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    Well, if you're reading this, you obviously want to delve into my personal life. Find out what makes me tick? What is my deepest, plastic love?

    Lego Marvel Superheroes, anything and every thing about the theme (er, save those constraction figures. We don't speak of them where I come from). I've been collecting them since the beginning of the theme in 2012, and have most all sets and/or minifigures in the theme. Marvel itself is a huge interest of mine, from page to screen and back again. Not a fan of some of the new stuff, but they've been transitioning great to Lego regardless of opinion. I do make MOCs, mainly midi-scale or min models of certain vehicles and locations, but have yet to post any of my work around here. Happy building to all, and feel free to contact me (if you can find a reason...:sceptic:) You can usually find yours truly hanging around in the Licensed forums, mainly Superheroes. But you could've guessed that.


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  1. It's sort of an educated guess; more and more reviews of the Thor sets keep coming out at a similar rate to the Homecomig sets, meaning people are getting both
  2. ^I think the head print remains the same
  3. Uh-oh... Maybe someone should email Lego about the discrepancy of the Thor sets in the comic, once they have the set on-hand? We could get an official explanation
  4. Oky, I love the last one! The implication is funnier than just saying the line!
  5. My problem is just the logic flaw. We most definitely get the Spidey sets as marketing before the film, so we should get the Thor sets same as everyone else. It's not like people in Europe will be spoiled while the US remains in the dark, mainly because of the internet and the fact that no spoilers are in the sets this time around. So I can't find a logical solution as to why we wouldn't get them in June
  6. Yowza! This is like when that guy had over fifty of the Collector the day before the drawing at comic con. That's insane! It also makes me wonder if he's the pre-order bonus, or something coming down the road as a general promotion (a la Rocket Raccoon).
  7. Well, it's definitely a 2017 release. Not that we were considering a 2018 release, but now we know.
  8. To quote Darth Vader: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  9. Is this confirmed? We've been given news from some local stores that they're on the shelves in as early as two weeks time. So maybe not worldwide. We're hopeful for June 1st, but still unsure.
  10. Thanks for the comparison, I too am partial to the original Aquaman look. However, your custom looks great in relation to its on-screen inspiration
  11. Well, I very much appreciate what you have done here. You displayed all the play features of the set we didn't know about before yesterday's box art reveals, and shown off some great angles that made me appreciate it so much more than I did before (maybe not appreciate it for $60 worth, but that's hard to do). As one of those lucky enough to already have heir hands on the set, I applaud and thank you for getting this video out to us. I try not to rely on other's opinions, and this really helps influence my purchase.
  12. I had not thought of this, that's a great point. This is all great news, I don't at all mind an early release. I'm already hyped in time for the movie Marvel, just shut up and take my money! Also, June 1st is just two weeks away!
  13. I really, really hope this is the case. I'll be in Florida in June, and I will surely be stopping by that fantastic Lego store in Disney Springs. And my fingers are tightly crossed that I'll be able to pick up these two bigger sets of 2017 on my Disney card!
  14. Thanks, I figured. But with all the leaks, part of me just wondered