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  1. Malto Peace Talks begin. Watch this thread for ongoing developments.
  2. Gov. Guilder made his way along the dock to greet his fellow Eslandians. "Secretary Bowditch! Captain Whiffo! I hope you had fair seas for your trip. Welcome to Puerto Desafio, and thank you for getting to Isla de Victoria so quickly." "Yes, yes, we had favorable winds," replied Eslandola's Secretary of State. "So, what is the current state of affairs up north?" "Montoya has sent us the Corrie demands, and I have replied with our positions on the matter. I have a carriage waiting to take us up the road to Malto. We have agreed to meet in no-man's-land." "Give me five minutes with that Montoya fellow and he'll see the light!" bellowed Capt. Whiffo. "Perhaps we should keep the good captain in reserve, so to speak," Guilder suggested softly. "Yes, I see your point," replied Bowditch. "He's sort of a human powder keg, isn't he?" "Far in reserve..." added Guilder. Bowditch chuckled. "Yes, let's keep the match away from the powder." Bowditch turned to Whiffo. "Captain, would you be so good as to liaison with Mayor Alkurda and see how he's doing with the building programs here in Puerto Desafio?" "Certainly! I'll whip things into shape here in a jiffy!" replied Capt Whiffo loudly. "There, that's a win right off the bat," declared Bowditch. "Yes, quite so," replied Guilder with a grin. As they walked to the carriage, Guilder paused momentarily to rub his leg. "Pardon me. I'm still getting used to the pegleg." "Quite alright, Willem. You've acquired quite a memento from the war." "Yes, and I don't plan on getting another one." They resumed walking to the carriage, and Guilder continued. "There has been a recent development in Malto." "Do tell." "We may have been wrong about that Lorenzini fellow. My man Calvo has been up there snooping around, and it doesn't appear he had anything to do with the destruction of the Corrie ship." "Interesting..." Bowditch trailed off in thought. "Back home, Lord Damaximus is singing Lorenzini's praises. He thinks he is the key to our negotiation." "I wouldn't disagree. We need to find out more about him. I have Calvo on it. If Lorenzini is on the up and up, as Montoya claims, this might not be too hard to settle." "Let's hope so," replied Bowditch. "Here, let me help you into the carriage." And the journey over rough roads to Malto began...
  3. Glad to help. The improved picture looks much better. Good job!
  4. I really like that burned out building, and the look of those WGO troops.
  5. Well, this is an interesting development! The photography is nicely done, zoomed in on the hired bottle thrower. Great figure posing and head choice, and I really like your Molotov cocktail.
  6. Aaron van der Meede, Philip Janszen, and Gov. Guilder (by proxy) cast 3 votes for option 3d.
  7. Queen vs fortune teller is going to be a battle. So should elf vs rogue. Tough round!
  8. Aaron van der Meede spoke: While Gov Guilder, Sec. Bowditch, Capt. Whiffo, and Gov. Monezterrell are all on Isla de Victoria negotiating with Corrington, is it wise to undercut one of their negotiating points? We can advise them of our sentiments in the matter, but we need to give them all the ammunition possible with which to confront the Corries. I propose we table this vote to allow negotiations to proceed unimpaired.
  9. Congrats to Oleon slipping past the Corries to tender aid to the refugees. Eslandola thanks you for your humanitarian effort! As for the build, lovely ship! I love the general shape and period styling. The beach and dock are also well done.
  10. Tanks. Yes, that is the set, so it is really a MOD rather than a MOC. And thanks re the rocks and water. I'm still gaining confidence with my rockwork. Thanks. Yes, I felt it was necessary to have more than just the tower. Thanks. In this case, however, it appears order was restored here some time ago as the fighting moved north.
  11. To Don Isaac Montoya, Consul and Representative of Queen Annetta of Corrington, Sec. of State Bowditch and Capt. Whiffo are currently en route to Isla de Victoria. Gov. Monezterrell is already with the troops around Malto. Once Bowditch and Whiffo arrive, we will make our way to Malto as well. I am sending word to Monezterrell to have our troops set up a suitable meeting place in no-man's-land between our forces on the outskirts of the settlement. Your cooperation in this matter is clearly appreciated. Your opening positions for these negotiations are quite extreme. I must admit they would have made me laugh if the situation was not so serious. And as these are negotiations, it is yet to be determined whether you will be able to keep your promises. Needless to say, we disagree greatly with your positions. Our base positions are that: -Corrington's actions are a violation of the sovereign territory of Eslandola as recognized by all the civilized nations of the Brick Seas, AND a blatant violation of the non-aggression pact signed by your queen shortly before your operation began. -International law recognizes Eslandola's claim of Malto as its own, and Corrington has no legal standing in this matter. Rest assured that the citizens of Malto are in no danger from us, and we are prepared to grant them considerable freedom under the governorship of Eslandola. -We believe Captain Lorenzini to be in violation of the treaty signed with Mardier ending the war; it is yet to be seen whether he is a sabotuer and/or a war criminal, but we believe this must be investigated and adjudicated. Regarding the lesser, general issues, I will leave those for later, but suffice it to say for now that, if Corrington recognizes the error of its ways in this matter and accepts the rule of law rather than the musket, any affronts upon your honor by our citizens will be assuaged, and amiable relations between our two nations can be fully restored. I look forward to our finally meeting face to face in the near future. I believe we are reasonable men who can act reasonably. Sincerely, Gov. Willem Guilder Member, Continental Council of Eslandola
  12. All official negotiations should be conducted with a representative of Eslandola's Continental Council. -Willem Guilder, of Eslandola's Continental Council
  13. Name: La Puebloto Ownership: Eslandola Location: Isla de Victoria Mayor: TBD Who can own property in La Puebloto: Anyone Who can freebuild in La Puebloto: Anyone Link: La Puebloto
  14. Name: Fortaleza Victoria Ownership: Eslandola Location: Isla de Victoria Mayor: TBD Who can own property in Fortaleza Victoria: Anyone Who can freebuild in Fortaleza Victoria: Anyone Link: Fortaleza Victoria