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  1. I will make it very simple....topic locked!
  2. I recommend an even higher setting, like f/13. I always use f/20 :P
  3. That looks more realistic I have updated this review with the 360 degree viewer. Since I am Admin now, I can do some extra cool stuff Check out the 360 viewer at the end of the review. I can use the BWE gear racks to make a simple turn table.
  4. The name can be a bit confusing. It's more a 1L pin with pin hole, instead 2L pin with pin hole.
  5. It would be nice to have them in multiple colors though. Same goes for some of the other axles. On the other hand; I don't really mind that they are red. It's still LEGO Technic after all. And if you really want, you can get black ones for cheap.
  6. The Porsche indeed has two of them, like @TechnicRCRacer mentioned. They are used in red in Technic to distinguish them better from the 2L pin. The logic is quite simple
  7. It's totally clear why you (EB) have won! That is some seriously cool stuff. Congrats and well done!
  8. The Babas that got banned from this site? I have removed the Please Vote from your original post. I didn't see any info or link. Please turn off your Caps-lock
  9. A day might be too short, but recurring theme-weekends could be an idea.
  10. Very nice indeed!! I remember seeing the picture of the bag with parts, on Facebook right?
  11. It is. But when you see an MF picture in the Star Wars forum, your mind stops working for a second or two
  12. Excellent. Thanks
  13. Recently PFx Brick relaunched their campaign after a failed first attempt. More realistic goals were set and more pledge levels defined. The project has already been succesfully funded, but there's still a day left to back this promising project. PFx Brick is a cool solution to add Sound and Light (and Power Functions) to your LEGO creation. Click here for more information.