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  1. Bob Ross Not 100% Purist, as there is a tiny bit of print removal from the torso, but hopefully you get the idea.
  2. Phantasm Green Hornet & Kato
  3. Presenting my Lego MCU Avengers - Director Fury, Captain America, Agent Coulson - Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor - Quicksilver*, Scarlet Witch*, Vision, Black Panther - Falcon*, Hulk, War Machine - Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Winter Soldier *Indicates partial printing removal. Otherwise figs are 100% purist I began collecting these about a year ago and am proud of how they turned out. To satisfy my OCD, each fig had to have leg printing, no print removal from the front of the torso, and something in at least one hand (it took a bit of a stretch of the imagination to come up with an accessory for Vision ). Now I just lack a good means of displaying my collections! Thanks for looking! Questions, comments, and criticisms welcome!
  4. Presenting my Lego Super Friends / Justice League Unlimited - Super Marv, Wonder Dog, Wendy - Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman - Flash*, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern - Steel, Vixen, Shazam, Katana - El Dorado, Metamorpho*, Samurai*, Plastic Man - Cyborg, Question*, Atom*, Zatanna - Vigilante, Green Arrow*, Black Canary, Apache Chief* - Hawkman, Lobo*, Firestorm*, Blue Beetle *Indicates partial printing removal. Otherwise figs are 100% purist I have been perfecting / tinkering with these figs for a couple years now and am highly satisfied with the end result. Some fig designs have been borrowed from what I've found during Google searches (sorry that I cannot give out individual credit if you see something familiar); however, I do own all the figs above and did not merely lift images from the internet. The only thing I'd change is give Batman some dark blue boots (not yet available). And yes, the Steel fig is based off the 1997 movie, complete with official Shaquille O'Neal head . Thanks for looking! Questions, comments, and criticisms welcome!
  5. Here is my Super Friends Samurai I'm thinking about removing the dark green reptilian splotches from the legs, which would make the figure non-purist, but for now the fig is 100% purist. Thanks for looking!
  6. Here is my 1997 film version of Steel Yes, that is the official Shaquille O'Neal minifig head. Thanks for looking!
  7. That photo of your massive collection is awesome! Very impressive! It seems the sh300 fig comes in The Otherworldly League! (LEGO DC Super Heroes: Activity Book) which won't be available until August 30 (in the U.S., not sure about elsewhere).
  8. Thanks for the kind words, TheBigRedCheese !! You have inspired me to continue tinkering with my Batman Beyond, now using the red gargoyle wings from the CMF S16 Imp, some leg printing courtesy of the recent Dragon Knights (to balance out the amount of detail / amount of red), and the newer cowl (sans chinstrap) since Terry doesn't have quite as square of a jaw as Bruce (although I wish the cowl's ears were longer). I think the wings definitely blend nicely into the back printing (which previously by itself didn't work too well for this character). Thanks for looking!
  9. So I'm trying to find some good, decorated legs for my MCU Thor. What do you guys and gals think of this? Please let me know what you think. I appreciate all feedback!
  10. I've already made my guesses, but I was talking w/ my cousin over the weekend and he thought that if TLG really wanted to anger people, they would release the 1960s Batgirl as an SDCC/NYCC exclusive. I could really see that happening unfortunately, esp. to tie into the 50th anniversary of the show, and then that would be the final Classic TV Series Batman Lego piece ever.
  11. DC The Atom Saturn Girl Marvel Beast Mystique
  12. The Wonder Twins (+ Gleek), Samurai, Black Vulcan, Booster Gold, The Phantom, & Space Ghost, please.
  13. Non-Purist Firestorm The only non-purist element is the torso, which has had bits of printing removed (via pencil eraser) from the following spots: Thanks for looking!