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  1. Beautiful. The video is almost meditative. Thanks for sharing. (You also inspired me to improve my video making skills)
  2. IMO: functionality and accuracy rating is too high. missing flight controls (apart from super simple rudders). That is like car without steering. Disproportional wings. Missing tail-wings (since these vertical rudders cannot substitute elevators, way too vertical to be elevons). Otherwise nice review. Thank you.
  3. There is rich history of passenger cars made by Tatra since 1897. They produced luxury car, famous streamliners (started in 30s) (T77, T97, T600), also affordable cars (like T11). Actually truck were not the main production for long time.
  4. Ingenious! Bravo! That is just amazing.
  5. All my LEGO parts are spare parts. I never keep anything built for long.
  6. Or the boxes for Trade fairs are not the same as for the shops. Back side might be easily just black.
  7. Fantastic (still understatement)! Thank you for sharing the video. I like these creations!
  8. As typical late adopter and someone who is not willing to pay nowhere near RRP I found "my" price and got one. It is terrific set, selection of parts is so wide, it will be great and great for C-models (most of the time my main criterium for Technic purchase decision ), build is interesting, lots of clever solutions, and it looks magnificient and all the functions work fine and smoothly. I disagree strongly with the mostlypresent sentiment about the crane. I think it is cleverly designed crane. Especially considering it is "just" an attachement not the main model (the tractor is). Well, anyway, if you do not have one, get it. Simple as that.
  9. It looks great. I can see lots of clever details, that really add to the great design.
  10. One thing is sure. Size does matter.
  11. this is just superb! I like it a lot. I nearly missed the topic, I am glad I found it.
  12. actually, it does not surprise me at all. Your cars look very solid. They do not look as "shelf queens", but as something you can give to the kids for play and be sure it will come back all right and kids will have fun with that too. And that is (to me) mark of good design when it comes to Lego.
  13. I like it a lot. Greg: I like your building style, I like how you make your cars modular, how you can take it apart like real car and underneath there is proper interpretation of the cars "guts". And I like selection of inspiration for your models. The level of hair-splitting and harshness of criticism is ridiculous, just saying....