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    Well, if you're reading this, you obviously want to delve into my personal life. Find out what makes me tick? What is my deepest, plastic love?

    Lego Marvel Superheroes, anything and every thing about the theme (er, save those constraction figures and some of the Mighty Micros). I've been collecting them since the beginning of the theme in 2012, and have most all sets and/or minifigures in the theme. Marvel itself is a huge interest of mine, on page and the big screen (Not a fan of most of the new stuff, but the Lego productions are great regardless of source material). Happy building to all, and feel free to contact me. You can usually find yours truly hanging around in the Licensed forums, mainly Super Heroes-related threads. But you could've guessed that.


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  1. Star-Lord (Starblaster Showdown) and TLBM Alfred!
  2. ^your team looks great! I like how you used the Gemini suit torso and hip piece for Cyborg, though I don't quite get the use of Nightwing's torso for Martian Manhunter They look alright, but I think I'll just use the normal red legs for my Flash
  3. I think in the Licensed B&P thread, it was said that they're available for right now
  4. I was just judging off the design in the Lego batman 3 video game.
  5. ^Okay. Gorilla Grodd was just the first winner that made me think of it. And wow, we're already seventeen rounds in!
  6. She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter (2014 promo) Also, @VaderFan2187: was Grodd really eligible for this contest, since he wasn't a minifgure?
  7. Maybe for Marvel, but not for Brickheadz. The boxes are numbered, and we're missing 09 through 12.
  8. If it is comics, I had a really interesting idea for Firestorm while going through my Marvel minifigures today: What if Firestorm uses Star Lord's helmet for his head/helmet piece? Does it seem too out there? The borders would be red rather than silver, Firestorm's face would replace Star Lord's mask, and the "hair" could be molded trans-orange for the flame on top. It seems unlikely, but I thought that'd be a clever use of a mold (I do realize the two vent tubes at the front on the bottom center could cause a problem)
  9. I was thinking Lego might go the direction of "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2" for the second pair.
  10. ^Has it been confirmed or denied if Reverse Flash, Firestorm, Flash, or Killer Frost are comic or CW variants in next year's sets?
  11. Thanks pzh2000 for the blown-up image. Looking at it as a whole, it sort of reminds me of an older Model Team set. The large build was is a reason I like it, and seeing the use of all those large windows and banner pieces is an improvement over my first impression
  12. Wow, I really like the harness details. Given the function of the set (Batmobile dropping out of the sky), it's pretty cool to see the safetys depicted here. I like the look of this variant very much. ^I agree, those silver eyes look great!
  13. (Those Funko figures actually look really good!) The rest seem to be very similar to the Lego counterparts, although I'm not sure if the Hela minifigure has green eyes? Side note: we got a Lego minifigure of every one of those characters, save Heindall! That's worth lamenting.
  14. I'm expecting Mighty Micros again, since we already know rumors of what some of them contain. But Black Panther sets would just be incredible!