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  1. The only reason I could think of for them not to release the next wave would be legal obligations
  2. Thank you! I can make that work!
  3. After seeing the new Thor teaser, I really hope we get an armored hulk and that it looks non-techy so I can repurpose him as an armored troll
  4. Is anybody here going to Birmingham? I'll be there!
  5. What's the name of your bricklink store, I will contact you there.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Hello and welcome!
  9. Welcome!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Welcome! I too am a castle junkie
  12. I just got back from Disney and the animal kingdom park got me thinking about a safari series. You could have rangers protecting species from poachers and get a lot of sweet new animal molds
  13. Nice indeed! Vikings are always a welcome sight!
  14. Welcome!
  15. They are one in the same, the hair piece has the crown attached