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  1. Thanks a lot Slegengr! I would certainly share some more pics of the bridge but this MOC has since been demolished, sorry man! Hopefully I will be able to continue Byron's story soon! Thanks Faladrin! Unfortunately I don't think I have any other pictures and the scene has already been disassembled :( Thanks! Thanks a lot dude! Thanks Henjin, the trees and overall vegetation was definitely my favorite part of this build. I hadn't thought of it before, but those eaves are rather Mitgardian aren't they? Either way, thanks for the praise! Thanks Kai, I can certainly note the Mitgard vibe now that you mention it! Thanks! Wow, thanks for this awesome comment and perspective. Yes, that's exactly what I intended... Seriously though, thanks a ton for looking and for the comment! Thanks a ton! I appreciate it Titus! Thanks UM! Haha, thanks! Glad you liked the story! Thanks a lot SK! Thanks Grover, I know I'd like to live here! Thanks so much LJ, glad you liked it man! Thanks Maestro! Thanks dude, I too thought the framed building came out nicely. Glad you liked it!
  2. Hilarious idea! The falling orc is a great touch. Nice little outpost, the natural canopy looks pretty cool.
  3. Really digging the curved windmill, such a clever and neat looking design! The SNoT dark bley slopes provide such an interesting and natural-looking texture to the stone base. I too think the upside-down barrel on top of the windmill is a perfect fit. The landscaping is par excellence, the light-bley, dark-tan, olive green color scheme looks great. The tree is fantastic too, always neat to see a new design for small trees. Lovely stuff SK! Also, it's great to see Glorfindel out among the people. During these difficult times the people need strong leaders to see them through. The people of Mitgardia should feel lucky to have among them the presence of such a fine leader!
  4. Oh, very pretty scene and lovely landscaping! The wolf's head looks great too. I very much look forward to seeing more!
  5. Like LJ said, this is a really clever approach to the challenge - loads of character! Great idea and nicely executed. The blue glow of the water is particularly eye catching.
  6. The Westwood Inn is a welcoming stop for those traveling along the Nocturnus-Mitgardia border. The Inn is famed for its wide selection of vintage spirits and the variety of Nocturnian and Mitgardian ales on tap. Affordable nightly rates and clean rooms (sorry, due to the ongoing conflicts, continental breakfast is not available at this time and towels are limited to one per guest). Ask about our weekly rates! Thanks for looking, and thanks to Slegengr letting me 'borrow' his olive green tree design!
  7. Excellent and beautiful depiction of Avalonia, quite captivating! The architecture is lovely (I sense a hint of Gunman's style too) and the subdued color scheme works very well. I love the idea of a magical fortress. Gotta say, you're landscaping skills are some of the best out there and this here proves why. Adding the layers of grass, dirt and stone is such a cool touch. The water looks so good it makes me thirsty! Living in Midland, how do you even know what water looks like??
  8. Viva la Resistance! As usual, you demonstrate your mastery of the swamp. Simple, but very effective. I guess I never noticed it before, but the lime green/olive green combo works really well!
  9. Lovely shot, perfect lighting and atmosphere. All you need is a fog machine. Seriously though, this is very cool. I wouldn't worry too much about a "build photo" - when you're going for an atmospheric, story photo like this, I don't think it's all that important. If anything, a build photo might take away something from the story photo. Plus, sometimes you have to build specifically for the picture to look good, which might mean you had to sacrifice elements elsewhere (my swamp hut used by Raavage in the prelude story is an example - I built it for the picture, in real life it isn't anywhere near as impressive).
  10. Great job capturing the winter vibe! The snow patches on the roof look great. Nice scene overall and good read.
  11. Fun little build and idea! I do agree too with the feedback above.
  12. Wow, so impressive and inspiring to see your GoH builds all in one place. Some of the best castle MOCs ever (the Streets of Barqa is forever etched into the collective memory of castle builders) and definitely among the top in photography as well. Very interesting to see your building progression, too (as I thought, you were always good!). On the Road to Castle Zar is new to me, glad you shared it here because it is one of the best forced-perspective shots I've seen. I look forward to all the new masterpieces you will add to this list!
  13. Cool scene and story, very action-packed! Love the griffin, great work. Glad to see the Drow getting their just dessert!
