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  1. I haven't watched Brick Show in about a year, but I could tell something about them changed. They focused more on themselves rather than what's being showcased. I mean I think they're genuinely good people but their content has gone south. As for other reviewers, the main two I watch and are subbed to are Jangbrick and Just2Good, both rising phoenixes from the ashes of TBS. J2G covers a lot of news and Jang does brilliant reviews covering all the bases, so really they're the two I go to if I'm on the fence about a set. Both of their presentations are similar though J2G is a bit rougher around the edges than Jang, but they both put Lego center stage and leave no stone unturned. Both are worthy successors IMO
  2. I managed to get the Spy and Serenader at my local TRU. The Spy is very nostalgic to me because of the Alpha Team throwback
  3. Wow, my wallet is going to hate me during this wave. That said, where's my Airwolf Level pack? I kid, but that would be awesome.
  4. What's the concensus about the X-Men set? I've been debating getting a Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Professor X but I want to know if the quality is good enough. Same with the 60s Batman set, aside from the botched Penguin.
  5. Now these I can get behind. I especially like the old Bruce Wayne head. Thanks man.
  6. Looks alright, but I wanted to save the cheekbones for the serious face.
  7. I've been looking around for another head that's simpler but still has the modern Lego feel as I feel the regular smiley is a bit too simple. I'm not even really that satisfied with this head but I think it works as a more detailed, serious face. I've found a couple of good options while looking through Bricklink.
  8. I need to step back in the game, these figures look astounding! Latest I splurged on was Moon Knight.
  9. I'm not sure if this really counts, but I managed to make a purist serious Saitama, but I'm stumped on what to use for his normal face. Here's the serious one: Does anyone have any suggestions for a normal face aside from the generic Lego smile on a flesh head?
  10. Xinh's latest set looks downright amazing. Green Goblin, Spider Gwen, Spider Man Noir, I might have to get the whole set here. Plus their quality is nothing to sneeze at, since my Egghead is still very much in great shape.
  11. As someone who defended the original set, I have to say this is a huge improvement and something I might do whenever I get this set. Still going to add TV cameras and lights to make it more like a TV set though.
  12. We call them scalpers. Unfortunately toys are a huge money maker for them, especially the minifigs, so any they see as valuable (Like Animal Control, Shark Guy, Farmer, Queen, etc.) they'll feel for and buy all of and sell on eBay at an inflated price. I personally don't see the point, as the profit isn't really worth the trouble once you factor in buying the product to begin with along with gas, you basically break even, maybe only have a buck or two profit. I can understand waiting until the series is discontinued, but while they're still available in stores it's kind of pointless. Besides, these characters are easy to feel for (AC's skunk, Farmer's pig, Queen's dress, etc.)
  13. My thoughts: Mickey/Minnie: I lumped them together since they share the same head mold (Which looks pretty good) and I see Minnie and Daisy share the same bow piece, but both look great. Not on top of my list, but still up there. Donald/Daisy: Same old song and dance here, though they look a little creepy to me compared to the Mice. Daisy I could see use from in parts, but I'm not sure on Donald. Maleficent: Must have, everything about her is perfect and she retains that Lego look some of the other minifigs don't have. Genie: While I want to love this figure, and I do, the face I'm not 100% sold on. This is a case where I would have preferred a molded head. Still getting him though Aladdin: Perfect, though I wish he had something like Abu instead of another lamp, but still useful. Ariel: Another perfect figure, but again, I would have preferred a companion as an accessory like Flounder or Sebastian. We have the mold for both unlike Abu, so missed opportunity. Ursula: Beautiful, though her mouth is a bit un-Legolike to me. Still I love the hairpiece. Alice: Awesome skirt piece and her face, while looking odd, works for me. The accessories are a great touch Cheshire: Simple, but I love this figure. Head's perfect, nice use of Rocket's tail, nothing wrong with this one. Peter Pan: My second favorite of this set. Everything about him is perfect Hook: His face ruins the figure for me. Everything else is fine and dandy, but that face looks like it's too detailed to me. Alien: Updated version of the TS3 aliens. Cool but not on my to get list. Buzz: I'm in the camp of the minifig head being better than a mold. He has that Lego look to him and I see this as a beautiful update to the original figure. Mr. Incredible: Love the hairpiece, probably my 5th favorite in the set. I do find it odd he has white inside the mask though. Syndrome: Face looks kind of Chinese knock-offish, but the hair and everything else makes up for it. Stitch: Perfect, though his head's a bit big. For a mascot though, he works. Overall, about half of this set I would buy, the other half I'd either be happy to get as a gift or avoid.
  14. The animal suited characters have proven to be big hits and chase figures in the past, so I don't see Shark Guy being any different. The Queen and Ballerina will likely be sought after too. I'm certain the Satyr will be pretty high up there as well, but judging by eBay, likely Shark Guy is going to be the big one of the set, just like the many mascot figures that came before him. It's funny, all of the ones I've been looking for have been rather cheap (Wrestler, Janitor, Clumsy guy) , with the exception of Animal Control.
  15. I have a couple of non-Dr. Who ones to share. David Hasselhoff Donald Trump