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  1. I believe so. The previous high was 78 iirc.
  2. What an odd choice for a promo. The "Vacation" set had quite a strange assortment of bricks as well.
  3. You should have voted for the Viking Woman...
  4. Can something be done about Silent-Commando? Sir Von Lego, Sci and Tragic Banjo have all denounced his obviously fake set lists. It makes this thread very hard to read when most of it is a wild goose chase.
  5. Is the Alien Villainess the last Space figure left?
  6. Welcome to the boards, Arnold.
  7. I disagree. Fantasy Era seems to have sold well, hence the three year run, and from what I can see it still seems to be quite popular even eight years after its discontinuation. Nexo looks like it is going to run for the same length. Also, wasn't Fantasy Era supposed to go longer than three years? From what I've pieced together by reading through old rumor threads it looks like there was a large wave (possibly containing Elves) was planned for 2009, but it seems to have been cut short right as it was announced that a Hobbit film would be coming soon. Kingdoms acted as a filler line to create space between the very similar themes that were FE and LOTR/TH.
  8. Leprechaun and Roman Soldier for me. Geez Itaria, I daresay those selections in the third poll are the worst yet. All are awful choices.
  9. If Creator is the only way we can continue to get Castle sets, so be it, as long as there are new factions introduced. I'm worried that Lego won't ever go back to Castle after NK, and if that happened I would stop buying their products in any form.
  10. Welcome!
  11. Their main goal is to make as much money as possible, which is why every new theme they roll out is a tried and true concept or an adaption of an already popular franchise. Lego really isn't into taking risks, and to me that's one of their biggest drawbacks. Just so @Nabii knows, if TLG decides after NK's run to scrap Castle the same way they did Space, they'll be losing the business of quite a few members of this forum, including myself. Following trends might be profitable to an extent but we all know what happened in 2003. Lego might claim that Space is "taking a break" or something, but it's increasingly obvious that it's dead as a doornail and won't be coming back until Star Wars is done pumping out films (never). Lego used to be much more varied than it is today, and it's pretty sad to think about how far they've fallen since not even five years ago. There used to be tons of different options: Pirates, Space, Power Miners, Atlantis, Dino, Monster Fighters, Castle, etc. but here in 2017 all we have for non-licensed themes are City/Friends, Elves and Nexo Knights. All of Lego's resources are being diverted to pump out massive numbers of generic and overpriced licensed sets. Lego is supposed to inspire creativity, and I see none being emitted from those sets. If Lego wants to sell out, fine. However, I hope they know that they've destroyed their own message and it will eventually come back to bite them when Star Wars/Superheroes stop doing big numbers in the box office and the generation that grew up with Ninjago graduates high school.
  12. So are you saying that Nexo is a failure or are you referring to what traditional Castle fans think about it? I for one would love to know how well it's selling so we can have a more definitive discussion about the future of Castle. Is there going to be a third year of Nexo?