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  1. I see double frame chassis, reinforced by frames, L arms, most of the gearbox is in between the frames of the chassis, so is the motor. I seriously doubt it would bend noticeably. I call perspective and camera distortion. Plus bending and flexibility is the part of any structure, if it is real life bridge or Lego car. Design question is always, where, how, how much.
  2. sorry, I thought that is exactly part of the topic.
  3. is there any info if any (which) set will be discontinued from H2 2017?
  4. I wish LEGO would offer few top LEGO sets in more colours as options. e.g.
  5. long time ago I built a system bricks racing sailboat. I learned that mast made from 3x more 4023 flat 2x2 round plate barrels is stronger that mast made from 3941 1L tall 2x2 round barrels. Tank is great BTW.
  6. I would like to break the stream of whining and complaining and ask: "Did you notice the springs behind the seats in 42069? - Any idea what that might be for?" Thanks.
  7. totally common where I live. Fire department does not only fight with fires but also help and rescue during floods, after storm if there are trees fallen in the river (I live by the river next to the bridge and often there are fallen trees stuck on the pillars - that is exactly when fire rescue car with boat arrives, they go the the boat with chainsaws and later crane the tree out, or in the spring when river gets blocked by melting ice - fire department sorts that out too), car accidents, all sorts of non-fire events. Even bee/wasp swarms if it arrives to your garden or cat stuck on the tree. Boat is totally realistic.
  8. I am usually not into the buildings but this one is charming.
  9. 4cylinder for 42070? LEGO is also downsizing?
  10. Pigeons on the roof are the winners! :-) Great MOC. Offset plaster is brilliant!
  11. I never meet my own Technic deadlines. e.g. I did not start instructions for finished MOC, which I will wanna probably build again. I had set myself a deadline for these instructions to be finished before Easter, I did not even started with it yet this is good idea for topic
  12. you will be in the good company. (it is not about rules what other people should do or should not do (this is not religion, it is just lego ). lego should be entertaining and fun for those who are involved. And that means completely different things for all of us.).
  13. apples and oranges. that is development process *). you never send it to the world and to the customers with note: "cut and glue here and here" , right? These guys do, but to quote Pulp Fiction "that is entirely different sport" *) I am industrial designer by trade myself, I know a thing or two about development process. Anything is allowed there and with prototypes you can (and must) do heaps of stuff that would be taboo when it comes to the customers. EDIT: To me "cutting, 3D printing, glueing, painting" is that entirely different sport, that is not LEGO building, that is somewhere among Hasegawa, Revell, Tamyia model kits. It is not worse, not better, just different, that is where "cutting, glueing, painting" is the point of the activity.