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  1. Nice rendition of a fortress at this scale ! I am forseeing some future Brickwall builds flourishing all over the island... A very good job !
  2. A great rendition of a Tobacco plantation ! Great job ! I find your rock work very well done in brown, it's breaking the monotony of the field. Excellent idea !
  3. Wow ! Amazing job ! Congrats to all the builders ! A great creepy place for the Joker to trap Batman you've built here ! Excellent job !
  4. Ouch ! This is a big one ! I have to prepare a anti sub cruiser now... Great job on the aft of your sub, the turbine is really impressive ! Good job !
  5. Great to see a large (16*16, in micro is large ! ) Rum factory ! I really like the cart you've built in front of the distillery, it allows us to have a good scale of the building. Puerto Desafio will be a great place to celebrate ! (Felipe is poping a bottle of cider...)
  6. Haha ! Do Sea Rats are converting them into landlubbers !? I am not sure Sinbad should try the Pineapple business as their main producer and buyer is known to be Mardier and we all know now they are broke and not so mighty... But well, why not... I wish him good profit. If he needs some apples to craft a good fruit salad, Felipe is always happy to sell them to him !
  7. Thank you for the rapid answer !
  8. Congrats to all the winners ! And to all the participants ! That was a great Challenge ! @Garmadon : Do you need me a PM to have my adress to know where to send the prize ? Or is it to be sent to Phred ?
  9. hahaha ! You know my heart is Green... Well, it is something to discuss, Do you have cookies ? And Congrats to you my fair Ex Aequo friend ! Well said ! A good Eslandolan never spit on money...
  10. Haha ! For a Sea Rat, swearing is always needed in a sentence !
  11. Thank you for the encouraging comment ! For the story, I made it without having my wife reading it, and you saw it. Normally, being a better english talker than me, she is giving me some writing tips. But don't worry, the story is still progressing, and yes, it takes time...
  12. Congrats @Ayrlego ! Arrrgh... I've done my best on this one to add an island to my faction instead of you ! But you are a real damn good builder ! Once again... Congrats !
  13. Nice little build. I am happy you finally made it ! A good continuation of the incoming peace between Oleon and The Ténotclaxcans! I know in LDD minifig posing and equipment is particular, but if possible to make funny strange hats for the native would help to identify them as Ténotclaxcans. Overall, a Good job !
  14. Nice build ! The vehicle is good, I really like the turret gun on its top ! Good job on this one ! Perhaps you should have textured a bit more the sand area. The missile launcher is great and the little wall in front of it is really well done. A good job!
  15. Thank you ! Yes, compact but very effective ! And full of tech ! New Brickika tanks will not pass !