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  1. The movie did really well so I don't get your explanation. I think retailers have sales to drive the market. Like the Walmart where I live has discounted lego all the time including ninjago, nexo knights, city, DC, and Marvel. So I don't think you can tell just by them going on sale. A lot of stores around me have sales on different themes.
  2. This is awesome. I love the landscaping especially the trees and the oasis itself. The fort is really neat. I like the color of the fort. The desert looks fantastic overall wonderful job.
  3. Nice cottage. I like the roof and the texturing of the walls. I think the light blue is and interesting color choice. I also like the landscaping and the vine on the cottage. Great job.
  4. Neat little scene. I like the cattails and the water. Nicely done
  5. Lego elves is doing fine and I wouldn't say chima was a complete fail. Only time will tell or an official statement from lego will tell us when NK is ending. I personally like the theme. It had some interesting builds and great minifigs. But to each his own and hopefully the next theme is something exciting.
  6. I think the figs are great. They may or may not be inaccurate we haven't seen the movie yet. I'm just excited to get Thor sets this year. I wish they had made sets from the dark world but I'm glad we are getting what we are getting. Some of the figs could've been based on concept art so I think everyone can just chill and create their own more accurate versions by customizing the figures themselves because isn't that what lego is all about having fun and building your own creations too. I mean its not the first time we've had inaccurate figures from movies.
  7. I don't understand your comments. Whitefangs review is just fine its his style and that's what makes it unique. Whitefangs reviews are fun they have all those set-ups with similar style figs. I understand its your opinion but this is a site about lego which is supposed to be a fun hobby. Plus Whitefang has been doing it for years. It just sounds like your post is really off-putting. Anyways Whitefang keep up the great work your reviews are fun.
  8. I think this is very cool. I love the cottage and the roof is really nice. I really like the windows and the gold part above the door is interesting. The landscaping is good.
  9. That headpiece looks fantastic. The fig looks good too. Thanks for the info on the rubberized piece.
  10. Neat story. The builds are great. I especially like the gatehouse and the battle scene. Wonderful job on the exploding camel. Your camera work is really good. I like the way you photographed the bar scene. Keep up the great work.
  11. I really like this. The landscaping is great and the house is fantastic. I really like your choice of colors. great job.
  12. Nice little scene. I like the roof and the tree with the vultures is great. Nice job
  13. There is no castle theme out now so obviously no they wouldn't be designing them. The designers probably design things all the time that get shot down or have to tweak them to fit into a certain theme. Its ok to take a break sometimes. Everyone was really disappointed by the last castle wave and now that we don't have one everyone complains that there is no castle. I think that in time Lego will have a new castle theme and they are probably already designing and creating things for it now. I think everything will be fine just give it some time.
  14. Voted for the satyr. Just a great figure.