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  1. Thank you for the compliments. I definitely regretting not making the build more square originally. It made rendering a pain plus looked weird from the front, so that was a must for this rendition. The snow owl was in the previous edition and just moved location. (It has a nest on that ledge but is hard to get the right angle to see it.) Getting the foaming look was difficult with rendering. It looked great on my computer but the render made it more clear and much darker of a blue color. I think to really make it work I should have used just plain white, but I was trying to stick with the transparent. Though it appears the white transparent looks better in Blue-render, while the blue transparent looks better in the Studio render. On my original build, I had included a dried lower area where the water is now running through. It was designed for realism as most falls I have seen have an area that runs when it is flooding but is dry the rest of the time. I hadn't intended on using it for more than the realism affect though so it just came in handy when I came up with the plan to move the water.
  2. The commerce path through the falls is now licensed as a large commerce.
  3. The Corrington Combat Pioneers had been busy since the Corrington party found the Myzek people. The pathway behind the falls was conducive to secluding a civilization from wild animals and the outside world, but it was not conducive to multiple trips back and forth. The Combat Pioneers built a larger pathway along the dangerous parts of the path at the base of the falls. They were then able to bring goods up the river in boats, and transport it by hand through the falls before transferring it to carts and mules to lead it down to Myzectlan. The only problem is they also had to divert the river to allow room for the pathway near the falls. One man's problem is Corrington's fun. The Combat Pioneers started a quarry on the nearby mountainside, and brought the cut rocks over to the top of the falls on sledges. They then used a massive crane and some mules to raise the rocks and place them in the river. Setting the massive rocks one at a time, they were able to divert the river over several minifigure feet. The river was also diverted into its overflow channel, thus enabling the pathway below to be outside the torrential downpour of the falls. Today we spot several WETEC soldiers carrying trade goods along the pathway, as two of the Combat Pioneers discuss whether the crane needs to be kept in place for any future repair work. They are also discussing the current plans to make an alternate path to Myzectlan in order to bypass the falls entirely. Notes: I felt my build for Challenge 5E needed some editing before I could license it and to make the future stories more believable. This build was the result. It won't count as a freebuild as it was just an edit, but it will be licensed as a large commerce. It's total surface area is 4842 studs with 6402 bricks used. Here is a reminder of what it looked like before and a link to the previous build is included below. The previous story C&C welcome.
  4. This may have been asked already and I missed it, but when does the 3 months begin. (Seeing as we are over a month since the results but still haven't had an MRCA. If I were to focus on land properties do I need to pump them out in the next month and a half or are they starting at the same time as the MRCA? One more question: Is there any Marderian settlements that can be built in?
  5. There you go. ;) Though as this is even before I joined BOBS it isn't very good. I'm sure Legostone can do one that is cleaner and way better looking.
  6. I really like the shape of the beach and coloring of the water lightening as it approaches the shore. Also I really appreciate how this fort has the classic pirate look only better! I look forward to the Mokolei Expedition.
  7. I like that you have found so many uses for that baseplate. It once again works well and the wreck on the shore is nicely done. I like the crab as animals are always a plus. Though I am surprised he didn't have a hat.
