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  1. I never meet my own Technic deadlines. e.g. I did not start instructions for finished MOC, which I will wanna probably build again. I had set myself a deadline for these instructions to be finished before Easter, I did not even started with it yet this is good idea for topic
  2. you will be in the good company. (it is not about rules what other people should do or should not do (this is not religion, it is just lego ). lego should be entertaining and fun for those who are involved. And that means completely different things for all of us.).
  3. apples and oranges. that is development process *). you never send it to the world and to the customers with note: "cut and glue here and here" , right? These guys do, but to quote Pulp Fiction "that is entirely different sport" *) I am industrial designer by trade myself, I know a thing or two about development process. Anything is allowed there and with prototypes you can (and must) do heaps of stuff that would be taboo when it comes to the customers. EDIT: To me "cutting, 3D printing, glueing, painting" is that entirely different sport, that is not LEGO building, that is somewhere among Hasegawa, Revell, Tamyia model kits. It is not worse, not better, just different, that is where "cutting, glueing, painting" is the point of the activity.
  4. no man But I enjoy building within limitations. That is why I like C-models the best. to illustrate: At the moment: I have now: 42025 cmodel finished (but no time to make an instructions and pictures etc soon, another 42042 cmodel completely done - not sure if I wanna publish it, 42054 cmodel on the go (75-80% done), and 2nd 42025 and 42039 cmodel in early stages (like 40-50%). And when I build "non project" stuff (with kids) they want build something now. Even if colours do not match or something is not perfect "if only we had 3 more of these". They do not think like that, neither do I. I rather rebuild something.
  5. I only use common string, if original LEGO string is not long enough. I also use my own fabric for sails for sailboats (that reminds me, it is a long time since I built last sailboat) Otherwise no 3rd party wheels, no 3rd party tires, no Sbrick, no modification of LEGO parts, no 3D prints, no non-LEGO parts. I even think buying parts I do not have at the moment is "cheaty-shortcut". I build with what I have, if I do not have a part, I redesign. That is my personal standard, I do not judge other peoples MOC by this view, it is just standard I pushed onto myself. So I guess I am purist. Also: I noticed recently on some MOC (system bricks) on rebrickable or here, people present MOCs where some bricks are just attached (better to say just put to the position) there by some magic (gravity or glue?)
  6. Brilliant is huge understatement!!! Absolutely fabulous.
  7. HG: floating Technic ship, diving Technic Submarine, dream: advanced combine harvestor, technic train regret: not buying 8043
  8. reminder: nobody (apart from very very few insiders) has built 42070 yet....just saying.
  9. Did you notice some missing (discontinued) set? 42043?
  10. oh, really? I missed that then. My bad. Good, I am glad there are all 3.
  11. There should be 3 microfigures. I know that only 2 of them went on the surface, but 3rd guy orbiting the moon piloting Command module was just as part of Apollo 11 as the rest. Shame that virtually nobody remembers his name. His name is Michael Collins.
  12. http://gizmodo.com/live-out-your-astronaut-dreams-with-legos-meter-tall-na-1794714699 1969! pieces. Clever.
  13. I might the the minority, but those kind of sets are symptomatic for "malaise era" when Lego nearly went bankrupt. I would point at this kind of sets and say this might by also why. most of 00's were rubbish in Technic. I am glad Technic found its direction and got back to its roots with new possibilities of studless and doing what they are doing now. Because it is good now IMO, never better IMO. And there is enough pages of StarWars in Lego cataloque already, IMO. Fair enough, wide fan base, popular, but I can't see any reasons to spread it in Technic also. There are for sure Technic sets that repeats, but I would not label it as bad thing by default. Personally I would like to see another big advanced excavator (I do not have 8043) in future. I like vehicles, machines (not so much supercars (boring IMO) - "licenced supercar every other year" as pinnacle of Technic does nothing for me). LEGO is doing new stuff, mining is new. I wish there would be Technic train, more (mainly better) ships, I like flying machines. Anyway long story short, IMO, LEGO is going right direction with Technic, last 5-3years there were excellent offers.
  14. the flag in the corner is the winner!