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  1. Interesting, it'll probably be explained it the show.
  2. I know I'm late to this but wasn't the ultimate batmobile originally $130? It's been $140 at most places I've seen it. Also that Harley vehicle. I love it.
  3. Here's an analysis I found for anyone interested
  4. Well, that explains a lot. lol
  5. Only set I'll be getting from this wave for sure.
  6. That's awesome!
  7. Not mine, but I did find it so I thought some might want to see.
  8. For those interested I found a comparison of the full scale Batwing and mini polybag version.
  9. I love that Garmadon! Gotta get the Dragon just for him.
  10. Harpies interest me...stone Clay not so much. Although I like the trans light blue.
  11. Ah, that makes sense.
  12. Ok, I'll delete it as it's irrelevant then
  13. What's up with the black gargoyle? Is it a prototype or is some story relevance to it?
  14. (Can you not delete posts on eurobricks?)