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  1. Certainly worth an update, the curved tiles would have been welcome, too. Thanks, TLG!
  2. Sorry it had to turn out this way, Wooootles. You have my sympathy and support.
  3. Yes, starting with what you have, you could add layers of wedge plates and/or curved slopes to give it a rounder shape.
  4. That house is a nice modular-ized version of the designer's IRL from what I hear. The roof is pretty sweet since it's all set at an offset. Plus there's a Lego room within this Lego house, which should set your mind spinning. It wouldn't be a town without a place to go home at night...
  5. Thanks! I have a folder for updated photos of the Lego room here. I have filled 100 sq ft of table space to the point that there aren't enough roads for the buildings; it's too crowded. There might be more pics after Brickworld 2016 after things settle down and when I can give more thought on where a bridge and dam could fit in on the floor and/or mosaics on the walls. Thank you both! Regarding the name, I chose a name with an alliterative effect to my satisfaction.
  6. "Monotone Motel" is my 4th 48x48 modular building, completing a district in my city that includes Apple Square University, Tall Tower, and Lawyer's Laundromat. As with the relatively smaller Black Cat Cabaret, this project started as an attempt to replicate a Sakura Taisen locale in Lego. The headquarters in the video game was based upon the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall in Japan. It was supposed to have several bedrooms plus a theater, disguising a giant mech hangar in the basement. Alas, as usual, I gave up halfway through, and the building became its own thing. Several elements remain, however, like the front window above the entrance which has become a clock, the circular windows, and turrets in the corners. Enjoy the photos below and in my flickr album! Exterior: Interior: Bedrooms: Ballroom: Clock: Until next time~
  7. Performance is directly related to the number of bricks visible on-screen. Group your model, then hide sections except the one(s) on which you're working.
  8. Agreed on all points except the money. If you're building in LDD and purchasing bricks to replicate the MOC in real life, then Lego has made money from LDD; they just have no way of quantifying it. To automatically assume it has lost money is a Type II error.
  9. *sigh* I can't say I'm surprised, although with Lego's current position in the toy market they could have made an altruistic decision that to maintain a high level of LDD support positively affects the LEGO Brand. To those thinking of a petition: What do you think could be said that hasn't already been considered to change the mind(s) of the person(s) responsible for this "business decision"?
  10. My 2 cents: Online petitions or user updates would be a waste of our time. Speak directly to a "Special Guest" from LEGO at a convention re: the intangibles of LDD (or a successor) in promoting their company brand. To abandon support for LDD must have been a conscious decision of an ignoramus someone within TLG. Hard to post more about this, even though it's constantly in the back of my mind. After all, I've been on LDD nearly every spare minute at night since 2011. I am so upset.
  11. That is an excellent idea. I thought about making one giant collage of before (LDD) and after (real Lego) images of my creations to drive home the point that when LDD is not updated to be optimized let alone compatible with the latest OS's, it literally kills the hobby for some of us. I could contribute such a collage to a petition topic in the ambassador forum... Or whatever petition sites there are.
  12. Agreed about improbability of confidential information being disseminated by customer service. However, "There are no planned updates" does NOT mean "No updates have been announced." The former statement closes a door, while the latter would leave it open.
  13. LDD has had functionality problems dating back to the OSX Mountain Lion (10.8, 2012) update if I recall correctly, so OSX Lion (10.7, 2011) might have been the last time LDD was working with the latest Mac OS. There are plenty of user testimonials to these issues here at Eurobricks. Other programs I'd like to use--Photoshop Creative Suite, TurboTax--require you to update. File taxes, or keep LDD... Hmm, which should I choose?
  14. Great building, fabulous colors and great parts!! The sand green windows were an excellent choice! Undoubtedly, I'll buy a couple of these to have a 3-story version, which will find a happy home next to my Lawyer's Laundromat. Edit: Bessa said on Twitter it's by Jamie.
  15. It is not "rage quit" as much as Lego quitting on LDD users. At the very least, they need to keep the program up-to-date with currently available operating systems, otherwise LDD inevitably will fall further into disrepair--unless users set aside an old computer running an outdated OS. That's unfair to us! At that point, I'd rather pay for it; and if I'm paying for LDD, it might as well be a professional version that their employees use.