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  1. Yes, naturally with a video. But it won't be a build log and it will take some time( It's my biggest MOC ever).
  2. 42030, 8275 and 9397 mostly chosen for parts and motors, I never have and never will build those sets. Also I got a 15 KG box of studded lego technic from my girlfriends brother. From that box I salvaged all parts that work with studless and the rest (like 12KG) I never use. Shame actually, I should sell it. @miguev WOW nice! What I really like about my setup is the fact that I see everything all the time. When I have a "how am I going to connect these parts to each other" situation that is not instantly solved by imagining whats parts would do the job, I simply look over all the sorting boxes and remind myself what I have. If you'd constantly see all your parts including the rare ones, are you not more likely to use the perfect part for the occasion then? In practice I some times sort of forget I have certain parts, and will there for make a less awesome solution than I could have if I had just remembered I hat a certain part. The above is very hard to explain but I hope you guy get what I mean. Thank you for that, hope it helps XD
  3. I think it will last indefinitely, my interest in lego is in technic only. Considering I don't have to store non-technic part's I don't need that much space. On top of that, I don't keep models. I like the building better than a shelve trophy, so when a MOC is done I make a video, take pictures and disassemble. Also I never build 2 MOC's at the same time. those factors make that my collection does not need to be that big, it only grows when I purchase some parts for a specific project like the side blades for maximum impact. What you see on the picture is all I own, I'm still waiting for my prize BWE to come in( very annoying because I'm out of black pins so my rollercoaster build grindend to a halt). After that I don't expect it to grow much bigger. When I restarted last year, I bought 3 yellow construction machine sets to start with. The rest of my collection grew around that, and since I don't like rainbow builds I made sure te rest that I bought matched the existing color trend. I might buy an assortment of red beams some time to spice things up, but for now I'm perfectly happy with yellow&black builds (it's almost a builders trademark by now). Love your setup by the way, very organized!
  4. very nice!
  5. I have everything in identical sorting boxes set up around me, the ones wit parts I use most closest to me. and a separate box with all my wheels and all panels. I don't like having to open drawers to get to parts, it needs to be in reach and in view. I work everywhere, I just stack my sorting boxes and move to a free place in my house. Currently my MOC is rapidly outgrowing the table so I expect to move to the floor some time soon. I'll post some beter pix of my workspace in the near future.
  6. 71 views so far... so not really a problem, but sad anyway.
  7. I really like the build and functions of the 42069 and 42070 (extreme adventure and the tow truck) I'm just not fond of the colors at all. I only build MOC's and It does not seem to have "I must have it" parts like the yellow arc's in the BWE for instance, so I doubt I'll be buing a new set anytime soon...
  8. I always loved the Lego Technic 42025 Cargo Plane, It has a motor, loads of nice functions, lots of useful parts + it's big and that makes it more awesome to to time for an experienced builder is about 3.5 hours, the second model you can build with it is a hovercraft. There's a so a new air race jet (42066) also motorized and nice functions and parts, build time for an experienced builder is 2.40 hours. The second model you can build is also an aircraft maybe a budget range would be helpful to help you decide, and weather or not you're hellbent on a NEW set or not. As a kid I always used to ask for a larger second hand set in the "birthday" price range. There's LOADS of adults who buy a set, build "the puzzle" once and then sell it again, often with a box in mint condition and un-damaged (since they mostly don't really play with it).
  9. LIKE I'm following this one
  10. I AM A SINNER! I cut up 2 motors to make an ELECTROMAGNET and a LASER, and that is sinful in the eyes of a lot of people here. TLG wil most likely never release a PF laser due to the obvious safety hazards and since the same can not be achieved with original parts I decided to allow myself to build one. The electromagnet might be something TLG could release(not dangerous, cheap to produce and opens up a world of possibility's) , but as of yet the have not and since once again the same can not be achieved with original parts I decided to build one. I must confess that I build them mostly to see if I could (personal elektro-technical challenge)and I don't really like using them because of purist reasons. I agree the challenge is to build with LEGO only, and if at all in any reasonable way possible one should use original parts. That said I use Sbrick's extensively since the IR system allows for a maximum of 8 channels to be controlled and I have a tendency to go FAR over those limits with my MOC's You could get multiple mindstorms sets, but the cost of that would be insane in comparison to a few Sbricks not to mention bulky in your MOC's ,you would get benefit's like step motors and more programming options, but at a very high price. Sbrick's offer up to 64 simultaneous control channels, speed control, longer range, sequences, sensors, are more compact (than 2 IR receivers) and you can hide them inside your MOC. so it outperforms LEGO IR in al ways... , why limit yourself to LEGO only? So for me... If the same is in no (financially reasonable) way achievable with original parts, I allow myself to sin. I think it would be a shame to let cult-like-purism prevent me from using Sbricks and building insane things like this: The terraformer Naturally anyone can do what they please, but If a purist solution is absolutely impossible I do encourage builders to break the LEGO-cult law If that is wat truly holds them back.
  11. I work highly sorted, I love working that way! True, it takes time to sort the parts out, but I get help from my girlfriend The sorting is a mindless task, so we talk and joke around while doing it so it's actually it great quality time for us! I might post some pix of my setup later
  12. very nice! I'm currently building a rollercoaster-ish ride myself (completely different style and at technic figure scale though) so I know the level of difficultie this MOC is at I'm not that fond of the fact that the whole rail system is based on bending LEGO parts and connections in ways they are not ment too, but I see how it's hard to make rails without doing so. I do like the video, very nice editing!
  13. I am truly grade full, in november I bought 3 used LEGO sets to get started again (after 4 years of not building) and joined this forum. Since then I've read a mountain of interesting topics, learned a lot, got inspired, got re-addicted, made friends and now this! The vibe on this forum and the people here are amazing, and I'd like to thank you all who voted for me, and also the people who (mostly) constructively criticized my work and made me push my own limits. I've been a LEGO technic builder for 16 years, but I was never member of a LEGO forum until last november, and In retrospect I wish I would have been. All this inspiration and motivation would probably have prevented my recent 4 year "dark age". This contest has seen a lot of great builds and has been a great experience and challenge so thank you to all who participated, and thank you Jim and Milan for organizing and managing it and Vengit (creators of SBrick) for making available these awesome prices! And last but not least, a HUGE thanks to my girlfriend for her support I look forward to the next competition EDIT: That last graph is almost rude, it makes me look like the middle finger LOL
  14. And that, my good Sir makes you the kind of builder I like! It looks intriguing, complex and minimalistic at the same time, the only suggestion I have for you is... VIDEO!!!! I'd love to se your creation in motion. Keep up the good work!
  15. 22: 10 30: 6 20: 4 16: 3 21: 2 17: 1