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  1. No crane on this truck. I have found a good piece for a kingpin edit: a first sketch of mudguards edit² probably the Back end
  2. There is a half stud suspension travel. That is enough for a onroad Truck
  3. That is the Lego Digital Designer
  4. hm, many strange angles. I will take a view on it btw, the fifth wheel is on
  5. Time for a roadgoing 6x4Tractor unit. Suggestions for the Cab are welcome
  6. A new camera is arrived and i have made a in cab video edit: the naked drivetrain
  7. First rule for me in building mocs: Dont call it like the real thing when it not look like the real thing
  8. And where is the McLaren?
  9. Thanks The lxf is done, the instruction the next
  10. It was a small but gorgeous convention and i was very surprised about the stability of the 926. Two days it was played by kids and only one weakpoint was spotted. more pictures of the convention here https://flic.kr/s/aHskXbZB27
  11. At this weekend the excavator can be seen at Absolut Steinchen in the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. The Entry is free and every Fan of Lego will have his pleasure at this convention. Beside of the huge Technic section there you can see, GBC, Monorail Basic Lego and Trains.
  12. When i have done the lxf i will make a drivetrain view
  13. Tumb Dump from Cars 3 Tumb Dump by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr
  14. Thank you very much