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  1. After Ninjago City this is my most wanted set. And Hot Dog guy from the trailer is included. Probably the Baby referenced in the title as well. Notice the press release mentions 15 sets and Yahoo!'s exclusive said 18 were in the works. Sounds like Wave 2 next year.
  2. Where? I'm somehow not seeing it...
  3. Point being there's potential for the walking Shark Mech to arrive in August or a second wave.
  4. The Walking Shark Mech could still be part of the D2C set.
  5. That's a neat set for adults much less kids. If that Lloyd is exclusive to it then most here will probably pick it up.
  6. I was staring at that sale price and didn't pull the trigger. Could have should have. A second one would have been nice to increase the height on my current one. Oh well. Other bricks to catch.
  7. Awesome model. Simple yet effective. What tires and hubs are those?
  8. Awesome as always! Would love to see a shot of all your rides together.
  9. A little insight into Season 6 including a clean image of the 'Skybound' Flag.
  10. All the new sets are at City of Stiix is priced at $104.99.
  11. These two (around 10 each) plus Destiny's Bounty are what I found at Target yesterday. Purchased the Bounty. What a great build.
  12. I'm going to head out early tomorrow and see what the Target with DB2 has in stock. Not sure I'm ready to drop $120 plus tax, but I might get Wu's Dragon or Ronin REX if they're also in stock.
  13. Thanks! It's in three Phoenix area Targets right now, two per store.