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  1. I thought since there was three of them at 107 hp each and since the lot is currently at 231hp that means with two at full health at 214 together, the remaining hp attributed to the "top dog" would be left with 17hp which is less than 1/4 of his personal total. So decamodifying him would just remove one of the mob leaving the other at full health. Let me know if this is incorrect thinking, and if so, then Siercon simply repeats.
  2. Siercon decamodifies barghest1, if the top dog is killed prior, Siercon repeats.
  3. Siercon attacks the barghest mob 1 from the back row with fire
  4. Rodger Rodger.
  5. "I'm down with whatever, but I've never hit a roaming monster regardless of order or chaos route."
  6. Siercon attacks from the front row with fire against bugbear 2. "Yeah, oh well. Next time"
  7. "I can take all of these dryads easily in one shots for the remaining rounds if you guys can focus on the bears." Siercon shoots his decamodifier at dryad 2 ooc: all enemies are also bleeding 5 from spears attack.
  8. Siercon assaults the first driad from the front row with fire.
  9. Siercon makes sure his spear is loaded with a potion. "sure I'm down... though I'd probably still vote for immortal."
  10. Siercon downs a potion in the back
  11. "Curses!" Siercon says seeing his friend drop. Siercon repeats again
  12. Siercon repeats.
  13. "It's about time!" Siercon attacks the flock from the front row with lightning!
  14. Siercon attacks the ant mob from the front row with water
  15. Kicking the few hens out of the way, Siercon repeats