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  1. "Very well." He said cheerfully and unphased. Siercon picks up the skull shield and inspects it. OOC: any specifics in this item? Like starting SP or anything. Has this been giving in other quests where I might find a description?
  2. "I make an effort not to 'blow' the enemy. And you all hear it from the whoreses mouth. We have a harlet who blows. Not shocking to us, I mean it's your 'job'. And again that it would be torture, is not shocking either. I am surprised that you would admit this yourself though..." Siercon said with a laugh unable to pass up the opportunity... "As for my eyes, I'd gladly scoop them out myself if I ever witnessed... that." He said motioning his hand to all off Hectz with a shudder. "Also, the burning eyes aren't ours to give anyways." Siercon said standing with Darksten. "You should redirect your... groveling... threats? elsewhere."
  3. "Adding natural fire to my darkness attacks would be perfect. Black flames... I would greatly appreciate the eyes." "Besides, 'he' wants them... " he gave a disregarding wave at Heckz. "I say karma is happy as long as it's someone else who gets'." Siercon never liked demanding selfish sort of people.
  4. "Most Certainly" Siercon created a little black rain cloud hovering around 6 feet in the air. For kicks and a bit of artistic value, he used his topaz as well to have the cloud spark tiny flickers inside its fluffy from. (1/6 chance of getting zapped/stunned for RP/story) "if that doesn't do, you can certainly borrow the actual gen as well." Siercon held it out if she thought it needed further.
  5. Siercon smacks Heckz hand off as he pushed off him. "Keep you grubby paws off me!... God knows where your slimy gropers have been!" Siercon said disgusted.
  6. Siercon is miffed as Hectz joust firefly D out of the decamodifier's line of sight causing Siercons shot to fall flat on firefly E. "What a waste." Siercon said. Siercon turns and fires off a water spell at the will-o-wisp from the front.
  7. Siercon pulls out his decamodifier and flashes firefly D "We aren't photogenic are we?" He said with a smile.
  8. Siercon repeats attack on firefly D
  9. Siercon continues down the line... repeating on firefly C. feeling the firefly pester him he turns on it. "Oh you're next are ya?!"
  10. Siercon repeats on the remaining will-o-wisp
  11. Siercon vaults towards the enemies And starts attacking will-o-wisp A from the front row with a water spell and his giant spear.
  12. Siercon bashed hard against the remaining enemy... he then noticed everyone sortof, doing well. Nothing. "Ugh, logical yet lame... sigh." Siercon gathers his things and finds a log to sit on. Then he changes his mind... might as well do something if we aren't pressed for time. Siercon digs around with a shovel hoping to find something of value. OOC: I'm ok with auto rolling. ^ sry the above was just rp for earlier. siercon puts a potion in his spear and drinks a mead. "Sigh, Filip, you could have at least just stayed at home, now you're gonna die." Siercon said sadly. "Feel like talking before casting your final mortal lot?"
  13. "Ugh, sorry!" Siercon repeats
  14. OOC: Thanks, that's what I was thinking in the true role playing sense... but figured I'd be nice and just 'remedy myself'. But yeah, Siercon is totally attacking not knowing he's hexed. (action changed accordingly) . Siercon repeats