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  1. That, and you didn't have to cut/tear part of the box to get in...
  2. Just adding this topic so I don't lose it: Also check out the link inside to the other forum - many excellent C-models for 42060.
  3. This is brilliant! Love the big monster that swallows the train.
  4. Yes, I have been on this too - a few years ago, but still easily recognisable - fantastic work!
  5. Thanks @Offroadcreat1ons - will still be slow progress I'm afraid, but will try to keep the updates coming a little more frequently! (Life is somewhat chaotic at the moment, with recent twins taking us to 4 under 5 ) Good find - you're right, that is impressive. I'm curious as to how the bucket works - I'm guessing that linkage makes the bucket curl in as the arm move in, to get around the "only 2 LAs" issue?
  6. Sure, will add it to the "to do" list . Looks great!
  7. More updates - I'm on a roll! New posts added for 42024 (7 C-models) and 42025 (4 C-models); Running total: 85 C-models documented from 18 sets; Running total still to be added: 29 C-models from a further 12 sets (not counting single user indexes).
  8. 42025 Cargo Plane The Lego Group - A. Cargo Plane EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 1,297 The Lego Group - B. Transport Hovercraft Instructions (free PDF) JamesJT - NASA Shuttle EB topic Brick By Brick - Fairey Rotodyne (Heliplane) Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) Part count: 1,314 (101.3%) Brick By Brick - Tandem Rotor Helicopter Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) Part count: 1,314 (101.3%) Joe Gan - Y-Wing Flickr Polite notice: please do not post in this topic - instead, please direct any comments, queries, suggestions or corrections to the C-Model Index Discussion topic. Thank you!
  9. 42024 Container Truck The Lego Group - A. Container Truck EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 948 The Lego Group - B. Road Grader Instructions (free PDF) mzoli - 50s Dump Truck EB topic Immo - Boat Tail Getaway Rod EB topic dagupa - Old Farm Truck with Crane Rebrickable Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 796 (84.0%) Captain MiB - Tow Truck Rebrickable rumpletump - Truck & Trailer EB topic Part count: ~95% Tomik - Compact Wheel Loader EB topic Rebrickable Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 775 (81.8%) Piotr Gurdek - Grapple Truck
  10. How about a "No Wheels" competition? I'm thinking of vehicles/animals/creatures (could be real or fictional) which don't have any wheels or caterpillar tracks touching the floor to move around. So I'd be looking for interesting methods of propulsion: walking, slithering, galloping, folding, jumping, sliding, skidding, or anything else you can think of. I'd love to see what kinds of interesting mechanisms people can come up with... Edit: just thought, an alternative could perhaps be "no motorised wheels" (i.e. rollers could be allowed) - which would open up interesting possibilities such as skating or snakeboard-type motions. Though possibly that would end up being a can of worms for the rule-writing phase!
  11. Thanks - that's an entertaining one! Good to see a few more C-models for the 2016 sets starting to materialise. Looking at your youtube link also led me to this from MrTekneex:
  12. A couple of minor updates: C-models added to entries for 42042 and 42043; New posts added for 42021 (2 C-models) and 42022 (3 C-models); Running total: 74 C-models documented from 16 sets; Running total still to be added: 36 C-models from a further 14 sets (not counting those single user indexes from the likes of Tomik, grohl666, rumpletump & jono.rocky, which I haven't forgotten about). Does anyone know a way of getting the post editor on this forum into an html (or html-like) mode? Before the forum upgrade, I had it set up beautifully so that my spreadsheet would output a bunch of formatted text which would convert perfectly into a fully-formed post when entered into the forum. Now, however, all of that functionality is broken (i.e. I have to manually edit every single link), and worse, I can't always tell when it's broken, because I can't see the formatting...
  13. 42022 Hot Rod The Lego Group - A. Hot Rod EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 414 The Lego Group - B. Rally Racer Instructions (free PDF) LXF - Custom Motorcycle EB topic Instructions (free LXF) javigody - Formula 1 EB topic Instructions (free LXF) javigody - Tractor EB topic Instructions (free LXF)
  14. 42021 Snowmobile The Lego Group - A. Snowmobile Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 186 The Lego Group - B. Snow Motorcycle Instructions (free PDF) Zero (Zblj) - Little Dozer EB topic Waler - Tractor with Plow and Mower Instructions (free PDF)