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  1. [quote name='fred67' timestamp='1447280190' post='2381233'] It's not necessarily the store you shop at, but by whatever calculations they come up with it's the store they think you should be shopping at.... or they may be balancing out the buyers in your area - not the top 25 at a particular store, but the top 50 in your general area, split between the stores. Also, from what I understand, the managers got leeway in the past on who to invite, so it might be more-or-less the top 25, but some "regulars" might get chosen instead of hit-and-run shoppers that just dropped a lot of money at one time. I got invited to the first two, but not since - and I'm glad. I've cut way back on LEGO, and I don't think you get much more than Black Friday. [/quote] That makes sense if it's a managers invite as I am pretty friendly with the manager of the store I got invited to
  2. I don't think it has to do with how much you spent. Last year I spent a fair amount of money at my main store and got an invite to that store. This year I got an invite to a store I barely go to and haven't spent a dime in this year. I haven't spent much on Lego this year at all actually
  3. I got one from a store I barely go to as well. Unfortunately I was rather underwhelmed last year so probably won't be going. Finances also have something to do with it as well.
  4. I'm surprised the ISS didn't pass. Most of them seemed like rediculous long shots.