Definitely work as hard as possible towards keeping the costs as low as possible, so that the price of your final product is low enough to become an impulse purchase (relatively speaking), and you can make decent margins. For what it's worth, I'm against selling 9V alongside the PF track to begin with; the market for that is only going to shrink or stay constant, whereas PF is going to keep growing, since it's the current system and it's what newcomers to the hobby will be getting. If anything, a killer product there would be new, Lego-compatible 9V motors and accessories for trains.
  6. I saw this on The Brothers Brick. Looks nice!
  7. I think everybody's still waiting on ME Models to start shipping out the rails ordered from their own Kickstarter - I suspect this is why we aren't seeing much in the way of support for this project.
  8. I'm updating the track plan for the first phase of my long-term layout, but I can't decide between two versions: The one on the right keeps the cool curves from the original, but the one on the left gives me more useable space to build things in the center, and I also get an access point with some bridges. Both layouts have the added improvement of two tracks instead of one, but they take up more space. Here's the original to compare:
  9. I think the walkway is a good thing to have, if you're building up a modular town with square blocks instead of rectangular ones - you need some sort of access into the dead space in the center of the block, and this set provides that. Otherwise, if you wanted to put some sort of park in that empty space, minifigures would have to go through the buildings to get at it! I think when I get this I'll be building a 32x16 apartment block to fill the gap that it would add in the lineup...
  10. If you order them online you'll get VIP points as well.
  11. Whoops, there goes the car fund.
  12. This image (rightmost mini building): From this thread: - but I see now that it's the mini Palace Cinema. Never mind, then...
  13. Looks a bit like a toy store to me - maybe it's a Lego store, but with miniature versions of the old wooden toys?
  14. So does that mean that the more funding you get now, the cheaper the final product will be overall, and we'll get a larger selection of track geometries?
  15. You know, I think we may have cleared out the supply of these bearings - I can't imagine there's much demand for bearings that small. That, or like so many other cheap Ebay finds (think high-power LEDs), they're factory rejects, and we have to wait until the factory rejects more before we can buy them!