  8. Thank you! I had to work the Elf's Dress in somewhere as I bought several of them. It does make a good outfit for an upper class lady. I hate when I finish a build and haven't included several different animals so the seagulls were a great addition to make this one more animal inclusive. They also spiced up the roof nicely. Thank you! The perfectness of the paving is one of my dislikes on this build, but the way I designed it and the quantity of pieces needed only lent itself to that one style. Thank you! Thank you Mike! The roof also turned out surprisingly stable, especially with the center pole supporting it. I shall have to use this technique more in the future. I enjoyed writing this story to explain what was going on in the build. Thank you for the compliments on the ovens. They have been built and rebuilt several times over the last several months. The wooden door handle was the final touch that I think made them work well. The office almost didn't exist as I was having issues with it. A last minute revision to the roof made the completion of the office possible and also made it visible for everyone to see clearly. The meal break was a fun addition, and I had to use the hot dogs from the new CMF series. Thank you! The last time I tried a mural it didn't work out so well, so this time I went simple with letters and thought it worked well. It also helped me have enough tiles to finish the floor. Thank you Ayrlego! You always have such great builds that I doubt the bar is placed too high. Though you did get the more mundane level of the process with the fermenting, so I am curious to see how you show it. I was going to build it completely in masonry bricks but three levels in I realized that wasn't happening as I needed a few hundred/thousand more. The tan/masonry combo enabled me to keep the original idea, but yet last the whole building. I ran out of both colors by the time I was done though. I kept trying to figure out how I was going to use the full 50x50 but then I remembered the canals. It also made the process of delivery and pickup smoother to have the two methods. King's Harbour is definitely growing fast these days. Chocolate is the key to the life of a BOBS minifigure! This build turned out exceptionally playable. The removable roof helped a lot, though the center support and table liked falling over until I added some extra legs for support. That is an excellent question. Apparently, BOBS is hopping with builds right now to make up for the lull earlier this year. Thank you for the compliment to this build. I tried to make the masonry not too even but you are right that it does have a look of consistency. I didn't want it to appear run down though as it is a "new" building. Though I had originally planned on all masonry bricks but I don't have nearly that many even though I have several hundred so this was my compromise. Though in the future I shall have to try what you mention. I am glad you like the bridge. I had fun building it. I intended the half bridge to create the allusion of a larger canal channel then I was able to build. Thank you for the compliments on the building. BOBS has definitely helped me with learning minifigure posing and its value. The guy with opening the hatches was a fun idea though it was difficult to pose him well. He kept wanting to fall over.
  9. This is fabulous! You keep raising the bar for these large cat builds. The dark water is a great feature to this build as it makes the whole scene appear deep in the dark jungle without you even having to dim the lighting. Also placing it at a 45 degree angle from the other parts of the build really makes this pop. The ruins are well done, and the vegetation is exceptional. Another fabulous part of this build is the background. It really creates the feel that you are looking off into the jungle with more and more trees and vegetation in the distance. Finally, I like the inclusion of the leopard even though it is not the focal point of this build. I almost missed it, but you did a great job of posing it and the tiger as well. Look forward to more cat builds!
  10. Citizens of Nova Malto, As Mayor of our city, I have been in close contact with Don Isaac Montoya, the Corrington representative, as he has negotiated with the conquering Eslandolian armies. He has attempted to secure the peace and security of our city apart from their empire, but Eslandola has adamantly insisted on occupation of the entire island they have seized as their prize of war. We have all suffered in this recent war. Not one of us has not lost belongings, property, homes, and even friends and family to this war. In order to avoid any further suffering and death, Corrington has graciously offered to relocate the entire city. This will enable us to live free from the Eslandolian armies, and protect us from the dangers of having to find a suitable location to build. Eslandola has promised in their negotiations with Montoya to treat all individuals who remain the same as their own citizens so those who wish to remain are free to do so. However, for those of you who like me do not trust a nation that would invade a peaceful island such as ours, we will be able to relocate to the new city that Corrington is building on the island of Alicentia. Also anyone who wishes to travel elsewhere in the world has been guaranteed by Eslandola safe passage off the island. Evacuation of all who wish to leave to our new city will begin very shortly. We will be assigning departure groups so that there is consistency and order in loading of the vessels that will arrive. Please have your belongings packed and ready when it is your turn to board the ships as it will be impossible to coordinate belongings in any other way. May our endeavor be smiled upon. Mayor Giovanni Lorenzini
  11. This tower turned out fabulously! I like the use of the leopard as it contrasts with the background way better than the panther would have. You have once again excelled at the foliage and jungle. The tower also is exceptional. What is the pink (brown) spot in the jungle at about 1:30 from the panther?
  12. I am loving the photos of the stages of this build. The rum hold is impressive and combined with a fun story.
  13. The balance is the highlight here. Though it is complemented by the minifigure posing and activity. I also like the way you timed the floor. I will have to use that design in the future.
  14. I am remiss on commenting on thus awesome build. Though you say itwas way to build, the concept is definitely not one everyone would think of. You definitely gave the build the shape needed and the appropriate look for a dilapidated ship. The clear white bricks created a really nice effect of the water running up on land. Of course the rockwork is great too. Keep up the great work.
  15. The tale continues. The highlights here have to be that stormy background. Though I do love that full size ship and the microships. Your storytelling as always is great and is punctuated by great photos. I shall look forward to the next installment.