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  1. Its $80 for 914 pieces that's pretty good in my opinion. All of the sets are reasonably priced especially the Bounty, Temple, and Ninjago city. I think the cmf's look really good and have some great accessories. I think Lego did a really nice job with these.
  2. Are the lily pad pieces new or are they a recolor of the cmf painter? This set is just amazing. I think everything is fantastic. I don't know if it is in my budget. There are so many sets I need to get this year.
  3. Nicely done. I like all the trees and the minifig posing is excellent. Fine job on the ruins too.
  4. I understand people don't like the theme but all I am saying is give it some time and castle will return. As for playmobil I'm not a fan. Even though Castle/Fantasy is my all time favorite theme and have all my sets I started collecting in the 80's and 90's. I even have a lot of the fantasy era sets, Vikings, etc and most of the hobbit and LOTR sets except for 2 of them. But I always find something of value for my in new sets like Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Elves, Star Wars, or the Super Hero sets. It could be a minifig or bricks. The Ninjago Vermillion villains work very well in my lego fantasy world and the Nexo Knights have some nice helmets from the knights side and there villains are excellent. There is always at least one or two cmf's that I can use. I want a new castle theme too I just find new and useful parts in other sets to fill the void until castle returns because I love building new things and especially customizing new minifigs.
  5. Nice gatehouse. I like the towers and balcony above the gate. The rockwork is good and the fig posing is well done.
  6. I don't understand all this talk of castle and space don't mix. Warhammer and Thor mix science fiction with castle like weapons and buildings. There are many franchises that mix fantasy and scifi and there are many fans that love that kind of stuff. Just because some people here don't like it doesn't mean it sucks. Lego will surprise us with something new for castle soon that's my opinion. I think we just need to be patient and let things pan out. Also remember themes like Ninjago, Nexo Knights, Elves, etc, are aimed at kids not us. Creator and The Modular builds are aimed at adults. As far as no classic space with star wars we've had space themes run like galaxy squad, space police, alien conquest, mars mission, and others. Its only been since 2014 since weve had any regular castle so lets give it a little more time.
  7. sorry misread the statement. I still thought it was good.
  8. How did you not know where Rogue One was going? I really don't understand what you are trying to say.
  9. Such a wonderful person. I remember watching the shows as a kid. He will be missed.
  10. Excellent dragons. The both are very unique and have an Asian look to them. The colors are spot on and I like the way you designed the wings. Great work.
  11. nice little scene. I like the landscaping, the stonework and the minifigs.
  12. Nya and Jay's hairpieces look great and Zane's looks horrible. I hope we get official pics soon. I like what I've seen so far.
  13. I love this. The bridge is excellent, I especially like the drawbridge function. The texturing of the buildings is great. The cobblestone is nicely done. The boats look good. The whole scene is crafted well.
  14. I think I like the blue and yellow parademon more. The green one is cool to but the yellow one you can see the detailed printing better in my opinion. Thanks for the picture.
  15. None of the links work for me.