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  1. Siercon repeats watching kiray get some much needed remedy allowed Siercon to focus on trying to end the scare crows existence... Germ, ya good for those free ant attacks?
  2. "Thanks Germ." Siercon then attacked the scarecrow B from the back row with a light spell ooc. Siercon is also back to full health.
  3. The S.S. Helios is a Phoenix class starship capable of charging great amounts of energy from nearby stars. Also as it is capable of starcore harvest, it is one of the most enduring types of smaller vessels in the galaxy. -------------- Some detail shots of various part usages: Lastly a small context shot: ---- Fun note on it's beginnings: Back when we lived on the West Coast, we met one of our favorite space builders (Tardis Blue / Nick Trotta [Who is also tagged in this photo on flickr}) For awhile we've sought to osmosis some of his awesome starship building powers. For years nothing ever came of it, but finally this last month we were able to create our first Trotta-Try. In this instance mimicry is our sincerest form of flattery, and we hope it pleases the master. ---- Thanks for reading!
  4. "Yup, sounds great"
  5. [b] Siercon repeats on cat c[/b]
  6. [b] Siercon attacks Cheshire B from the front row, focusing on his spearwork this time to try and conserve mana[/b]
  7. "Nicely done!" [b] Siercon quickly sweeps around and repeats the attack onto Cheshire B [/b]
  8. Watching Keliim fall Siercon braced himself and fought on. [b] Siercon repeats[/b]
  9. [b]Siercon repeats[/b]
  10. [b]Fire spell front row Cheshire Cat A (spear loaded)[/b] "I personally like cats.. they're like tiny furry dragons... but this one needs to be declawed."
  11. [b] Siercon tosses one of his remaining remedies to Keliim.[/b] "Thanks for earlier man." He finished "Yeah that last round was a fluke for me... man... we got this. Let's go"
  12. "Well gosh darn it..." [b]Siercon sheepishly repeats[/b], unless directed otherwise. "Sorry Kiray!"
  13. [quote name='samuraiturtle' timestamp='1473774323' post='2656912'] Did, did I hit something? [I] As he is now holding his "Dagger" in his hand ready to strike again. [/i] [B] Repeats [/b] [/quote] "You almost did! You almost hit m... I'm not really sure..." It suddenly got dark and Siercon, yet again became confused lol. Siercon really wanted to save his remedies if they had any chance of making it deep into the fields. So... He trusts his companions and [b] casts a light spell from the back row and hopes not to hit anyone, trying to go last in the battle order.[/b]
  14. [b] Siercon cast a fire spell from the back row against the black sheep[/b]
  15. [b]"Blast." Siercon drinks a remedy from the back row.[/b]