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  1. This is excellent - much better than Lego's official set. I see that you've employed similar SNOT techniques on the fuel tank. Do the boosters come away too?
  2. I've been chatting with Nathan regarding his design and made a BrickLink order a couple weeks ago. Today, the last pieces arrived - 49 in total I think. I used the original Mecabricks design that preceded the one posted above. The main changes are around the engine bell, which are for the better, so I will be looking to get these pieces as soon as Nathan has had a chance to update it. A couple of things I noticed from the build: I wonder if there's a single bar with end stop that can run the length of the rocket - this would help with stability. At the moment it consists of a 6L bar with end stop and an 8L technic axle. As I'm using the old design for the engine bell/fines, it freely rotates (it didn't do this in real life!) - the updated design will fix this. The launch pad in an excellent touch, and the rocket balances fine. As you can see it scales nicely against the Saturn V and really puts the size difference into perspective. (Ignore the wonkiness, I didn't press down the pieces well enough before taking the photo). DSCF2570 by Danial Sturge, on Flickr DSCF2573 by Danial Sturge, on Flickr Thanks again for this design!
  3. John Lewis have excellent customer service, so you can always ring to confirm. I got my Saturn V from there a week before launch because they did jump the gun!
  4. Nicely done! I see you over came the scale issues and I like the display stand for the capsule. Are you going to make a separate thread for the Mercury Redstone design? My BrickLink orders are beginning to arrive and would like to post photos once it's ready, but as it's your design I don't want to be making credit for it.
  5. Excellent! I was about to brick link those parts for the Mercury, but I'll wait until you've finalised the designs. I think what you've got already looks pretty much there though.
  6. I signed up on this forum just because of this thread. Can I ask the parts list for the Skylab mod? While I'm a huge fan of Lego, I actually know very little... Please do design the rest of the rockets, I'd love to make these!