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  1. The thing with a desert subtheme is that the animals should be a threat to the explorers for more conflict, like the big cats and crocodile in the jungle theme or the polar bear in the arctic theme. But dont really know of such a big animal which would warrant new molds for a desert theme. The obvious dangerous desert animals are snakes and scorpions, but we have molds for those. Maybe coyotes or jackals. A safari subtheme would be better in this regard, but it seems to close to this years jungle subtheme, so I would give it a few more years.
  2. Could the "Yellow Brick Road" mention in the London Bus set be a hint towards a Wizard of Oz series (or future set/theme/whatever)? Granted, its a year off, but is that unprecedented? (Factoring in with how long it takes to develop a CMF series)
  3. I wonder what explanation the sharks will have in-universe. As in, why were the sharks cursed along with the crew? Were they simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  4. Is there any info to back up a 2nd series of TLBM?
  5. Bummer, if so. Then my guess would be Disney S2. Another LBM series doesnt make sense to me, one year after the movie. Though it could always be a themed Historical/Castle/Fantasy/Pirate/Western/... series!
  6. The top gray blur could be one of the stands, as was mentioned a while back. The bottom blur could be a cresting wave (since both the dark part at the top of the blur and the lighter part at the bottom seem to extend beyond the marked area, and would thus be too long for a shark). Just a hypothesis; personally I hope and expect the shark to be in the set.
  7. The ghostly crew are neat, and well-made for army building. Though I was hoping for one of the half-faced crewmembers from the teaser. And I dont really recognize Salazar – I think the Snape/Dastan/Norrington hair would be a better fit than this new mold (I assume its new?). And I would have used black as the base color for his torso. And Henry as a minifig seems much older than IRL.
  8. I feel the same way about fleshie torsos (especially with LotR and PotC). But yeah, that would be a good solution.
  9. If thats the case, then But Thanks! It was fun compiling this list anyway
  10. I dont understand why Disney is making these live action remakes in the first place. To be clear, I dont necessarily think its a bad thing, I just dont get the thinking behind it. Just because it hasnt been done yet (at least by Disney)? Or as an easy way to make Money out of a safe or known property?
  11. A new Star Trek series. For myself, I will probably be content if it is set in the prime timeline, and if it doesnt feel more futuristic than the "future" series, something that bugged me a lot with Enterprise. ST:TNG is the gold standard for me, but i will try to avoid letting nostalgia color my feelings for Discovery. A well-done prequel series could actually enhance the grand "operatic" feeling of the franchise, which I hope will happen.
  12. I also want to thank @Itaria No Shintaku for the guessing game, even though I usually dont like these games and I didnt take part. But this gam had the right kind of clues to make the figures guessable, why not being spoliery. On another note, glad to see the "dislike" for the corn suit guys face being balanced out in the last several posts (count me in as another admirer). What do people have against him anyway?
  13. The windows-instead-of-doors thing, along with the turrets, make me wonder if the ship is not better suited to microfig scale. But then, there is the minifig-sized steering wheel. Still, I envisage something like the Helicarrier with microfigs.
  14. Im surprised that this reveal hasnt been frontpaged yet...
  15. The lederhosen guy, as well as the accompanying girl, could be Austrian or Swiss (or maybe even North Italian) as well - theyre more like Alpine figs For the English, apart from the grenadier guard, you could also count the "bobby" policeman, the Sherlock-Holmes-style detective, the businessman, the forestman and forest maiden, Mr Good-and-Evil, and the Explorer and judge give me an English vibe as well, as does the Hamlet-reciting actor For the Scots, we also have the highland battler We have a leprechaun for the Irish, and probably the S14 bansee as well For the US, we also have the Statue of Liberty, the revolutionary soldier, the marlyn-monroe-style hollywood starlet, the american football player, the baseball batter and pitcher, the rapper, the hippie, the “blues brother” saxophonist, chihuahua-owning celebrity, skateboarders, wrestlers (S1 & S_), daredevil, biker, roller waitress and probably also the gangster and the S9 cop and the traffic cop. (possibly also the disco couple and the punk rock couple with the heavy metal guy) And of cource, there are the wild west figs, which belong under the US category by default (apart from the mohawk indian, who could also be claimed by Canadians, I guess) The lumberjack anf the hockey player also could be Canadian, though they seem a bit too generic For the French, we also have the musketeer, the mime and possibly the waiter and the fencer For the Spanish, apart from the flamenco dancer, I wonder if the conquistador should be considered For the Japanese, apart from the kimono girl, there is also the karate guy, the sumo werstler, the kendo guy, the ninja, and the samurai couple, and possibly the three mechs (and the spooky girl gives me a Japanese horror vibe) For the Mexicans, apart from the maraca man, there is also the mariachi as well as the eagle warrior The snake charmer could also be Middle Eastern / North African, which could match him with the desert warrior and the genie couple The sad clown seems to be Italian to me, based on the comedia dell´arte. Funny thing that we dont have many Italian minifigs yet, unless we count the Gangster (which the Italians probably wouldnt like) or the Ancient Roman figs The Viking and Valkyrie are Scandinavian figures, not sure if they can be attributed to one country. but we shouldnt be too broad, or we would have to classify the medieval/fantasy figs as “European”, which isnt too helpful. The Eskimo seems to be a generic Arctic figure The Vampire could be Romanian And then there are the antiquity/mythology minifigs: Ancient Egypt: mummy, pharaoh, Cleopatra, Egyptian warrior Ancient Greece: Spartan, Minotaur, Medusa, Cyclops couple, the Xena minifig, the battle goddess (though the winged warrior seems to be too far out there to be conssidered here) Ancient Rome: legionary, centurion, emperor, faun, myrmillo-style gladiator and now the retiarius-style gladiator I wonder where to put the mermaids – ancient Greece seems to be the logical choice due to their origin, but the Danes have a claim through Hans Christian Andersen. For Santa, I would say the US, as its clearly the American imagining of the character, and therefore the short elf as well. What abouth the yeti and bigfoot? And the ballerina? I thought about putting the pop star in with the Americans, but she could be from anywhere, due to the globalized nature of pop-music. And the surfers? U.S.? Specifically Hawaiian? Australian? And what about the circus figs? Stereotypically American? Or could the clowns be British, thanks to Joseph Grimaldi? Whew, what a write-up. EDIT: added several new suggestions