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  1. Is that a Pacific Rim inspired plasma cannon I see as the left arm? Either way, great MOC. The shaping and leg articulation seem like one or two steps up from Evo XL Machine, and the flamethrower's a nice build.
  2. Dan here. Thanks for the game, Hinckley and Trumpet. I think I was definitely the weak link in our scum team, I felt like I was pretty hot day 1 but then my activity dropped sharply due to that nasty real life so I made some contradictory posts in an attempt to just seem like I was being active. My 'what to improve about mafia playing' list has been added to accordingly, lol. I figured out that Tammo was Carl pretty early but never guessed anyone else. I'm still pretty much a newb in comparison to you guys, ha ha.
  3. Arasmyth gives a jaunty salute to the other heroes. Pleasure working with you, chaps and lady. He then saunters off towards the hall.
  4. By this. Arasmyth gives Paolo the Murderer's Dagger.
  5. Yeah, the pop-star witch from the founder's day ball. That's a possibility.
  6. Sassina was the one with Wolfgang ties, if I remember correctly? That could be an explanation, if she saw him participating in dealings with the Wolfgang. Maybe selling Hinckwell secrets?
  7. Mind control, maybe? Ugh, this keeps getting more complicated.
  8. OOC: Back, sorry IC: We're fine, Lieutenant. Heckz is just being sissy. Just a quick drug bust on our way, felt like we needed a scuffle.
  9. Arasmyth and Sera repeat their attacks, keeping the same battle order.
  10. Yup, a little busy here. Trying to keep the newbies safe. Could you hit the Harlot?" Arasmyth requests of the angel. She nods and readies her halberd as Arasmyth continues his assault on Donny. Arasmyth Sera Heckz Purpearl Avalanche
  11. Arasmyth repeats his attack while gesturing at Purpearl to fall back. He stepped in her way so her untargetted foe would attack him. Battle Order: Arasmyth Heckz Avalanche Purpearl
  12. Arasmyth repeats his attack . Same order
  13. Heckz, take out your new girlfriend. Avalanche, you deal with the hippy and the lovely Purpearl should be able to take the chimp, providing she stays in the back row. The big guy's all mine. Arasmyth draws back Suume and looses an arrow at 'Dozenhands' from the back row. BO: Arasmyth Heckz Purpearl Avalanche
  14. Arasmyth draws his bow and knocks an arrow, stepping back. Awesome. That means I won't feel bad about killing you and taking your stuff. Let's rock, boys (and Purpearl).