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  1. The Delta-7 was one of the sets I was looking forward to the most, but this is really disapoiting. I quess I will keep 7143 around a little longer. I also don't like this trend were every thing is selling at ridiculous prices...
  2. Seems like this will be "The Empire strikes back 2.0", I hoped they made it less obvious this time, but I quess not.
  3. Okay, technics it will be. ty for the help. :)
  4. Patience it is I guess. Ty for the update.
  5. Is there any news on Obi Wan's jedi starfighter? Or was that a flase rumor???
  6. Hello Eurobricks, Recently I discovered a renewed interest in Sci Fi/Space and I started to mess around in LDD a bit. After some research I found something's that I would like to try out. The problem is that I'm mostly a castle builder, and for my designs I don't required a lot of knowledge about angle, slope and curve techniques. I will give an example: I really like the design on this one, but I can't figure out how to make the side panels work without them falling of by just looking at them. Can anyone give me some hints or some good tutorials? I would be very grateful!
  7. Well spotted! I don't think it has been mentioned before. :)
  8. Good thing i have a few of those stocked from BL.
  9. Thank you for confirming that Atlas. :)
  10. Can anyone confirm that the stormtroop is exactly the same version as the one from the recent slave1, stardestroyer, ect.
  11. A Star Wars Halloween story by TLG...
  12. True, I think you can also count in The Ewok Village set. :)
  13. You have a point that they are outdated! So if they can make a decent print I'm all for it, but for now I will be happy if they dont go changing some minnor detail on the armor again, I just bough a dozen of the previous version so...
  14. No thanks, they always mes up the hip printing, it never aligns with the torso part. Lets just hope these are the same versions as the one from the Imperial Star Destroyer and advent calender.
  15. I hope the keep the design of the current stormtroopers, but knowing TLG they will probably change them AGAIN... Anyways, thanks for the info!