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  1. I have always been looking for an easier way to get some track and wheels to start out with Lego trains. Now having access to a 3d printer I found some files on sites with free online downloads. Here are a few: If you browse this site and others you can find even more pieces from switches to odd shaped crossovers. This is a dream come true for some.
  2. I did, it was mainly due to the irony of the fact that there was a Megablock ad on a Lego Fansite.
  3. Saw this in the homepage,
  4. Congrats to todays winners, maybe it will be me tomorrow.
  5. I seem to have not been added/deleted I am from Lombard Illinois
  6. Anyone else have any suggestions? What I should change or add and just any nice comments?
  7. Nice review, my local Target actually put this set out early and I saw a lady rant about not being able to purchase it
  8. Congrats, maybe I will win my first contest this year :)
  9. I was waiting for one of these to show up
  10. Thanks, sadly I have very little fitting figures the princess being the best I had.
  11. The design for this model is really a long story, it all started with a small shed for a sleigh, then developed into a market with shops which as for the first ended badly. Finally it became this a small town square fit for a Lego Citty. This set (simply reffering to my MOC as a set) includes three small snow mounds, A frozen fountain a small bench, A patch of snow with Christmas tree, a horse drawn sleigh (altered version of my original) and the focal point a gate and fence. So without further ado my Christmas MOC: The first photo shows the Christmas Queen elected by a panel of judges in a beauty pagent riding in the honorary sleigh, passing out presents to all the good boys and girls of the town. This shows an overview of the whole park with the small fountain and some people snowball fighting. This shows the fountain the statue replaced with a small christmas tree honoring the season and two of the towns most pristigious buisness men solving the argument with a good old fashioned snowball fight. This final photo shows the gate into which you enter the park it is a known site for the villagers and a favorite meeting point. I had a lot of fun with this MOC (and storyline) and comments are greatly appreciated on all aspects including both story and model.
  12. Another question, does our model necessarily have to be a building? I am working on/may have already built a small park scene, would that work?
  13. For once my abundance of red bricks is useful, let's see what I can come up with. (Walks away with a clanking sound coming from head)
  14. Thanks, another random though for those who didn't notice the drill and chains were supposed to be where they came from, it was originally just a hole with black plates at the bottom but I found that more fitting