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  1. "There we go!" Kiray shouts as she finally lands a hit. She then goes for Big Rat Mob 2 with her smith's katana from the front.
  2. Kiray repeats, hoping to finally land a shot.
  3. "Seems I'm out of practice with this thing." Kiray repeats.
  4. Kiray lines up another shot and repeats. "That was some quick work there."
  5. "That is one very large rodent." Kiray knocks a bolt in her crossbow. "I've got the zombies, even if they won't fall immediately. I can target them one by one so they all are poisoned and start weakening quickly." She attacks Zombie Peasant 1 from the Back with her crossbow.
  6. "Shall we go to Zone 1 first?"
  7. "I'm fine with Karie leading if she wants. So, Old Mack, how bad has it gotten since we've been away?"
  8. After not having been to the market in some time, Kiray found she needed to resupply before the fields run. She purchased 5 potions(10x5-50), then she grabbed 2 phoneix essences (2x50=100), 2 smelling salts (25x2=50). This left her with 814 gold.
  9. Thank you! I'll definitely try to make the next one not as blocky. Go ahead! Thank you! Yes, the mainmast is a bit back, but there would have been a lot of finagling to bring it forward.
  10. "See you all out there." Kiray picks up her things and then heads to the Fields.
  11. "Emile, where are we going?" Elise asked. "Just keep your eyes closed, we're almos there, promise," Emile replied. Careful," Jean said as he helped Elise into the boat. "Bit of a drop." "We're not going fishing are we?" Elise asked, slight annoyance in her voice. "No, nothing of the sort, dear," Emile returned as he stepped into the boat. As Jean cast off and rowed, Emile ignored Elise's questions for a few more moments. Then, he said, "Open them now." Elise gazed in awe at the corvette. "Emile, this is yours?" "The Elise," he said. "Named for you." As they pulled alogn the starboard side, Emile started telling Elise about the ship. "18 guns in total. The figurehead was designed to resemble you. Enough room for the old crew and some new ones to keep her afloat." "Ropes so no one falls in high seas or battle," Emile continued. "Or for William when he drinks too much?" Elise questioned. "Yes, but don't tell him that," the captain confirmed in a whisper. "Anyway as you can see some of the new crew have already come aboard." "Welcome back, Captain," Rene said as he helped pull Emile and Elise up on the deck. "Gilbert is ready to go, it seems." "Way up there is Henri for the rigging, as is his job. Also one of the new crewmen is there, positioned perfectly for taking out targets when we board." "Don't mention that," Elise said. "Of course." "Shall we see how she fares?" Emil asked. "Yes." Some background on the ship and building. First I want to say thanks to @Sebeus I as I studied his Beatrix for the hull, and various other things, changing them to my own taste. Also a big thanks to @Kolonialbeamter and @Bodi for their feedback as I was designing, specifically on the stern. That was the hardest part (as always). I also took some inspiration from The Walrus from STARZ' show Black Sails for the masts and yard arms, as well as the ropes. Those yellow tubes were challenging to flex and do in LDD, but I think they look fine. I'm actually really pleased with how this came out, and I'm kind of amazed how far I have come in designing ships from a few years ago, which were incredibly bulky and square. Thanks for looking, and C&C are welcome!
  12. Great work! I definitely chuckled a few times. Those diving suits are magnificent.
  13. FTFY "This seems like a good group," Kiray said. "Well rounded. Mostly familiar too. So Cedric, what brought you to Heroica? I don't think we've been properly introduced. Kiray Nastayo."