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[Flickr Find] Pirate Rock by David Frank

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A few days ago Flickr user David Frank (Fraslund) presented us with this incredible pirate base. All of the details in this are majestic! I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:


You can find more photos on his photostream. :pir-classic:


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Interesting find. Not crazy for the colour scheme, but the building is remarkable!

David based his creation off this sculpture by a landscape modeling artist named Trull. In my opinion, he did an excellent job contrasting Trull's use of color to LEGO bricks. :pir-classic:

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The green could represent a copper plating. Regardless it is a great MOC and a very good find! I think there is more reddish brown in there than I have in my entire collection! I see some nice details in there. I also find this MOC to be more.. alive than many of his incredibly huge other panoramas. Fraslund seems to have a good eye for piratey stuff pirate_laugh2.gif

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