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  1. Awesome review jim. I agree with everything you had to say. This looks like a fun set :)
  2. Unfortunately, there has been a delay for the video. Thanks for waiting. Stay tuned! BrickbyBrickTechnic Thanks alot! Instructions will be a photo sequence.
  3. Hello Yann! I've seen some of your creations on YouTube, and I can't wait to see more from you!
  4. I think they look quite good right now :)
  5. 8053 is great, but the b-model sucks.
  6. This looks like it's gonna be awesome! Following.
  7. Awesome! Can't wait for that topic.
  8. Thank you! Good luck with your John Deere, seems like a cool vehicle to build
  9. I think that goes to the Egoista. Anyways, this moc is simply amazing! I congratulate you for making such an awesome build.
  10. Thanks a lot! C models are a great challenge for the mind, which is why I like them so much. The Toyota is not, because which set can I build it from? On the other hand it will be medium-sized, and super fast ;)
  11. Thank you very much! If 42054 had more pieces, I could have done both those things. I originally had planned to have a walkway behind the cabin like the real ones do. Well, I'm going on vacation for a week- so it will take some time... but I look forward to it! This is the final update. The C model is done. The video will be posted here tomorrow or Monday. For now, here are some pictures: I also added some lights for effect. Tell me if you like them. More pictures tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me throughout this project! I had tons of fun building it! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  12. Well, 1st you make an account. Then you go under "mocs" and click "submit moc". Then you are guided through the process and that's it!
  13. I would love a video of the CVT! Very innovative.
  14. I think around 400-500. I will take a picture of them.