  14. Lord Byron could hear the soldiers plodding along and bantering carelessly well before he saw them. He didn't even need to think twice why there were approaching his manor - years of farming the Avalonian countryside hadn't completely overcome his soldier instincts. Lady Elspeth was no stranger to such things either, not after a decade of marriage to one of Cerdica's former generals. She approached her husband and grabbed his hand. "These men, they are here for you, are they not?" Bryon squeezed her hand and looked into her eyes. "We knew this day would come. It must happen." Before long the column of soldiers appeared around a bend. The leading man, wearing the insignia of an Avalonian officer, quickened his pace upon seeing Lord Byron and Lady Elspeth. A smile beamed across his face. "Ah Lord Byron, I see life on the farm has been good to you and especially your waistline. Strange to see your hands dirtied by mud and not the blood of your enemies." Lord Bryon glared at the man. "Mention my waistline again and I will remind you of what these hands are capable of." The man threw back his head and laughed. He moved towards Lord Byron and embraced him like that of two old friends. "My friend, your sense of humor has not changed - in fact, it's as non-existent as ever. How many years has it been? Ten? Fifteen?" Lord Byron grabbed the man by the shoulder. "Too long. I see the lords of Albion finally made you a captain. Those silly fools." He turned to Lady Elspeth. "Dear, this is Gregori Davignon, my old friend and comrade-in-arms." "Welcome to Konigsfeld Manor Captain Davignon, it is a pleasure to have your company." Davignon removed his helm and glove and took Lady Elspeth's hand. "My Lady, the pleasure is all mine. Please, call me Gregori. No doubt you are Bryon's greatest accomplishment." Byron kissed Elspeth on her head. "Indeed she is. But I'm sure you're not here to compliment my lovely wife. The Lords of Albion have sent you on some great mission, no doubt?" Davignon looked at Elspeth and then at Byron. "In fact, I come bearing news of a most sensitive manner. Would be able to speak alone?" "My wife is lord of this manor as well. She too has the right to hear what you say." The smile had left Davignon's face, replaced by a look of grave concern. "So be it, but what I'm about to discuss must not leave here. It's been a long time since you've seen Albion, but I'm sure you know the troubles there. The Pearl City is flooded with refugees fleeing the plague and Drow raiders. Rumors tell of Spire agents in the city and disappearances. The armies of Historica are preparing to push against Raavage but each remain consumed by their own troubles, unable to commit the might of their forces into the fight." These events were not unknown to Byron - even in retirement his connections to Albion and Cerdica were well-maintained. He knew Albion was in chaos, leaderless and laid prostrate by internal turmoil. The other Guilds were faring no better. Davignon continued. "But there is a new and encouraging development, two in fact. Sir Trian Burress has returned to Albion, free of the Spire's yoke." This even Byron did not know. Could it be true? His old friend and the greatest commander of Avalonia was alive again? How many years had it been? Davignon could see Byron loose himself in thought. "My friend, there is more. The heir has been found." Byron was snapped from his reminiscing. "By the gods, you speak the truth? The High King has returned?" "Not yet, but soon my brother. Breggan of the Dragon Masters brought word of the heir's existence. That is why I am here. Sir Burress has given us the task of finding the heir and returning him safely to Cedrica. He asked specifically for your assistance." Elspeth, who had followed the discussion with uneasiness, could not contain herself any longer. She knew her husband would not decline. "Byron, you said this day would come, but why must it be today? The children… the fields, it's almost harvest time… and me… how will I live without you?" Byron pulled her in and held her closely. "My love, my life, this is the trouble with marrying old, foolish soldiers. At some point, they are always drawn back in. This is the day Historica has prayed for, the day we knew would come, the day you knew I could not escape. Without a king to unite the guilds, the peace we enjoy will not last. I must go, for Sir Burress, for Avalonia, for you." Elspeth looked up at Byron. "You are a good man, and an even better husband." She wiped several tears from her eyes. "You should go know and keep Captain Davignon waiting no longer. The future of Historica is know your task." Hesitantly, Byron entered the manor. It took him several minutes to find the old chest. Wiping dust from its cover, he opened it and began removing several items. The armor, unworn for 10 years, still fit. He removed the sword and swung it as effortlessly and deftly as ever. Bryon returned outside. He embraced Elspeth and their children and then left with Davignon. Elspeth watched as her husband left their home, possibly never to return. She held back her tears until he disappeared from sight. "Go soldier of Cedrica and return with peace and hope for this land." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Konigsfeld Manor: Hello! Hope you didn't mind the long read! This was originally meant to be a prelude but I just didn't get the story done on time. I really meant to include a few story photos, but I ended up needing the pieces for another build so those pics never got done... In any case, the story was slightly edited to follow the wonderful preludes by ZCerberus and Ecclesiastes. This is not for any of the challenges, just a little filler for the chapter. Thanks for looking!
  15. Great landscaping/road, too cool!