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  1. Is this wiki approved by the moderators?
  2. The flashback was supposed to be before the Death star attack
  3. It is highly suspicious how often the Empire win!
  4. Well done Ninja Nin, well deserved with that amazing build. Thanks to the organisers
  5. No, the pictures are unfortunately pretty sparse and mostly just characters with plain backgrounds rather than scenes. There is a close up of Baze in front of the crashed X-wing and a few of the pilgrims with bits of fabric shelter above their heads, but the background is very out of focus and no other buildings are visible. The pictures of the tank show a fairly featureless sloped wall behind, with just a couple of small grills and some holes from weapons being fired at it. I'd give it a miss unless you find it very cheap... I only bought it because it was discounted and I was very disappointed to have not been able to find the visual dictionary that day.
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone, and definitely not too harsh goatman feedback is appreciated (especially considering how epic your Jedha builds are). The building is based on a picture from the book "Rogue one - Mission Files". The rounding of the doorframe at the bottom is basically true to the picture, although the picture shows a much thinner frame. I was pretty pleased with the half stud offset on the frame, especially being able to replicate it in the ruined version. The grilled windows should have rounded ends but I couldn't work out how to build those. The picture in the book is fairly tightly cropped, so you can't see the scale of the overall building, it's probably a lot bigger than my version! I agree it is overall a bit too clean... As for the figures, I had an idea for the heads of the religious figures which didn't work out when I tried it so what I used ended up a bit thrown together at the last minute, I look forward to seeing how you manage to integrate the grills a bit better. And I never noticed about the buttons before, that is a very good point!
  7. absolutely amazing!
  8. Really nice build, especially like the sign and the brick built figures
  9. Awesome landscape, especially the river outlet
  10. Amazing use of colours in every scene,great story too!
  11. This story takes place just after my last freebuild. We had walked for two days from where the drop ship left us, finally reaching the city. My feet were so sore I couldn't wait for this mission to be over. When we arrived, it was soon obvious that the whole place was in lockdown, with the local population hiding inside their homes while Imperial Stormtroopers patrolled the streets. Faces appeared through cracks in boarded up windows, watching as we scurried between alleyways, hiding amongst rubbish in the streets. We had so far evaded the Imperial patrols, and had entered a more run down part of the city, with many buildings collapsed into rubble. "Are you sure this is the safe house?" "I double checked the co-ordinates twice, this is it" "Well it sure doesn't look very safe anymore! What are we going to do now Sarge?" "You two get in closer, see what you can find out.....but do not engage" As usual, Dax was less than happy. "This is crazy...Cooper's unit are probably in a Imperial detention centre right now..." Then the alien appeared behind the ruined building where we hid, his face all mouth in a silent scream. Dax started to raise his blaster while I had a strange sense as if I had been here before...not that I had ever been to this planet, but somehow I knew that the alien was a friend... "Its ok, we can trust him" "I ain't trusting that thing, looks like he wants us for breakfast" "I told you we can trust him" "And what exactly are you basing your new found trusting nature?.....Jannik?.....You ok?" I remembered now... The safe house reminded me of the kind of buildings they had in Jedha city, where I had visited as a child with my Uncle. And the alien... one of his kind had warned my Uncle and I to back out of the way as members of a strange religious order passed us. We had stood and watched dumbfounded as other tourists not so lucky as us had been dragged away to join their sect. This alien was definitely a friend. Thanks for looking. Overview:
  12. Wow that is fantastic! you really captured the feel of the place
  13. I guess maybe it depends on the position of the legs, or perspective, but the ones in Return of the Jedi don't look as tall to me
  14. The AT-ST just looks so big