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  1. This feels really good when someone like you praise about mye own work. Thank you very much.
  2. I have replaced a half pin, with a half pin with bar. pretty similar to yours edit: it is wedding Time
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. A idea for the hole under the Bevel gear to hold the slopes not only with one pin?
  4. First Sketch of the undercarriage does somebody knows a part which can replace the half pin and fits in the hole at the bevel gear?
  5. That is no problem, because there is a cover above. Check the earlier ldd screens.
  6. A microscopic tug on a desk in one of the towers maybe
  7. The Proportions should fit. so the construction site toilet should not bigger than the House which is to build on the construction site
  8. The first parts are arrived. the cables seem to fit. edit: holy moly, that is tight
  9. I hope there will be enough space for cables. The first Bunch of pieces is ordered. at the end of the next week i will see problems or not
  10. now i understand. thanks for your suggestion
  11. They have the permission for selling the instruction.
  12. Thank you very much
  13. Monday i have asked for moving my liebherr topic into the scale forum. And it is not done yet. So i think a ldd progress is not enough to move.
  14. A lxf work in progress seems not to be allowed