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  1. I think Garmadon's unarmoured upper torso piece might be this piece backwards, with the arms facing the other way. You can see the ridges on the back, especially on Volcano Garmadon.
  2. Wow, I love the Unikitty and Batman shirts! Cole's shirt literally says AC-DC in their made-up alphabet. Think this is the first time a stud-shooter appeared in a Minifigure series. Overall, great series. Like the sets, there's not many here I don't want, which means August is going to be expensive!
  3. I kinda hope Dareth is in the movie. It'd be cool if we saw him. We're only missing Zane and Cole in their high school outfits now, so we could see them too.
  4. Are you sure? I did a quick mock-up in LDD with the piece and they look pretty much the same. If it's not, it's pretty darn similar.
  5. I could be wrong, but the Shark Army General' hair looks like Series 14's Zombie Businessman's in black and turned sideways.
  6. These minifigs look fantastic! But... is Sensei Wu any different than his minifig in the sets? Looks like we'll get Lloyd's Green Ninja suit as well. Loving the scarf, bowl, and spoon. Shark Army General's my favorite so far.
  7. Like the use of Sabine's hair in green for a plant! And is that a scarf I spy? That's new, right?
  8. Lord and Miller left the Han Solo film. This can't be good. It's right in the middle of filming...
  9. I love how Cole's just got his arms crossed and is sliding down with his feet. Hope to see a trailer!
  10. Yeah, TLBM had a trailer at Comic-Con last year, so I imagine Ninjago will. My best guess, anyways.
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  12. Well, that's a definite buy for me!
  13. Ah, cool. Glad to hear that it's Classic Space! hyyyype
  14. Aww, the video's not available. What was it?
  15. Finally went and bought the LEGO Batman Movie Batcave. Also got the Tiger Suit Batman polybag with my purchace.