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Found 4 results

  1. Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Now it is the Year of the Pig, wish all of you a happy and healthy new year. It is a custom for the Chinese people to greet visitors with candies. IMG_4495 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4502 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4501 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4493 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr
  2. You may have heard about Chinese lion dance which is a festive activity of the Chinese lunar new year. Indeed, kirin dance is another option, though it is less popular. The LEGO community has also proved this -- perhaps I am the first guy to build this but quite a number have built lion dance (according to google ^^). For your informaton, kirin is a mythical creature. Asian people believe it can wipe out evil spirits and bring lucks. After all, [though you may not be Asians] happy lunar new year and wish you joyful and healthy all the time! Cheer!
  3. inquisitor88

    [MOC] Christmas miracle

    Hi there! I want to introduce my first Christmas MOC, which was made special for "New Year Contest" in our Russian Lego community. My MOC took only 4th place (only two votes and it can took 3rd), but there was many strong competitors. This is illustration of a typical contrast between two kids from families with big difference of the level of wealth (and their demeanor). Alena is a obedient, kind and careful girl. She is from poor family, it so happened that she has only her grandfather. Their flat is not in good condition, and Alena do not get expensive gifts, but she is not discouraged and rejoices in small things. Jana is very harmful, selfish and used to getting everything she wants. She is from prosperous family and lives with her parents in luxurious flat. Every Christmas and B Day Jana is accustomed to get super presents just because she is a doughter of rich parents. Alena was a very good girl whole year and she wrote the letter to Santa, in which she asked about her main dream - the puppy. And what do You think? Santa Claus has got her letter, came into her flat in Christmas Eve and gave to Alena her present - a little puppy, which immediately was named Foxy (Alena has long been thought up a name for her dream). Now this is the best Christmas for Alena. Yana was a naughty girl all year and when she heard about the new iPhone, she asked her parents to buy it to her, because she did not believe in Santa. Unfortunately, Jana's father did not got a Christmas bonus in this year and he had to buy a gift for less money. Jana got HTC smartphone instead of gold iPhone 5s. Jana's Christmas is ruined. Happy Alena with her grandfather and Santa. Dissatisfied Jana and her parents. The moral of this story is in on the surface and I hope I do not need to explain anything :) Thanks for watching! The whole set is here
  4. This is a challenging task to me -- to explain what is Chinese New Year to non-Chinese. To put it in short, the Chinese New Year in 2014 starts on January 31. It is the Year of the Horse. (For your reference, 12 animals take turn to represent a particular year.) Chinese people would like to hang red banner, with words of luck/ fortune/ etc, on walls. I am no exception but I rather make it with LEGO but not ordinary paper... The Chinese character is "LUCK" in English. Another custom is the presentation of a candy box. Chinese New Year is a big festival and it is a high time for children to take as many candies as they wish. The Chinese character on the cover of the candy box is "HORSE" in English. Before I place candies into the box, instead I put some pearl gold bricks in the middle. Chinese people would hope to make a big fortune in the coming year and so they would like to see gold elsewhere in this festival. In the meantime, I also put 4 LEGO tangerines. In the Chinese language, the word "tangerine" sounds the same as "luck". Thank you for watching. Wish everyone healthy and fruitful in the coming year!!!