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In light of the recent news, I think it's time to start this topic.

The confirmed sets for this year are:

3863 Kokoriko


3864 Mini-taurus


3865 City Alarm


3866 Star Wars: The Battle Of Hothâ„¢

3867 Maya Mystica

3868 Phineas And Ferb

3874 Heroica Ilrion

There are also rumored to be three other Heroica sets: Elsbuck, Seldaan and Barresh. These locations are listed and described along with Ilrion on the Heroica map.

Discuss! :classic:

EDIT: Oops! Looks like I already created a topic like this a long time ago. :wall: I looked for it, but couldn't find it in the index or any of the recent pages, so I thought I was mistaken, but I wasn't. Sorry, please close this. :blush:

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