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  1. Oh, you are! And we're not assuming any victory. Totally understood. We were heartened to see most factions (cough, Oleon, cough ) built some on both sides in the challenges. Thanks! And there have been some very talented entries from all factions in these challenges. It's been impressive.
  2. I somehow failed to comment on this earlier. Great job! The dark brown and the floor technique, as others have mentioned, really catch the eye, as do the wonderful window frames and chandelier. It's always fun to see other people's takes on earlier builds, and you've done a great job with Elostirion's Lion Hall. And I always love seeing various sigfigs gathered in one place. Thanks for capturing this important signing!
  3. No apology necessary. I think we all ran out of time on this one. Again, great job!
  4. Thanks. It was fun working with the Indiana Jones theme. Glad you like the minifig! I meant to have him holding a coiled whip in the first scene, but then forgot to add it. And I've always enjoyed monochromatic minifigs, so making a couple of gold ones was fun as well.
  5. Some impressive builds here! I really like the verticality of the first MOC, and the natural rock base/frame of the second. And of course the pyramid is stunning in all its gold glory. Great story too, even if it is a bit depressing with the murder of the natives and presumed dismantling of the temple. Well done!
  6. Very fun! And even if it is only made of sand, I still like your city build. Good build and clever story!
  7. Good story and good builds! And while I like your work in LDD, I'm happy to see builds in real bricks. I really like the use of the clear round plates under the dock. Nice effect!
  8. Beautiful ships! I will spend some time studying these.
  9. Great job with the ruins! And I love the details we learn about the natives in both parts of the story. Well done!
  10. Yes, great use of that yellow classic castle corner wall piece. Beautiful job with the inn, inside and out. Very colorful! The tiled floor and the window arches are great, and good fig posing. My favorite part is the drunk guy in his bed!
  11. Great use of that baseplate, and I love the natives: creative use of torsos and, of course, the hats! Very colorful build, and glad to see Felipe in the middle of it all. Well done!
  12. Well, this was different than most of the entries. Well done! And quite fun! Great torsos for the natives, and I love the bunny staff one of them has. I like your underwater part of the build as well, even though it doesn't have anything to do with the story. Creative build and story all around!
  13. I will echo Ayrlego's comment about the texture of the tavern walls. Excellent! And the tavern has a nice assortment of details. What would have capped it off perfectly for me would have been a tiled floor to contrast with the textured walls. But a fine build nonetheless!
  14. Love that bonfire, both at night and in daylight! Nice waterfall, too. I look forward to more stories of Corrington's exploration of Cascadia after the challenge.
  15. I love the waterfall, and the general height/depth of the build! The river at the top looks to be constructed in an interesting and effective fashion. Is the waterfall buildable in real life, or just in LDD? I also like some of the minifig creations, particularly the native with the redcoat torso, and the woman with the Shakespeare torso. Your LDD skills look like they're coming along!