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  1. Sorry, my bad. Edited my comment
  2. Guys....can we stop the "could be"? This is not a speculation topic. Furthermore, the 42067 most likely is the airport rescue vehicle (fire truck).
  3. There's no need for a comment like this. It doesn't add anything to the conversation and it will most likely derail the topic. If AOW wants to thank Timor, let him thank him. Use the report button if you don't like it. Same comment here. Thanks for your assessment. But this topic is to discuss the 2017 sets, not for patterns or future sets. Please use the future wishes and speculation topic for that. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=94328 For all three of you, no big deal guys, just a friendly reminder
  4. It is. I don't think they appeared in the prelims of the earlier model, but theoretically it's possible.
  5. Lol Holodoc can probably handle a baby or two
  6. Yup! It's commong for a KS project to ask for shipping details right before shipping. If they ask a year beforehand, your address might have changed. Recently I had to provide my address for SBrick, so this will be the case for BuWizz as well.
  7. It's about time we start thinking about a new contest indeed I already have an idea in mind, so give me a week or so.
  8. More or less indeed
  9. Yup. I removed the content. Nice work! Looking forward to your progress report in English
  10. Over on Eurobricks, Jim said: These sets are nowhere near distribution for reviewing.
  11. Finally. That would be really nice. TLG better create extra stock for the S&H orders
  12. Descriptions are okay! Something like this (with a teddy bear attached to the grill) Did he mention Claas tires?!
  13. Don't post prelim images here on EB!
  14. No worries mate. You really want those smaller Claas tires, don't you I do agree btw, would be great. Or with Claas tires...