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Found 4 results

  1. LegoModularFan

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Hi everyone, I actually have been considering to create this topic for two-three months but after noticing that we didn't have the Expand the Winter Village Contest VIII yesterday (I wasn't aware of that before), I thought it was time to create this topic. Without further ado, let me jump into it. I see that the level of activity on EB is lower than it was before. For example, the number of active members seemed to be higher; the interaction between members and also between staff and members looked more intense, more amusing and interesting discussions were going on, and people were having more fun (such as on titles). If I'm wrong and if EB is a forum that is still active as it used to be, I believe, in any case, it deserves to grow - with even more AFOLs (I do understand that every AFOL may not want/don't have time to interact but they can come only to show their MOCs). So I feel it's just the right time to take action. So, does anyone else feel the way I do and does anyone has any suggestions? Staff, I know this may a sensitive subject and you may not be ok with regular members interlope and I absolutely understand that. I just would like to help in anyway I (and other members) can, I hope you'll not be offended. I really think all the forum needs to stand together. Many thanks to all, the staff and members, for your attention, consideration and support. (@Jipay, @Bonaparte, @Hinckley, @Siegfried, @Shadows, @Rick, @Jim, @Bob De Quatre, @WhiteFang, @Fugazi, @Captain Nemo, @Clone OPatra, @CorneliusMurdock, @Brickdoctor, @Stash2Sixx, @Ecclesiastes, @ZCerberus, @Peppermint_M, @Mister Phes, @Phred, @Pandora, @JopieK, @Milan, @VBBN, @Rufus, @LuxorV, @Superkalle, @Dragonator and @CopMike) My apologies for shout-outs to each of you but I just want to draw your attention. Sincerely, LegoModularFan
  2. Ronan

    SW Lego Question

    Hi, My favourite lego star wars sets are the ones made between 1999 and 2003, and I'd like to know a thing about them: who designed them?
  3. Obviously Lego's own Bo-Rifle design is terrible and many have asked for a good substitute. I made mine using spare pieces so you guys can recreate it as well if you like it. I wasn't able to put any tan straps into it, but at least the bley color scheme is a lot closer than Lego's own black color scheme: His weapon has been extended in Bo-Staff Mode: This picture shows the weapon in Rifle Mode. An extra exo-force arm has been added as a handle. The other exo-force arm that was already there represents the barrel of the rifle: I also tried to recreate the 'collapsed mode', a third option. It doesn't change in length however. The handle changes position and the gun piece flips on top of the staff instead of being underneath it: The dark bley handle that gets removed when switching to the staff mode can be clipped on one of the spots that is still available, for storage, though I've chosen to remove it because the handle sits very close to the main staff when folded in. When in Bo-Staff mode, I used trans dark blue studs to represent the energy at the tips, though you can also use crystals elements like in set 75040 General Grievous' Wheel Bike if you have them in the right color. Chima crystals could work well too. Bonus: Agent Kallus' Bo-Rifle: Kallus' weapon in rifle mode: The relative scale of the weapons. They're very simple builds:
  4. Like many others, I was disappointed with the staff TLG provided for Loki as it resembled the one from "Thor". Therefore I decided to use the evil arts of non-purist customination and make my own