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  1. Fire Creeper B Front Fire Creeper C Front ~~~ if ever the Treant, Woodwose, or carrion squirrel hit bellow 1/4 health. Next action changes to decamodify them. (Above list is in order of priority)(ignoring capturing carrion squirres for round one) OOC: Kiray, careful. One attack on the Treant is cool, to save us from a fee hit (though don't waste it if he's succefully blinded)... but multiples before any of his companions are down is just inviting the same hurt (special 2) we got from the bugbears over again... 2 strikes = 1/3 chance of Half of us going down :( And at this point we're gonna get a lot of free hits anyways :( ideally we'd gang up on him when a simple carrion squirrel is down and focus on the other guys in between. thoughts? **Also Keliim, not sure we should waste any effort against the squirrels. They would be the most ideal free hits, and honestly they will all die at once if I shield. it would be better to throw bones at the woodwose :P?
  2. Siercon accepts the loot. he then administers 2x more venom onto kellims axe. "three will do better than one." siercon also downs 1 mead, 1 smelling salts, and a tonic. then going up to Kiray he gives her one of his two Phoenix essences. "again, you last longer. It's not an inscense this time, but I'm sure we'll need it." he also loads his hollow spear with another potion. "Time to get serious..." Siercon said flatly. OCC: immortal sounds good. I'd prefer something where my potions arent wasted. :)
  3. Siercon launched himself into the front row with fire. he knew he'd regain any lost health after the battle... and he was very 'annoyed' OOC: yeah Siercon gave Kiray an incense, so if she had a essence, then that wasn't the one you were just using. And you still have that one.
  4. OOC: if they end up getting their health down to some super low number, you could resurrect us all for the exp, just before the last hit.
  5. OOC: they did, they were lvl 36 Siercon takes a potion as well...
  6. "Now let's end this!" Siercon casts fire from the front row.
  7. OOC: Well hopefully Kiray won't trigger our deaths lol (just noticed I got spell checked into saying "Kirby" haha...)
  8. OOC: logically we should be super defensive and not potentially trigger their special for one more round and both of us take potions, and Kirby take a free hit in the back row. Then go all mayhem next round... that being said we all want to just kill these bears quickly already, so maybe we post two actions?? First round: Siercon takes another potion. Second round: Siercon attacks with fire from the front row. ---------- otherwise I'm ok with just risking it and going all out. But that kinda gives us a 50/50 for me and germ getting kod next round.
  9. OOC: I believe Siercon still has his potion in his spear since he did not use it on kiray. Siercon takes two potions in the back row.
  10. "Ah indeed... almost missed that." Siercon instead attacks the casters from the front. Or the archers from the back if the casters are kod. (Each with fire)
  11. Siercon uses fire on the defenders front row.
  12. Siercon repeats his attack on scout A
  13. "Indeed!" Siercon repeats
  14. I'd be safe and just potion up...