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  1. A cultural build of EPIC proportions! I quite love the colors and the great bell design is awesome. One can worry though about the stability of the section with the arches Still, I love it and find it to be a nice addition to our BoBS universe!
  2. Overwhelmingly big with nice ground elevations. Also there is no such thing as too much green I guess!! On the baseplate level though, I think I'l echo Elo's words on some more detailing. Great work!
  3. Great job everybody! This abandoned theme park looks really brilliant!
  4. Oh, this is lovely! As Bodi said, "stray" indigenous people and their former glorious civilization is a great idea with much stuff to elaborate on (possible) future builds. I also loved the following part: I mean, really?!?!? Archaic Corrish?!?!?! Such things give some great added value to our ever expanding universe! Keep them up Bregir! My only nitpicking would be the lack of uniformity between the white colored ruins and the gray temple. In reality (at least in theory) these would either be built from white marble or from gray one. But this is really something insignificant, told in a very constructive way and always in the spirit of improving ourselves(or our brick stash )
  5. Hey! Do I see old capes?? A brilliant idea!! Apart from that, I am eagerly awaiting for the next chapters. Oh, and gz on your new BoBS spot!
  6. I believe you are right! Our librarian verified that not long ago!
  7. Nah, we just like to hang around with them
  8. Don't worry, creativity comes in many ways
  9. I was referring to the friendship of Oleon and Mardier nations that is being molested by those pesky Greens!
  10. What's wrong with you eslandolans these days?!?!?! Can't a nation be friends with another one?!?!?!??
  11. All we can say for now is... stay tuned!
  12. So many brown and dark tan plates!!!
  13. Please dear sir revoke at once!
  14. Let it be known that Oleander military engineers are no cow-ards!