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  1. Another 200€ for parts! Did not like the used parts. Now all visible parts will be new.
  2. Bricklink - Easy Buy
  3. @ecmo47 You can see it because of the square "deepening", part 85941 has a little circle! On Mortes pics you can see the little squares! Believe me I bought 44 of the wrong part before I noticed
  4. In the LDD it looks as if part 85941 is used. It should be part 6259.
  5. I paid 350€ altogether! Old and new parts!
  6. @EKae Yes, it runs through the entire body.
  7. Hello Ecmo. You're right, my construction is more like the one from Scottish Dave. But it's not exactly what I did. I have built individual sections, which were then assembled at the end. The individual sections were connected directly to each other. (parts 30414/11211) The backbone of technic bricks is fixed with the help of technic axle 3 (4519) and technic plate 2x4 with 3 holes (3709b).
  8. Tought the same, a Death Star would be so cool!
  9. Me to. It was the only set that I had bought in the last 20 years before I started again with Lego last year! But mine is the light gray version. So if there is ever the chance to build this splendid piece, I could not take my 10030 as a part-donor, unfortunately!
  10. That's what I thought! Arrggh....that means it would be super expensive! Was the 10030 a rebrick?
  11. Good improvements, nicely done! I'm very excited about the end result! Keep up the good work
  12. Your deflector shield and the rims for the engines are in LBG, or is it the old light gray?
  13. May I ask, most of the levers and the domes of the deflector shield come from your 10030?
  14. @mortesv It does! So thank you again for sharing the building instructions, that's all your work! Can't wait to see your next project for the fleet! Free space?? I will find somehow!! And the B-Wing returns to the fleet as soon as part 99784 is available again! My stock is empty! By the way, my contribution to the topic "spare room is for loser"! @Lobot Thanks! And yes, it's definitely worth it!
  15. May the 4th Update Table 2 and 3 finished! (almost, the tiles are still missing)