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  1. As we know, the pym particles can actually shrink or enlarge the suit wearer. In this case, the LEGO Antman! Lets go for the normal minifigure sized antman first. The translucent helmets allowed us to look into their eyes if you zoomed closer. The yellow jacket's helmet is so amazing! The back of their helmets are of lesser details but the back torso printing was so nice! You can see Darren Cross' backpack which made Scott went into the Quantum Realm. Lets loose the helmets. Scott's face is a unique expression, Hank's looked like they re-use Saruman's face. Antman and Dr. Pym had alternate faces. The 'O' shaped mouth of Scott might mean the expression he had when he first got his suit in the bathtub, haha.. 'I will disintegrate you!' Darren's jacket was so heavy where I need to place a skull under the backpack to make him stand. Now Hank turned into an old motorcycle suit, (so is it what the black head is for?) Hmm.. Feel the AWESOMENESS yet? The satisfying feeling of a collector completing the collection. The brick built Giantman and the nanofig was from the airport battle set 76051. Do you notice the blue button on the belt? I wonder why is it red on the minifigure. Whats up man.. Now the hulk is small.. The poseability of the giantman was quite similar to normal minifigures. The only downside of the nanofig was the inability to pose.. Hello Dr. Cross. Nearly forgot that he is actually bald where he doesn't need any hairpiece. Conclusion The collection of ant man was so awesome that you can't miss other two character as well. The three minifigures are exclusive and well designed. I would say LEGO did a good job designing them different from conventional minifigures. Have a nice day. Hope you liked my post. Do comment your feelings if you are an Antman fan! Thank you!
  2. We are not savages..
  3. Thanx whitefang! I'm from your neighbour country. Hope to see u one day!
  4. Black and yellow! Very nice MOC!
  5. Hey, I've come to bargain! Non stop bargaining, Aragorn..
  6. Great review! I like those sharp photos.
  7. Hello I'm back with the next 5. Second chapter. 1.Astronaut (Series 15) @BubbaFit45531 2. Sleepyhead (Series 6) 3. Ariel (Disney) @Capparezza 4. Gingerbread Man (Series 11) 5. Mariachi (Series 16) @Capparezza When they are with accessories.. I love that classic guitar! The space guy. Quite detailed torso with printed arms. I like the gold visor on the helmet. And you get an oxygen tank at the back. Report! We found a life form in the Moon! Secondly the sleepy head. He is the most sought after minifig back in the series 6 era. Then Emmet in the pyjamas came out. But I guess it doesn't affect his popularity. He has an alternate face. He will show when he is at work. Tada.. I wonder if he is the boss. Third one will be Ariel the mermaid from Disney series. I would prefer some printing on her tail part. Three mermaid sisters. Then the Gingerbread man. Series 11 is the start of my LEGO collecting life. For the parts, I like the perfect round head. Dunk Me! Shall we serve him on the plate? Lastly my favourite! The Mariachi! That classic guitar finally came out from LEGO. I hope i got more of it, Lets go for some street performance! Thanks for viewing and do reply for the next 5 minifigures! (Provided I have them in my stash ) See you next FIVE!
  8. Hi I'll be doing random minifigures review at this particular posts under the comments, 5 at a time. Do comment if you want any particular minifigures to be reviewed. I will pick 5 and include them if I have them in my collection. Thanks and enjoy! This chapter includes 1.Banshee 2. Gargoyle 3. Plant Monster 4. Tiger Woman 5. Shark Suit Guy Their back view Firstly The Banshee from Series 14 The parts breakdown, before opening the packet, I thought the interesting part was her 'legs' which looks ghostly, but it surprised me that her hair was a semi transparent piece. I like her hair! Dont run, dont be scared, I just want to drink with you! Then the Gargoyle from Series 14 I like the idea that it was all grey, suitable for MOCers to make it a statue in a castle or something, personally i like the wings, does batman have this kind of wings? I wonder it suits him. haha Statue Third one today is the Plant Monster, also Series 14 The 'whip' that he is holding was no surprise but the headpiece was a wonderful MOC parts (I havent thought of its use yet) Maybe poison Ivy.. I thought I was wierd until i met him.. The tree speaks! Then the Tiger Woman from Series 14. Parts wise she has a nice tail, nice head piece. Other than that I think she is just one of the collection of the animal suit. Tiger in the jungle! Oh its a Tigress! Lastly the Shark Suit Guy from Series 15. New mold for the hand, the shark fin, and the shark headpiece was super awesome! Run mermaid Run! Thanks for viewing and let me know the next five in the comments. Provided I have them. See you!
  9. Thanks terryfay1983 now even the dentist is on leave.
  10. when everybody is not around
  11. Thanks for the kind words, I've taken some effort to scale down. Thanks again for the suggestion peedeejay.
  12. Hey doc, does it come in black?
  13. “All in a day’s work!”
  14. The table is too small for 13 dwarves! And the front..