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  1. There are no problems...only challenges
  2. Looks cool....and challenging. Are you already building this with actual bricks?
  3. I haven't made any more progress, but I have been thinking about your comment and maybe I need to make a single base frame, instead of going for the modular approach. It will take a lot of bracing to make it sturdy enough and what are the actual benefits?! It's not that I will be dismantling the wheels every other day or something. And I like to position the wheels a bit more to the center, where much of the load of the upper body will be transfered to the base. I can obviously achieve this very easily by rotating the wheels 180 degrees. And maybe I should use two motors per wheel in this new single base. I'd say about 4cm.
  4. I have sent you an email
  5. Let's not venture into "what if lane" and stick to the actual discussion, instead of turning it into some sort of wish list topic.
  6. I concur. SBrick is probably the way to go. For all the reasons kbalage mentioned.
  7. I will merge this with the PF Controllers Index and Discussion (this topic).
  8. The one MVDS still has is version 1. You can click the image. Yesterday he also had version2, but I think it's out of stock. You can always contact @8421XXL via PM.
  9. The Go Kart is indeed a fine option as well. A big bigger than the smallest sets and it has some interesting functions. I second this option.
  10. There's no need for posts like this. Please just stay on topic, which is already hard enough Thanks There hasn't been an official announcement yet, so let's not get carried away
  11. Anytime. I can understand that he will be distracted, but isn't there a simple solution. Just present him (in the store) with two of the smallest Technic sets and let him decide which one he likes best. I'm sure the smaller sets from 2016 and 2017 will be available. Possibly even sets from 2015.
  12. Some time ago, one of our EB members (8411XXL) released a very nice sticker sheet for the Porsche GT3 RS. A couple of weeks ago he released a new version, including a spoiler sticker.
  13. STICKERS V2 After the highly successful sticker set Walter created for the Porsche, he has released a second version. One of the reasons for releasing this second set, is the inclusion of a spoiler sticker. As you can see there was no sticker in the first version. This got solved by providing a nice sticker for the spoiler. This sticker can obviously be combined with the first version of the sticker sheet. Below is a picture of the Porsche with first version sticker sheet combined with the spoiler sticker. The spoiler sticker is the icing on the cake. Here's the Porsche with the new sticker sheet applied. This new version also makes the Porsche look way better than without sticker sheet. When I see a version without a sticker sheet nowadays, I really find it's missing something. It just needs a pair of Walter's stickers. Whether it's version 1 or 2, I will leave that up for you to decide. I will revert back to version 1 with the spoiler sticker. I just love that look. Here's the new design in more detail. Very nice and clean design! And a full shot of the new design. You can get these new stickers by contacting Walter @8421XXL directly or by visiting the MVDS Bricklink Store, a friend of Walter's.